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ABCABC (1982 - 1990)
Martin Fry (vocals) / Mark White (guitars, keys, programming 1980-1992) / Stephen Singleton (saxophone 1980 - 1984) / Mark Lickley (bass 1980-1982) / David Robinson (drums / percussion 1980-1982) / David Palmer (drums / percussion 1982 / 2004-2009) / Alan Laramee Taylor (bass 1982 / 1985-1987) / Fiona Russell-Powell (vocals 1985) / David Yarritu (vocals 1985) / Glenn Gregory (keys 1995-1997) / Keith Lowndes (guitars, keyboards, programming 1995-1997)

ABC are an English group that first came to prominence in the early 1980s. Their 1982 debut album, The Lexicon of Love, was a UK number one and they achieved ten UK and five US Top 40 hit singles between 1981 and 1990. The band, now essentially singer Martin Fry, continues to tour and released their eighth studio album, Traffic, in 2008.
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AC TempleAC Temple (1985 - 1991)
Noel Kilbride (guitar) / Neil Woodward (bass) / Jayne Waterfall (drums) / Dave Giles (vocals) later Andy Hartley (bass)

An alternative rock band from Sheffield. Mixing industrial noise with guitars and effects, they were compared in their early days to the likes of The Birthday Party and Sonic Youth. The band's first two albums, Songs of Praise and Blowtorch, were released on the Further label, subsequently signing to Blast First. They recorded a session for John Peel's BBC Radio 1 show in 1987. Guitarist Paul Dorrington joined in 1987 but departed the following year to form Tse Tse Fly. With bassist Chris Trout (formerly of Kilgore Trout), guitarist Tim Beckham and drummer Mat Silcox on board, the band released their third album, Sourpuss, in 1989. A final effort, Belinda Backwards, was released in 1991, before the band split up.
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BabybirdBabybird (1995 - to date)
Stephen Jones (vocals) Robert Gregory (drums) Danny Lowe (bass) Luke Scott (guitar)

Babybird are an indie band fronted by Stephen Jones, who has also released records as a solo artist, using his own name, and as Black Reindeer. Jones started writing and recording songs at home and his first collection of these demos, I Was Born a Man, was released in July 1995 using the name Babybird. He formed a band in order to tour and promote this work. In 1996, Babybird signed to Echo Records and their first single was released in July 1996. Babybird were dropped from their record label in 2000 after their third album, Bugged, had poor sales. The band then split. Jones continued on his own, writing fiction, releasing solo work and created the score for the film Blessed. In October 2005, the band reformed with three members and created another album released in September 2006. After splitting again in 2012, Babybird returned in 2015 with new material and resumed playing live in 2017. New compilation album 'Happy Stupid Nothing' was released in March 2019 to critical acclaim.
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Big ChillBig Chill (1987 - 1992)
Roy McLeod (lead vocals and bass) / Jon Grainger (lead guitar / vocals) / Andy Bassett (lead guitar and keys) / Stu Wright (drums / vocals)

The four piece were formed from the rock band Cincinatti and won a contest launched by Metal Hammer together with leading metal 'n' rock label Music For Nations. Big Chill scored a record deal, free recording time, radio airplay, a track on Metal Hammer's House Of Hammer cassette series, and an appearance on the Metal Hammer Video Magazine.
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Black MariahBlack Mariah (1979 - 1985)
Pete Beadle (vocals) Gary Mackender and John Bownes guitars) Nick Gill (brother of Pete Gill from Saxon drums) Dave Brown (bass)

Black Mariah were a well known band on the local rock scene. Played mainly local venues and a short stint on the University circuit. They recorded 6 tracks in a Sheffield studio and they sold these on 'cassette' at gigs along with t-shirts.

