A traditional pub on Trippet Lane, the upstairs room at the pub has seen a wide variety of bands play there, including the Arctic Monkeys first ever gig. Downstairs has a long tradition of relaxed folk music. Over the years, it has also featured various luminaries of the improv scene, including Derek Bailey.

A fairly uninviting room, with steep stairs, but they gave a chance to so many acts. Downstairs was (and remains) a place for folk musicians to gather and perform.

Please share any memorabilia about this venue and add any missing gigs.

Venue : Grapes (9 entries)
Keith Hinchcliffe17/04/1982GrapesSheffield
Patrick Walker24/04/1982GrapesSheffield
Tim & Julie Cole01/05/1982GrapesSheffield
Paul Metsers22/05/1982GrapesSheffield
Chris & Paul Stockton05/06/1982GrapesSheffield
Sean Cannon19/06/1982GrapesSheffield

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