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Our A-Z of local record shops covers Wilson & Pecks, a music and record and ticket shop many Sheffielders will remember with much fondness.  But sifting through a pile of old newspapers Simon borrowed off a neighbour these amazing adverts showed up, which confirm the history of the business.

In an issue of the local paper dated 1891, both Arthur Wilson and Pecks and advertising pianos and other keyboards from their separate businesses in the city centre.  Then just six years in 1897 later we found the first advert for Wilson, Peck and Co’s celebrated Piano and Organ Showrooms.

We are fairly certain this was Sheffield’s oldest established music shop by the time is finally closed in the 1980s.  If any members of the family are out there do get in touch as it would be great to learn more about the business (though Simon was once told that sadly all their papers were thrown into a skip when they left the city centre shop).  If you worked there and especially if you have any photographs do get in touch.

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  1. I am interested to find out all I can about WL Lindlar who I think managed Arthur Wilson Peck & Co. I believe he is the brother of Max Lindlar who ran the C. Bechstein operation in London for 28 years, including the Bechstein Hall which in 1916 became Wigmore Hall. Max Lindlar was also, I believe, on the board of the company. Do any papers exist or an archive?
    Julia Boyd

    1. I did once ask the archivist at the Central Library about Wilson Pecks, and he says they did try to get the archives when the main shop in the city centre closed, but they were all thrown out. You could try them and see if anything has been donated since then but I would not hold out much hope.

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