Bring Me The HorizonBring Me The Horizon (2004 - to date)
Matt Kean (bass) / Lee Malia (guitar) / Matt Nicholls (drums) / Oliver Sykes (vocals) / Jordan Fish (keys)

Often known by the acronym BMTH, they formed in 2004, the group currently consists of vocalist Oliver Sykes, guitarist Lee Malia, bassist Matt Kean, drummer Matt Nicholls and keyboardist Jordan Fish. They are signed to RCA Records globally and Columbia Records exclusively in the United States. The style of their early work, including their debut album Count Your Blessings, has primarily been described as deathcore, but they started to adopt a more eclectic style of metalcore on subsequent albums. Furthermore, their latest album That's the Spirit marked a shift in their sound to less aggressive rock music styles.
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Chicken Legs WeaverChicken Legs Weaver (1995 - 2013)
Andy Weaver RIP (vocals, guitar) / Norton Lees (double bass) / Mitch Genner (drums) / E. J. Tankersby (drums) / Mik Glaisher (drums) / Jane Howden RIP (bass)

Early record company interest in their Urban Swamp Blues was quickly seen off by the recruitment of Tom Hogg, his guitar giving the band a harder, fuller sound. After two years Tom decided to move on and it was then that Andy and Norton discoverd the dark, sleazy, minimalist sound that has become the Chicken Legs trademark. Unfortunately Mitch didn't see it that way and left the band at the end of 1998. It took a long time to find the right drummer but find one they did - the mysterious E. J. Tankersby - his three-year stint, yielded two fine CD singles and increased the bands following. In the summer of 2002 the sticks were passed onto former Comsat Angel, Mik Glaisher, making the sound sleazier still. Almost immediately the band moved up a gear, buying new suits and travelling over to Ithaca, upstate New York, to record with Johnny Dowd. The resulting, self-financed album 'Nowhere' received some excellent reviews but was largely ignored by the music industry.‎ Andy moved to Brighton and continued to work as a solo artist. His final album Sometime Man is still available. Andy died of cancer on the 23rd July 2013 and Jane Howden has also died.
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Clock DVAClock DVA (1978 - 1981)
Adi Newton (vocals) / Judd Turner (bass) / David J. Hammond (guitar) / Roger Quail (drums) / Charlie Collins (saxophone / clarinet) / Paul Widger (guitar)

Clock DVA were an industrial, post-punk and EBM group, formed in 1978 by Adolphus "Adi" Newton and Steven "Judd" Turner. Along with contemporaries Heaven 17, Clock DVA's name was inspired by the Russian-influenced Nadsat of Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange Dva is the Russian word for "two".
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Comsat AngelsComsat Angels (1978 - 2010)
Stephen Fellows (vocals, guitar) / Mik Glaisher (drums) / Kevin Bacon (bass 1978-1992 & 2009-2010) / Andy Peake ( keys) / Simon Anderson (guitar 1993-1995) / Terry Todd (bass 1993-1995) / Nick Robinson (guitar 1990) / Mick Hercun (guitar ????)

An English post-punk band initially active from 1978 to 1995. Their music has been described as "abstract pop songs with spare instrumentation, many of which were bleak and filled with some form of heartache". They have been credited as being an influence to later post-punk revival bands such as Blacklist, Bell Hollow, Editors and Interpol. The Comsat Angels toured heavily in the UK and in western Europe, especially in the Netherlands. They also toured the United States twice. Their music has been extensively reissued and recompiled since 1995 by various record labels.
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cradleyardcradleyard (1987 - 1993)
Steve Wood (vocals) / Jon Wood (guitar) / Tim Hazeldine (keyboards) / Richard Woodcraft (bass) / Steve Homer (drums)

