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PlattersCuddly Dudley / Carl Barriteau & His Band13/01/1960City Hall
Adam FaithEmile Ford / John Barry Seven / The Avons / Mike Preston / The Checkmates06/02/1960City Hall
Everly BrothersThe Crickets (backing the Everly Brothers) / Five Dallas Boys / Cherry Wainer & Don Storer / Lance Fortune / Danny Hunter / Flee-Rekkers / Freddy Lloy16/04/1960City Hall
Conway TwittyFreddy Cannon / Johnny Preston / Wee Willie Harris / Chris Wayne & The Echoes27/05/1960City Hall
Jimmy JonesMark Wynter / Michael Cox & The Hunters / Brook Brothers / Dean Rogers & The Marauders / Janet Richmond / Kenny Lynch / Johnny Wiltshire & The Treblet19/10/1960City Hall
Carmen McRaeAdd support act26/10/1960City Hall
Walter Gorhr (Died at the City Hall that night)Add support act04/12/1960City Hall
Alfredo Campoli - Halle Orchestra Herman LindarsAdd support act17/02/1961City Hall
BBC Concert Orchestra Vilem TauskyAdd support act18/02/1961City Hall
Ella FitzgeraldAdd support act16/03/1961City Hall
Allisons and Mike PrestonRonnie Carroll11/04/1961City Hall
Halle Orchestra Herman LindarsAdd support act17/11/1961City Hall
Billy FuryEden Kane / Karl Denver Trio / Allisons23/11/1961City Hall
Dave Brubeck QuartetAdd support act28/11/1961City Hall
Helen ShapiroThe Brook Brothers / The Four Jays / /Red Price Band / The Dale Sisters / Colin Day19/01/1962City Hall
Cliff RichardThe Shadows / Dallas Boys / Patti Brooks / The Trebletones / The Two Tones15/02/1962City Hall
Ella FitzgeraldAdd support act02/03/1962City Hall
Brenda Lee/Gene VincentRory Blackwell & His Blackjacks / Nero & The Gladiators / Sounds Incorporated09/03/1962City Hall
Brenda Lee/Gene VincentAdd support act09/04/1962City Hall
Jerry Lee LewisJohnny Kidd & The Pirates / The Viscounts / Mark Eden / Vince Eager / The Bachelors / The Echoes09/05/1962City Hall
Adam FaithChubby Checker / Brook Brothers / Kestrels / Susan Singer / Chas McDevitt & Shirley Douglas / Gary Edwards Combo / Red Price & His Orchestra19/05/1962City Hall
Freddy CannonDel Shannon / Buzz Clifford / Joe Brown / Suzy Cope / The Allisons / Peppi & The New York Twisters / Wallace & Duval / John Barry Seven03/10/1962City Hall
Everly BrothersKetty Lester / Frank Ifield / Dean Rogers / The Vernons Girls / The Terry Young Five / Norman Collier (compere)17/10/1962City Hall
Little RichardSam Cooke / Jet Harris & The Jetblacks / Breakaways / Sounds Incorporated23/10/1962City Hall
Bobby VeeThe Crickets / Ronnie Carroll / Russ Sainty & The Nu-Notes / Frank Kelly & The Hunters / Johnny de Little03/11/1962City Hall
B Bumble & StingersTornados / Joe Brown & His Bruvvers / Johnny Kidd & The Pirates / Vince Eager / Chris Wayne & The Echoes / Bobby Shafto13/11/1962City Hall
Dave Brubeck QuartetAdd support act21/11/1962City Hall
Cliff RichardThe Shadows / Jackie Trent / The Breakaways / Alan Randall / The Trebletones01/12/1962City Hall
Duke EllingtonAdd support act15/01/1963City Hall
Helen ShapiroAdd support act02/03/1963City Hall
BeatlesAdd support act02/03/1963City Hall
Rolling StonesAdd support act13/03/1963City Hall
Tommy RoeAdd support act16/03/1963City Hall
