Angell. G. 102 Devonshire Street
Angell’s 102 Devonshire Street, 277 South Road, WalkleyAngell Record Shop Sheffield Devonshire Street

“We Are Out To Satisfy You”; the sleeves advertise Gramophone Records, Gramophone Players and repairs. 78s.  102 has been demolished and replaced by modern building, 277 premises survive but has been converted into a house.

Atkinson. John The Moor
Gramophone Records / Gramophone Players
Atkinsons Sheffield record shop
Atkinson’s High Court, High Street
Atkinsons Record Centre
Atkinsons sold 78s during the pre and post war period in their department store on  The Moor but opened a separate record shop “Sheffield’s New Record Centre” for a time in the 1950s selling the new format records. I don’t know when this was opened or closed. The Moor store was bombed in the war and rebuilt.

Atkinsons department store sheffield

Atkinsons Sheffield

Above is one of the 7″ paper bags for the Atkinson’s Record Centre in High Court Sheffield

Banner Ltd., John
John Banner store Sheffield
Sheffield’s best known and biggest suburban department store before and after the war, Banners dominated the East End of the City.  The purpose built shop had several floors, the first working lift, and of course a record department selling 78s.  Building survives. Just.

Beltons 26 Change Alley, High Street

Beltons Change Alley Sheffield

The Wireless and Gramophone Shop. Beltons also had branches at Leeds and Bradford. They must have been selling records quite early on as they did 8″ discs which were discontinued C1910.

Blanchards Ltd. opposite the Royal Infirmary
Blanchards Sheffield

“Everything For Home Comfort”. This was a local department shop originally opposite Royal Infirmary according to their sleeves (but which seems to have moved post-war due to bombing). They stocked Gramophone Records (78s) and Gramophone Players (‘our Albert gramophone’) for a time.

Bland, G & F. 733 Eccleshall Road
Blands record lending library sheffield

This 78 sleeve suggests Bland’s were a record library, and for 2d per week you could loan the latest records. This (and similar book lending services) went out of fashion once the city began opening public libraries.

Boots. City Centre.

Boots Record Department

Although Boots The Chemists are a nationwide chain, some of their bigger stores sold records in the 1960s and 1970s, as well as accessories like plastic sleeves and storage bags. They did quite a good range of albums and single. I’ve not seen a Sheffield specific bag but the one here from the 60s was probably used throughout the country.

Bradley’s Records, 59 Fargate, 103 West Street (+?)
Bradleys Record shop bag sheffield fargate

They may have had more shops in Sheffield (and also opened in Rochdale, Huddersfield, Manchester and Doncaster). I don’t know when the chain started, but probably a late-comer to the scene emerging in the 1960s. They peaked in the 1970s and faded sometime in the 1980s.  There is more on the Sheffield shop on the ST33 site.

British Home Stores, 43-51 The Moor.

British Home Stores bag

BHS (as we know them today) was founded in 1928 and is a nationwide chain. Back in the day they also sold 78s, sheet music and needles. Their shop was on The Moor, and after the area was bombed in the war they rebuilt. Not certain of the date of this bag, maybe late 1930s?

Brooks. R.B. 537 Ecclesall Road
Brooks Ecclesall Road Sheffield
This was a general shop, advertising “Tobacconist, fancy goods, all leading makes of gramophone records (78s) supplied” on their sleeve.  People were advised to use the “Hickmott Road tram stop.” The premises survive, now a restaurant.


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