cradleyard were one of Sheffield's late 80's / early 90's indie bands that made a name for themselves abroad but gained very little notoriety in their home city of Sheffield. Starting in 1987, various early demos earned some critical interest from a few A&R departments (notably CBS) but none were willing to take a risk on an eccentric guitar outfit in the middle of the acid house scene. In response, cradleyard simple formed their own record label (Purple) and put out an EP called Project Alkaline. The anti establishment / deliberately unfashionable DIY approach seemed to charm influential musical journalists and radio DJ's in France resulting in the creation of a significant underground cult following among French speaking students in particular. Project Alkaline was voted single of the year in 1991 by the French music press, ahead of the band cradleyard shared it's rehearsal room with, Pulp. By the time cradleyard had release their second EP (This is the birth) they were a big enough attraction to headline France's main live band venue, Paris's La Locomotive. REM had played the week before and Radiohead the week after. This is the birth became France's indie single of the year for 1992. The collapse of Rough Trade (who distributed) cradleyard's releases meant that new material never got released. Some of the bands buried tracks emerged on a mini album that came out in 2017 in digital form only (Turning My Mind Off). Band members didn't give up on music and did go on to work in the music business, have hits with other bands, organised major national music festivals and bass player Richard even won a Grammy for work on Radiohead's In Rainbows album (2008). We like to think cradleyard was the spark of other successes even if the band in Sheffield is now largely forgotten.
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Def LeppardDef Leppard (1977 - to date)
Rick Savage (bass) / Joe Elliott (vocals) / Rick Allen (drums) / Phil Collen (guitar) / Vivian Campbell (guitar) other members Pete Willis (guitar) / Steve Clarke RIP (guitar)

A rock band formed in 1977 in Sheffield as part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement. Since the untimely death of Steve Clarke, the band has had a stable lineup. The band's strongest commercial success came between the early 1980s and the early 1990s. Their 1981 album High 'n' Dry was produced by Robert John "Mutt" Lange, who helped them begin to define their style, and the album's standout track Bringin' On the Heartbreak became one of the first rock videos played on MTV in 1982. The band's next studio album, Pyromania in January 1983, with Photograph and Rock of Ages as the lead singles, turned Def Leppard into a household name. In the U.S., Pyromania was certified diamond (10x platinum). In 2003, the album ranked number 384 on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.
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Dig Vis DrillDig Vis Drill (1984 - 1986)
Ogy McGrath (vocals) / John Nicholls (keys/drums) / Phil Mavrick (vocals) / Nick Robinson (guitar)

DVD scorched their way round the pubs and clubs of South Yorkshire, upsetting a great many people and building up a loyal fanbase as they did so. A trip to Brighton was infamous for a fight between Phil and Pulp's guitarist Russell, who had to be taken back to the hospital with a suspected broken arm! No lyrical topic was sacrosanct; riots, miners strikes, cancer, religion, Pol Pot, Charles & Di, all feel before Ogy's withering diatribes. They were signed to Native Records (alongside They Must be Russians and Henry Normal, now co-writing with Steve Coogan) and recorded their frst 12 in the same studios that Jive Bunny used, in the backend of Rotherham. Tours with Henry, Pulp and many others followed, as they followed their Outrage credo of anywhere in England, 3 bands for £50.
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Don Valley and the RotherhidesDon Valley and the Rotherhides (1986 - 1992)
Red Mires (acoustic guitar) / Thorpe Hesley (electric guitar) / Kevin Flatts (snare drum) / Norton Lees (double bass) / Roscoe Banks (banjo)

A rough 'n' ready rootsy, North Country 'n' Western Punk echoed around Fargate and Chapel Walk, Sheffield, causing chaos in the queue for the late Star and turning the fruit and veg stall's bananas brown. The Rotherhides quickly started to draw large crowds in the streets of Sheffield, it wasn't long before the phone started ringing, it was the unemployment benefit office asking them in for interviews. with the addition of Roscoe Banks on banjo they became one of the best live acts in Britain. Their success never really translated into record sales and in early '92 they decided to call it a day with farewell gigs at The Hallamshire Hotel, West Street, Sheffield. Their LPs included I'm So Far In The Red, I'm Blue ‎(Hot Dang DANG11 1987) and Quiet Flows The Don ‎(Homar HOMLP6604 1991) and singles Virginia Plain. A retrospective EP is available on Itunes, including the classic Thatcher's Dead
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ElfinElfin (1992 - 2002)
Daren Searle-Gardiner (vocals, guitar) / Dan Worrall (guitar) / Sean Elliott (bass) / Leon Neal (drums) / later joined by Anna Lee (vocals)

