Playback time

A piece of progressive rock ephemera. Without this little slip of paper who on earth would ever know about this evening at Sheffield’s ABC cinema on June 7th 1978? Given away on the counter at local record shops, you could get in and listen to the album through in full, then I assume dash down […]

In town tonight

Another ticket from our archives; as you’ll see it is a complimentary, given out to staff at local record shops and in this case never used.  The gig was actually reviewed in the NME the following week and may have been part of the Be Stiff tour.  It took place at Sheffield Polytechnic in the […]

The Apex Jazz Band

A lot of Sheffield people will remember the fun and games which accompanied the annual University Rag Week.  Sadly the event became mired in controversy in the 1990s and the Rag parade is now a distant memory.  Never mind what the woke generation would make of the dubious taste of the Rag magazine’s contents at […]

Service for Everything

This nice display advert dates from 1954 and shows the famous local music shop Wilson Pecks more or less reaching the zenith of their business. By this time they occupied a huge shop opposite the town hall with departments across several floors.  Many local musicians got their first gear here, and their record and concert […]

Disco tonight!

While the world jived to post Punk and New Wave, the Sheffield Polytechnic crowd were getting down to the sounds of Flyte, and a happening disco fronted by DJ Tony Prince!  Prince was actually an important character having been at Radio Luxembourg after the demise of the pirate radio stations, and he used to do […]

Add Wilson to Peck

Our A-Z of local record shops covers Wilson & Pecks, a music and record and ticket shop many Sheffielders will remember with much fondness.  But sifting through a pile of old newspapers Simon borrowed off a neighbour these amazing adverts showed up, which confirm the history of the business. In an issue of the local […]

Visit The Esquire Club!

What a great piece of memorabilia; this is an advert singing the praises of Sheffield’s Esquire Club (now The Leadmill), printed in 1964 in a Manchester blues magazine of all places.  The owners of the legendary Twisted Wheel Club there had a managerial tie in with The Esquire for a time, and figured enthusiasts might […]

Looking Back [5] The Fall

But not personally as this is a ticket from our archives, and I didn’t go to the show (I found it in a scrapbook I got hold of some years later). From 1981, 39 years ago tonight! The Fall were supported by The Past Seven Days (them again) and Disease. Amazingly it was a free […]

Looking back [4] • Viv Stanshall, Leadmill

Although Viv Stanshall remains one of my favourite artists, this was the only time I got to see him on stage. The Bonzos had just finished touring before I got into going to concerts, and his career after that was erratic to say the least and he didn’t really tour that much.  But in 1991 […]

Fresher’s Week!

From our archives; not an actual concert ticket but we think this was a book of vouchers given out by the Polytechnic to new students, which could be redeemed against admission to gigs, and other events. Maybe even 10% off Never Mind The Bollocks at Virgin Records!  Sheffield Polytechnic? Yep, it was retitled Sheffield Hallam […]