Very few bands of the 70s, 80s & 90s didn’t play at the Broadfield at some point during their musical careers. The music room was to the left of the main building and in the 70s, regularly ran discos such as “Chico’s Jungle Sound”. Bands began to play there with increasing regularity including the Comsat Angels and a nascent Def Leppard (who nearly pulled out because their monitors weren’t working!”).

One week in 1978 say gigs by Clock DVA, the Thompson Twins, Vice-Versa, Def Leppard, the Human League, and Cabaret Voltaire. Other regulars included The Extras, Double Life and Rodger It rapidly became a staging post for bands from outside Sheffield. The venue is also famous for hosting the first gig by Bruce Dickinson’s (Iron Maiden) with his band Paradox. At some point in the 90s they turned it back into a pool room although music returned in the noughties for a while.

Please share any memorabilia about this venue.