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TouristsAdd support act18/02/1980
Peter GabrielAdd support act25/02/1980
Def LeppardMagnum / Heritage10/04/1980
Genesis Add support act17/04/1980
Thin LizzyAdd support act12/05/1980
DevoAdd support act06/06/1980
Steve Hackett Add support act17/06/1980
WhitesnakeAdd support act01/07/1980
TouristsAdd support act23/09/1980
The TouristsAdd support act23/09/1980
Rory GallagherAdd support act25/09/1980
GillanAdd support act06/10/1980
Ozzy OsbourneAdd support act07/10/1980
HawkwindAdd support act13/10/1980
PretendersThe Moondogs17/10/1980
AC/DCAdd support act27/10/1980
SaxonAdd support act28/11/1980
SladeAdd support act20/01/1981
UFOAdd support act21/01/1981
WhoQ-Tips with Paul Young26/01/1981
The WhoQ-Tips26/01/1981
UB40Add support act29/01/1981
Gary MooreAdd support act09/02/1981
KrokusAdd support act28/02/1981
The Moody BluesAdd support act02/06/1981
The TubesThe Spangs18/06/1981
The Teardrop ExplodesDelmontes24/06/1981
Def LeppardLionheart / More20/07/1981
Michael Schenker GroupAdd support act03/09/1981
HawkwindAdd support act07/10/1981
SaxonAdd support act16/10/1981
GillanBudgie / Nightwing05/11/1981
Judas PriestAccept19/11/1981
Shakin' StevensAdd support act23/11/1981
Rory GallagherAdd support act25/11/1981
Thin LizzySweet Savage09/12/1981
Duran DuranAdd support act10/12/1981
Michael Schenker GroupAdd support act14/12/1981
UFOAdd support act15/01/1982
Sammy HagerAdd support act26/01/1982
Sammy HagarAdd support act26/01/1982
KrokusAdd support act11/02/1982
ScorpionsAdd support act16/02/1982
10ccAdd support act20/02/1982
Iron MaidenThe Rods17/03/1982
BlackfootAdd support act17/04/1982
Thin LizzyAdd support act26/04/1982
Tygers Of Pan TangAdd support act04/09/1982
John MartynAdd support act08/10/1982
Kim WildeAdd support act16/10/1982
HawkwindBaron Rojo25/10/1982
JapanAdd support act30/10/1982
JapanAdd support act31/10/1982
Diamond HeadAdd support act02/11/1982
Gillan / SpiderAdd support act09/11/1982
Elton JohnAdd support act10/11/1982
Elton JohnAdd support act11/11/1982
Elton JohnAdd support act11/11/1982
Dire StraitsAdd support act02/12/1982
Gillan / SpiderAdd support act10/12/1982
Michael Schenker GroupAdd support act15/12/1982
StranglersAdd support act13/02/1983
The StranglersAdd support act13/02/1983
Thin LizzyMama's Boys15/02/1983
Def LeppardRock Goddess24/02/1983
10ccAdd support act04/03/1983
MarillionAdd support act13/04/1983
Steve HackettAdd support act05/05/1983
Gary NumanAdd support act25/09/1983
Michael Schenker GroupAdd support act26/10/1983
Eurythmics Add support act02/11/1983
Ozzy OsbourneAdd support act16/11/1983
Y&TRock Goddess30/11/1983
Robert PlantAdd support act01/12/1983
SaxonAdd support act08/02/1984
HawkwindAdd support act21/02/1984
The SmithsThe Telephone Boxes19/03/1984
Iron MaidenWaysted17/09/1984
DioAdd support act01/10/1984
MotorheadAdd support act30/10/1984
MotörheadAdd support act30/10/1984
ManowarAdd support act31/10/1984
Johnny CashAdd support act07/11/1984
MeatloafAdd support act16/11/1984
Gary NumanAdd support act05/12/1984
Meatloaf Add support act16/12/1984
Meatloaf Add support act30/01/1985
Uli Roth Electric SunAdd support act04/03/1985
Tears for FearsAdd support act08/04/1985
Uriah HeepAdd support act18/05/1985
SaxonAdd support act10/09/1985
Gary NumanAdd support act25/09/1985
Spear of DestinyAdd support act06/10/1985
Elton JohnAdd support act26/11/1985
Elton JohnAdd support act26/11/1985
Elton JohnAdd support act27/11/1985
MarillionAdd support act28/01/1986
Tangerine DreamAdd support act10/03/1986
Black SabbathAdd support act21/05/1986
ohn DenverAdd support act24/05/1986
MagnumAdd support act02/10/1986
Iron MaidenAdd support act15/10/1986
Iron MaidenPaul Samson's Empire16/10/1986
Bon JoviAdd support act10/11/1986
HawkwindAdd support act23/11/1986
Status QuoAdd support act15/12/1986
Status QuoWaysted16/12/1986
HolliesAdd support act23/01/1987
MagnumAdd support act02/03/1987
The MissionAll About Eve18/03/1987
CultAdd support act19/03/1987
The CultAdd support act19/03/1987
Gary MooreAdd support act29/03/1987
Simply RedAdd support act06/04/1987
Barclay James HarvestAdd support act22/04/1987
Def LeppardTesla17/09/1987
Everly BrothersAdd support act12/10/1987
Rory GallagherAdd support act14/10/1987
Bad NewsAdd support act27/10/1987
INXSAdd support act11/12/1987
MarillionAdd support act12/01/1988
Motley CruePretty Maids14/01/1988
The MissionAdd support act12/03/1988
Ted Nugent Krokus23/03/1988
MagnumKingdom Come03/04/1988
Alice CooperAdd support act04/04/1988
Robert PlantIt Bites06/04/1988
HawkwindTubilah Dog18/04/1988
Judas PriestCinderella / Bonfire22/06/1988
Robert Cray BandAdd support act27/10/1988
Iron MaidenKiller Dwarfs04/12/1988
Eric ClaptonAdd support act16/01/1989
Judas PriestAdd support act23/01/1989
The Four TopsAdd support act12/02/1989
Four TopsAdd support act12/02/1989
WaterboysAdd support act18/02/1989
W.A.S.P.Zed Yago12/05/1989
Gary Moore / DareAdd support act25/05/1989
Anthrax / King's XAdd support act18/06/1989
Black SabbathAdd support act02/09/1989
All About EveAdd support act06/11/1989
Skid RowVain07/11/1989
Status QuoAdd support act06/12/1989
MarillionAdd support act11/12/1989