Mixing prog-rock, dance, dub and pop at various points in the band's existence, Elfin were regulars on the festival circuit, performing at the Glastonbury Festival in 1995, 1997 and 1998 and others such as the Lizard Festival, Green Man festival and Music in the Sun. Self-released demos included Wibblealittlebubbledouble, Listen and Grin, Eponymous and Not Quite Human.

ExtrasExtras (1977 - 1980)
John Lake (vocals) / Robin Markin (keys) / Andy Quick (sax) / Simon Anderson (guitar) / Nic Dawson (drums) / later Mark Anderson / Robin Allen (bass) / Mick Cartwright

Lake formed the Extras when Robin Markin came on board in April '77. By August they had studio time payed by Phonogram and by Christmas they were not only playing in the Broadfield in Sheffield (their regular venue by now), but all over he North of England. Many people who were around in the music scene used to go and see them and they were considered to be the next big thing to come out of Sheffield. By January '78 they were looking for a manager and record deal and moved down to London. They got a management deal, headlined at venues such as the Marquee and had interest from Phonogram Records, but the management deal turned sour and they eventually returned to Sheffield. Lake drowned at the age of 48 in a swimming accident in Malaysia. Anderson also died tragically early, having played on two albums by the Comsat Angels.
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Floy JoyFloy Joy (1983 - 1986)
Elana Harris (vocals) / Michael Somerset Ward (horns) / Shaun Ward (bass)

The band formed in 1983. Michael Ward having spent a brief spell with Clock DVA. By 1984, Harris was replaced by Carroll Thompson. The group released three singles, with two of the three being minor hits in the UK. The album was released that year "Into the Hot", produced by Don Was at The Sound Suite in Detroit. After the album, Thompson and Shaun Ward subsequently left the band, leaving Michael Ward to draft singer Desi Campbell and bassist/drum programmer/co-writer Robert E. Clarke and put together a new all-male Floy Joy. An album came out in 1986 "Weak in the Presence of Beauty", also produced by Don Was. The albums title track was covered by Alison Moyet, selling 4 million worldwide. The group split shortly after due to the usual "musical differences". Sean Ward went on to massive success with Simply Red. Michael Ward worked with Sheffield’s I Monster and became a successful writer and producer which continues to this day. His second solo album as Mzylkypop is due for release in 2019.
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GraphGraph (1977 - 1980)
Ian Elliott (vocals) / Martin Rootes (keys) / Ian Burden (bass) / Nik Allday (drums)

Originally from Peterborough. Originally called Ophiuchus but changed it to Graph when Nik Allday joined. The band made its debut on the Fast label's first Earcom compilation, alongside the Blank Students, the Prats and the Flowers. Allday left the group near the end of 1979 and was replaced by Pam Young. From that point on, the band was known as Salon Graph. Burden eventually became involved with fellow Sheffield group the Human League. Elliot released a solo single " Fake All Your Dreams" on local Office Box Records.

GreensleeperGreensleeper (1970 - to date)
Chris Liddell (guitar) / Phil Brown (bass) / Ernest Fawcett (drums) / Albert Bennett (vocals)

