This site is the creation of Brothers Simon & Nick Robinson, both fans of music and the City of Sheffield who have amassed a huge collection of memorabilia. We’re trying to get this online, but the task is massive and time is short.

Ultimately, our dream is a physical hub of some kind where we can display photos, sleeves, records etc. to celebrate the amazing music that has come from (and performed in) Sheffield. We also want to help promote new talent from the area. This will require funding – ideas welcomed!

For practical reasons we’re focusing on 1960 onward, but if you have data from earlier times, we can look at adding this. For example, Sheffield has a rich tradition of Jazz and Folk – if you’re knowledgeable in those areas, you can offer a lot to the site. We would appreciate input from anyone out there in the following areas.

  • ticket/poster scans (many to be found on ebay)
  • adding captions to images
  • adding to our database of acts in & around Sheffield, both headliners and support acts
  • checking our data(!)
  • adding mini biographies of local bands and creating more substantial pages for the larger bands
  • sourcing other Sheffield-related music memorabilia

Please get in touch if you’d like to help!