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Led ZeppelinAdd support act16/01/1970
NiceAdd support act29/01/1970
Booker T And The MGsAdd support act25/02/1970
Pink FloydAdd support act09/03/1970
Gene PitneyClodagh Rodgers / Badfinger / Satisfaction / Johnny Hackett04/04/1970
Tony Williams LifetimeAdd support act11/04/1970
Rory GallagherAdd support act24/04/1970
TasteIdle Race24/04/1970
John MayallDuster Bennett12/05/1970
Ten Years AfterAdd support act20/05/1970
FamilyAdd support act21/05/1970
Soft MachineAdd support act09/06/1970
Four TopsEdwin Starr23/08/1970
Manfred Mann Chapter IIIEast of Eden05/09/1970
Jethro TullProcol Harum / Tir Na Nog23/09/1970
GroundhogsAdd support act24/09/1970
Barclay James HarvestAdd support act29/09/1970
T RexAdd support act15/10/1970
ELPAdd support act27/10/1970
Pink FloydAdd support act22/12/1970
T RexAdd support act02/01/1971
Black SabbathFreedom / Curved Air14/01/1971
Stevie WonderMartha Reeves and The Vandellas23/01/1971
Van der Graff GeneratorLindisfarne / Genesis27/01/1971
Mott the HoopleWishbone Ash29/01/1971
Deep PurpleAdd support act06/02/1971
GenesisAdd support act17/02/1971
Jackson HeightsEvery Which Way / Audience25/02/1971
FreeAdd support act26/02/1971
QuintessenceAdd support act06/03/1971
Incredible String BandAdd support act20/03/1971
ELPAdd support act24/03/1971
New SeekersAdd support act13/04/1971
T RexAdd support act17/04/1971
CaravanBarclay James Harvest / Gringo24/04/1971
ByrdsAdd support act09/05/1971
King CrimsonAdd support act29/05/1971
Edgar BroughtonPink Fairies11/06/1971
Rory GallagherByzantium12/06/1971
Curved AirAdd support act16/06/1971
LindisfarneBell + Arc / Halfbreed17/06/1971
GroundhogsAdd support act21/06/1971
Wishbone AshRenaissance / Stackridge22/06/1971
Van Der Graff GeneratorBronco / Cochise26/06/1971
RenaissanceGordon Giltrap31/07/1971
IfSteamhammer / Million19/08/1971
Cat StevensAdd support act09/09/1971
Ten Years AfterAdd support act28/09/1971
Mott the HooplePeace07/10/1971
Incredible String BandAdd support act09/10/1971
YesJonathan Swift13/10/1971
Terry ReidAdd support act15/10/1971
Steeleye SpanAndy Roberts18/10/1971
King CrimsonAdd support act19/10/1971
T RexAdd support act23/10/1971
YesAdd support act31/10/1971
Fairport ConventionAdd support act16/11/1971
Mungo JerryAdd support act22/11/1971
Alan BownAdd support act27/11/1971
GroundhogsEgg / Quicksand29/11/1971
Soft MachineLoudon Wainwright III29/11/1971
GenesisAdd support act30/11/1971
Elton JohnAdd support act17/12/1971
East of EdenTroggs / Gravy Train29/12/1971
Procol HarumAmazing Blondel25/01/1972
NazarethAdd support act03/02/1972
Wishbone AshGlencoe10/02/1972
Pink FloydAdd support act12/02/1972
Roy HarperAdd support act16/02/1972
Black SabbathWild Turkey21/02/1972
Jethro TullAdd support act11/03/1972
Heads, Hand and FeetPatto / Claire Hamill17/03/1972
Rory GallagherByzantium23/03/1972
ELOColin Bluntstone10/05/1972
SladeStatus Quo12/05/1972
Arthur Brown & Kingdom ComeAdd support act25/05/1972
David BowieAdd support act05/06/1972
Uriah HeepAdd support act13/06/1972
Edgar BroughtonAdd support act29/07/1972
Thin LizzySlade09/09/1972
StrayPretty Things25/09/1972
Deep PurpleGlencoe28/09/1972
Stone the CrowsAdd support act30/09/1972
Jackson HeightsMagna Carta14/10/1972
Steeleye SpanAmazing Blondel23/10/1972
Humble PieAdd support act07/11/1972
SladeThin Lizzy09/11/1972
ELPAdd support act25/11/1972
Cat StevensAdd support act27/11/1972
Wishbone AshAdd support act01/12/1972
King CrimsonKeith Christmas04/12/1972
HawkwindAdd support act05/12/1972
Blackfoot SueMedicine Head07/12/1972
CamelAdd support act14/12/1972
GroundhogsAdd support act15/12/1972
FacesAdd support act22/12/1972
GeordieAdd support act28/12/1972
Led ZeppelinAdd support act02/01/1973
Uriah HeepMike Maran17/01/1973
HawkwindAdd support act20/01/1973
FocusAdd support act22/01/1973
Al StewartAdd support act08/02/1973
Rory GallagherGreenslade14/02/1973
GenesisString Driven Thing17/02/1973
Deep PurpleNazareth20/02/1973
Average White BandAdd support act24/02/1973
Elton JohnAdd support act09/03/1973
Status QuoByzantium14/03/1973
King CrimsonClaire Hamill17/03/1973
GeordieAdd support act21/03/1973