Greensleeper evolved from ABC, formed in 1966, the Albert Bennett Crowd. After a couple of years this morphed into The Blue Circus Soul Band then Greensleeper (named after a sculpture). Writing original material and doing cover versions they existed for seven years with personnel changes as follows: Chris left and was replaced by Dave Carr on guitar. Over the years they supported Badfinger, Be Bop Deluxe, Medicine Head, Super Sister, UFO & Saxon. Simon Peace joined on guitar and Dave Carr left to join The Push, replaced by Russ Singleton and later Andy Taylor. 1991 saw the introduction of Alan Walker on Guitar and Peter ‘Oz’ Oldfield on Bass joining Albert, Russ & Pete for a couple of gigs. 2017 they reformed - Pete, Alan, Oz & Albert are joined by Mike ’Spike’ Stoddart on bass.
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HarbourkingsHarbourkings (1982 - 1993)
Ian Slater (vocals, bass, guitar) / Robert Brown (guitar) / Ian Brown (drums, vocals) / Nick Styran (guitar) / Simon Crump (guitar, saxophone) with Comsat Angels Steve Fellows (guitar) / Andy Peake (keyboards)

A guitar band, previously known as Rollin Thunder, they played all the Sheffield venues and London gigs, even Glastonbury Festival in 1990,their 3rd ever gig was with the Clash at the Sheffield Lyceum. Releasing 2 albums on Fire Records,"Summercolts" and "The Big Kahuna", (produced by Peter J Moore of Cowboy Junkies fame) Comsat Angel Kevin Bacon produced the Fire single "Tattoo"
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HazeHaze (1978 - to date)
Paul McMahon (vocals, guitar) / Chris McMahaon (guitar, bass, vocals, keys, bass bouzouki) / Paul Chisnell (drums) / Danny McMahon (current drums)

Formed in the late 70s by brothers Chris & Paul McMahon, Haze were joined by Paul Chisnell in ’83 and established their reputation as one of the hardest working underground bands of the 80s. The band released 2 LPs, 3 singles & countless cassettes & played over 500 shows around the UK & Europe before disbanding after a farewell concert at Sheffield University in ’88. The McMahon brothers continued with World Turtle, but reformed Haze in 1998 for a 20th anniversary show, and continued playing intermittently together, including European tours & festival appearances, and in 2008 a couple of 30th anniversary shows. In 2013 the band released 'The Last Battle', Paul Chisnell's final recording with band before being replaced by Paul McMahon's son Danny. The band have continued writing & performing & celebrate 40 years of making music this Summer.
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Helsinki 5 BelowHelsinki 5 Below (1979 - 1980)
Howard Lincoln (vocals, guitar) / Stuart Arfield (guitar) / Paul Jay (bass) / Nigel Fitzpatrick (drums)

An early local indie/pop band who released one single: Jennifer Darling / Women in Love (Future Earth Records) which was played on the John Peel show. Fitzpatrick went on to Veiled Threat / Red Zoo / Typhoon Saturday, Arfield to Rockett88
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Hobbies of TodayHobbies of Today (1977 - to date)
Kevin Hobbi (guitar, vocals) / Stuart Holie (bass) / David Exciting (drums) / Stuart Holie (bass) / Gareth Hobbi (keys) / Steve Rose (drums) / Gareth Hobbi (keyboards, noise generators) / Ian Campbell (vocals, harmonica) / Kevin Ford (keyboards) / Dave Lee (bass) / Mark Ferrand (drums) / Paul Anthony (current bass) / Danny Rich (current drums)

The band recorded three tracks for their debut single, destined to be released in early/mid 1977 but problems at the pressing plant meant that their single was never released, and the master tapes and artwork were lost. However, a mono recording of the finished songs was also transferred to cassette and that cassette survived. The tracks were released digitally and also on a 7 vinyl record as the RU12 EP in October 2014. From the bands first recordings in 1977 during the first throws of the Punk and New Wave movement, HOT were at the forefront of the new sound revolution and pioneered the new electronic sound of the early 80s with tracks like Metal Boys and onto the more rock orientated sound of The Sex Detective in the early 90s. The Hobbies currently have two albums released, the first being Deja Vue - a collection of singles and unreleased tracks (1976-1987) and The Sex Detective a re-mastered and re-issued version of the Hobbies 1990 release. Founder member Kevin Hobbi re-formed the band in 2014 with bassist Paul Anthony and Danny Rich on drums.
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HulaHula (1980 - 1992)
(Mark Albrow, Ron Wright, Alan Fisch (drums), Nort (drums), John Avery (bass)

