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YesAdd support act10/02/2000
The SearchersGerry And The Pacemakers / Peter Sarstedt / The Swinging Blue Jeans17/02/2000
Counting Crows Add support act20/02/2000
Moody BluesAdd support act26/04/2000
Alice CooperAdd support act12/07/2000
Lou Reed Add support act04/09/2000
JamesAdd support act06/11/2000
LevellersAdd support act08/11/2000
Status QuoAdd support act02/12/2000
GomezAdd support act16/04/2001
RunrigAdd support act29/05/2001
YesAdd support act09/11/2001
YesAdd support act11/12/2001
Deep PurpleAdd support act12/02/2002
CamelAdd support act29/10/2003
Beautiful SouthAdd support act08/11/2003
Human LeagueAdd support act09/12/2003
RushAdd support act08/09/2004
Whitesnake Add support act29/06/2006
Thunder Add support act03/12/2007
Björk Add support act04/05/2008
Jackson Browne Add support act27/03/2009
Alice CooperMan Raze28/11/2009