StrawbsAdd support act23/03/1973
Roxy MusicSharks28/03/1973
Curved AirThe Wag's Band02/04/1973
Ten Years AfterAdd support act06/04/1973
Captain BeefheartAdd support act12/04/1973
Bert JanschAdd support act28/04/1973
FocusAdd support act07/05/1973
Fleetwood MacAdd support act17/05/1973
SweetAdd support act21/05/1973
EsperantoSha Na Na04/06/1973
David BowieAdd support act06/06/1973
SladeSensational Alex Harvey Band12/06/1973
Wishbone AshAdd support act14/06/1973
WingsAdd support act03/07/1973
Paul McCartney and WingsBrinsley Schwarz04/07/1973
FaustHenry Cow08/08/1973
FamilyPhillip Goodhand-Tait27/09/1973
Lou ReedAdd support act29/09/1973
Status QuoAdd support act03/10/1973
GongAdd support act08/10/1973
Roxy MusicLeo Sayer22/10/1973
GenesisAdd support act25/10/1973
Rory GallagherStrider26/11/1973
YesAdd support act27/11/1973
SladeAdd support act27/11/1973
Sensational Alex Harvey BandAdd support act12/12/1973
Elton JohnAdd support act14/12/1973
Wishbone AshAdd support act20/01/1974
Beck, Bogart and AppiceAdd support act22/01/1974
T RexAdd support act24/01/1974
Ten Years AfterAdd support act18/04/1974
Deep PurpleElf06/05/1974
SladeAdd support act09/05/1974
Sensational Alex Harvey BandAdd support act10/05/1974
Barclay James HarvestAdd support act28/06/1974
GreensladeAdd support act14/08/1974
ShowaddywaddyAdd support act17/09/1974
Leonard CohenAdd support act17/09/1974
Wishbone AshAdd support act05/10/1974
Sensational Alex Harvey BandAdd support act09/10/1974
Tangerine DreamAdd support act29/10/1974
Rory GallagherAdd support act03/12/1974
Supertramp Chris De Burgh23/01/1975
Chris de BurghAdd support act23/01/1975
Mahavishnu OrchestraAdd support act30/01/1975
Baker Gurvitz ArmyTea06/02/1975
ELOAdd support act20/02/1975
10ccAdd support act06/03/1975
GreensladeRab Noakes09/05/1975
Sensational Alex Harvey BandAdd support act13/05/1975
Dr FeelgoodAdd support act23/05/1975
Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel,Add support act15/06/1975
ArgentAdd support act03/10/1975
Tangerine DreamAdd support act09/10/1975
Baker Gurvitz ArmyAdd support act15/10/1975
Wishbone AshAdd support act23/10/1975
Lynyrd SkynyrdSutherland Brothers & Quiver31/10/1975
SupertrampJoan Armatrading04/12/1975
CamelAdd support act16/12/1975
Rory GallagherAlan Stivell19/12/1975
ELOAdd support act20/12/1975
10ccAdd support act02/02/1976
GongAdd support act24/03/1976
BudgieAdd support act29/04/1976
Elton JohnAdd support act18/05/1976
Nils LofgrenAdd support act20/05/1976
Don McLeanAdd support act24/05/1976
Sensational Alex Harvey BandAdd support act26/05/1976
Sensational Alex Harvey BandAdd support act27/05/1976
Dr HookAdd support act12/06/1976
HawkwindAdd support act15/09/1976
Manfred Manns EarthBandRacing Cars30/09/1976
Canned HeatAdd support act15/10/1976
Four TopsAdd support act27/10/1976
SupertrampAdd support act04/12/1976
Hall and Oates Add support act18/01/1977
Be-Bop DeluxeAdd support act20/01/1977
Lynyrd SkynyrdClover05/02/1977
Rory GallagherAdd support act08/02/1977
Thin LizzyRadiators From Space14/02/1977
Rory GallagherAdd support act17/02/1977
Ted NugentSteve Gibbons Band24/02/1977
SladeAdd support act03/05/1977
Nils LofgrenAdd support act20/05/1977
Peter GabrielNona Hendryx17/09/1977
HawkwindAdd support act29/09/1977
Wishbone AshAdd support act18/10/1977
Judas PriestAdd support act23/01/1978
RushTyla Gang22/02/1978
SqueezeAdd support act08/03/1978
Rory GallagherAdd support act12/04/1978
Black SabbathVan Halen16/05/1978
DartsAdd support act18/05/1978
CamelMichael Chapman20/09/1978
SqueezeAdd support act10/10/1978
HawkwindAdd support act24/10/1978
Judas PriestAdd support act28/11/1978
Gene PitneyAdd support act29/11/1978
KrokusAdd support act28/02/1979
Van MorrisonAdd support act10/03/1979
Bill Nelson's Red NoiseFingerprintz13/03/1979
Journey Add support act24/03/1979
Bad CompanyAdd support act30/03/1979
Thin LizzyThe Vipers18/04/1979
John MilesAdd support act24/04/1979
SkyAdd support act18/05/1979
Ian Dury & the BlockheadsMatumby / Whirlwind19/07/1979
SaxonAdd support act28/09/1979
Gary NumanAdd support act08/10/1979
Boomtown RatsAdd support act17/10/1979
HawkwindAdd support act22/11/1979