Three members lived with Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire) and Paul Widger (They must be Russians, Clock DVA, the Box) in a villa called Hula Kula. After trying the bass players Alan Watt, the notorious Chris Brain (Tense, NOS) and Mark Brydon (Chakk, Moloko), and after the replacement of Alan Fish (a.k.a. Fisch) by Nort Hula released Fever Car, which became an indie hit. Then they recorded the impressive album Murmur. Hula recruited John Avery as a bass player. A bass player was necessary for the exciting live shows with lots of video material (Peter Care). Hula continued to bring out danceable 12 inches and more experimental albums. With this line-up Hula was more or less successful. International tours were made. Radio sessions for VPRO and John Peel were recorded and broadcasted. After Nort left the band in 1986 the music changed, but still remained interesting. Later on Mark Albrow quit as well. When their record company Red Rhino went bankrupt they moved on to Wax Trax.
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Human LeagueHuman League (1977 - to date)
Philip Oakey (vocals / keys 1977-present) / Joanne Catherall (vocals 1980-present) / Susan Ann Sulley (vocals 1980-present) / other members Ian Craig Marsh (keyboards 1977-1980) / Martyn Ware (keyboards 1977-1980) / Ian Burden ( keyboards, bass 1980-1987) / Jo Callis (keyboards, guitar 1981-1985) / Jim Russell (drums, guitar, programming 1983-1987)

The Human League formed in Sheffield in 1977. After signing to Virgin Records in 1979, the band released two albums and a string of singles before achieving commercial success with their third album Dare in 1981. The album contained four hit singles. The band began as an avant-garde all-male synthesizer-based group. The only constant since 1977 has been vocalist and songwriter Philip Oakey. Keyboard players Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh both left the band in 1980 to form Heaven 17. Under Oakey's leadership, the Human League then evolved into a commercially successful synthpop band with a new line-up including female vocalists Joanne Catherall and Susan Ann Sulley. Since the mid-1990s, the band has been a trio of Oakey, Catherall and Sulley. They have released nine studio albums, four EPs, 30 singles and several compilation albums. They have had five albums and eight singles in the UK Top 10 and have sold more than 20 million records.
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I'm So HollowI'm So Hollow (1978 - 1981)
Jane Wilson (vocals, keys) / Rod Leigh (vocals, guitar) / Gary Marsden (bass) / Yosef Sawicki (drums)

I'm So Hollow played their first gig opening for Clock DVA in Sheffield's Penthouse Club. Their highest profile gig was at the Leeds Futurama festival in 1980. They perform "Touch" in Eve Wood's documentary film Made in Sheffield (2001). The band appeared on several compilations - "I Don't Know", on The First Fifteen Minutes (1980, Neutron EP) - "Touch", on Bouquet of Steel (1980, Aardvark LP) "I Don't Know", on Hicks from the Sticks (1980, Rockburgh LP) and recorded a John Peel session in 1980. They released their first and only single "Dreams to Fill the Vacuum" in 1980, and, feeling they had achieved their ambitions with the recording of the album Emotion/Sound/Motion, split up shortly before its release in 1981.
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JunkJunk (1982 - 1988)
Walter Wray (vocals) / Jon Quarmby (keys) / Dave Bloom (drums) / Alan Russell (guitar) / Andy Hobson (bass) / also Dominic Williams on guitar / Andy Henley (bass)