Chris MontezAdd support act16/03/1963City Hall
BeatlesAdd support act16/03/1963City Hall
Jerry Lee LewisAdd support act07/05/1963City Hall
BeatlesAdd support act25/05/1963City Hall
Roy OrbisonAdd support act25/05/1963City Hall
Sarah Vaughan and Count BasieAdd support act11/09/1963City Hall
Dave Berry and the CruisersKaren Young and the Cadillacs / The Debonairs / Vance Arnold and the Avengers16/09/1963City Hall
Roy OrbisonAdd support act21/09/1963City Hall
SearchersAdd support act21/09/1963City Hall
Del ShannonAdd support act19/10/1963City Hall
Erroll GarnerAdd support act30/10/1963City Hall
BeatlesAdd support act02/11/1963City Hall
SearchersAdd support act16/11/1963City Hall
Gene VincentAdd support act20/11/1963City Hall
Billy J Kramer and DakotasAdd support act03/03/1964City Hall
Ella FitzgeraldAdd support act26/03/1964City Hall
Cliff RichardAdd support act14/04/1964City Hall
Adam FaithAdd support act27/04/1964City Hall
AnimalsAdd support act14/05/1964City Hall
Rolling StonesAdd support act29/05/1964City Hall
Freddie and the DreamersThe Hollies09/10/1964City Hall
BeatlesAdd support act09/11/1964City Hall
Brenda Lee ShowAdd support act01/12/1964City Hall
Cilla BlackPJ Proby / Tom Jones & The Squires / Tommy Roe / The Fourmost / Mike Cotton Sound / Tommy Quickly / The Remo Four / Sounds Incorporated 19/02/1965City Hall
Del ShannonWayne Fontana & The Mindbenders / Herman's Hermits / Just Four Men / Jerry Stevens / Dodie West / The Soul Savages / The Dollies / Zephyrs 27/02/1965City Hall
Manfred MannThe Animals / The Pretty Things / Screaming Lord Sutch / Sean Buckley & The Breadcrumbs / Dodie West08/03/1965City Hall
Rolling StonesAdd support act11/03/1965City Hall
Bob DylanAdd support act30/04/1965City Hall
P J Proby The Searchers / The Action19/03/1966City Hall
Small FacesHollies / Paul Jones / Nashville Teens05/11/1966City Hall
Four TopsMerseys / Madeline Bell / Remo 4 / Johnny Watson Band02/02/1967City Hall
Original DriftersAdd support act23/06/1967City Hall
WhoThe Herd / Marmalade / The Tremeloes28/10/1967City Hall
Jimi HendrixPink Floyd / Amen Corner / The Move / The Nice17/11/1967City Hall
DublinersAdd support act29/03/1968City Hall
Bee GeesDave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich06/04/1968City Hall
HoneybusAdd support act17/05/1968City Hall
Esther & Abi OfarimAdd support act04/06/1968City Hall
Esther and Abi OfarimAdd support act04/07/1968City Hall
Incredible String BandAdd support act09/10/1968City Hall
Crazy World of Arthur BrownAdd support act12/10/1968City Hall
John MayallAdd support act09/11/1968City Hall
Beach BoysBarry Ryan / Bruce Chanel / Vanity Fayre / Eclection / Sharon Tandy & Fleur de Lys / The Majority04/12/1968City Hall
NiceThe Family27/01/1969City Hall
Fleetwood MacAdd support act18/03/1969City Hall
Pink FloydAdd support act24/05/1969City Hall
YesAdd support act12/08/1969City Hall
Jethro TullSavoy Brown/Terry Reid15/10/1969City Hall
John MayallAdd support act07/11/1969City Hall
YesAdd support act24/11/1969City Hall
Delaney & Bonnie & FriendsAdd support act04/12/1969City Hall
YesAdd support act21/12/1969City Hall

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