Described by the NME as a cross between Blurt and Genesis, these post-industrial Oxfam clothes-horses are attempting to mate two very strange bed-fellows - contorted neuro-jazz and grandiose wallpaper epics, loaded with fussy tempo changes Junk formed at Sheffield University initially as a 6-piece but changing line-up several times. Released albums Cuckooland (Native Records NTVLP 11 1986), Drop City Souvenirs ‎(Native Records JUNKLP1 1988) and singles The World Doesn't Turn, Messiahs Of The Pop Raunch & Junk Town Slam. Some of the band moved on to form King Swamp.
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Little Man TateLittle Man Tate (2005 - 2009)
Simon Barnes (vocals) / Jon Windle (singer/guitar) / Edward 'Maz' Marriott (guitar) / Mike Balkow (later Dan Fields drums)

Litle Man Tate were a four-piece indie rock band. The band quickly began attracting interest from several record labels and in March 2006 signed to V2 Records, later parting ways in November 2007. Their fifth single, Sexy in Latin was released on 22 January and became their highest charting single. The band made extensive use of the Internet to gather a fanbase. Like many other up and coming bands they made use of MySpace as well as their own forum to communicate with and co-ordinate fans.
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LongpigsLongpigs (1993 - 2000)
Crispin Hunt (vocals) Richard Hawley (guitar) Simon Stafford (bass guitar) Dee Boyle (drums)

The group initially signed with Elektra Records, but just before the release of their first single, two major crises struck the band. Lead singer Hunt was seriously injured in a car accident resulting in his being in a coma for three days. Shortly after, the UK arm of the record label closed leaving the Longpigs' future in doubt. Elektra set a price of £500,000 to release them from their recording contract. The Longpigs' contract was purchased by U2's new record label, Mother Records. The band toured extensively, opening for Echobelly, Supergrass and finally Radiohead in early 1995. Their first singles on Mother Records, "Happy Again", "She Said" and "Jesus Christ" did little in the charts. The band played the 1995 Reading Festival. Their fourth single, "Far", managed to hit the UK Top 40. This was followed by the ballad "On and On", which received considerable radio airplay and hit the Top 20 of the UK Singles Chart. In April 1996 the band released their debut album The Sun Is Often Out, which was declared one of 1996's 50 best albums by both Q and Melody Maker. On the heels of their newfound success, the band then repackaged and re-released "She Said" which also reached the UK Top 20 in June 1996, which was followed by "Lost Myself". Former Cabaret Voltaire member Boyle was replaced by Andy Cook for their second album.
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Maison RougeMaison Rouge (1983 - 1987)
Paul Willis (vocals & flute) / Phil Histon (guitar) / Dave Neal (bass & mandolin) Greg Wall (drums)

A blues/rock band that just gigged everywhere as bands did in those days, They went our separate ways a few years later & re-formed in 2014 to celebrate the anniversary of winning the Top Rank Battle Of The Bands & releasing our first single in 1984. We had such a good time we decided to do some more gigs. Material is part original & a choice of different covers than most bands perform.
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Mein Glas FabrikMein Glas Fabrik (1980 - 1982)
Peter Bargh (keys, tapes, electronica, radio) / Mark Holmes - Guitar, e-bow, Percussion, Electronica Treatments

Influenced by the Industrial music label, and the incredibly vibrant Sheffield music scene, Mark and Pete created two albums: Death TV and Exotic Percussion, on cassette only release. They also did a one off performance at the Sheffield University with Bob Eddy under the guise An Alien Heat Mark went on to form Fatales and later Siiiii with a brief appearance in the Anti Group, Pete joined up with US artist David Burleson in 2010 to form The Sound of Flak.
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Midnight ChoirMidnight Choir (1984 - 1989)
Dave Loukes (vocals) / Simon Gillman (bass) / Magnus Doyle (drums) / Mark Jackson (guitar) / Duncan ‘Dippa’ Wheat (guitar keys) / Nick Taylor (guitar) / Matt Silcox (drums) / Michael ‘Ziggy’ Senkans (vocals) / Simon Hinkler (guitar) / Tony Perrin (bass) / Steve Jones (guitar)

Formed by Simon Hinkler (Artery and later The Mission), with his then flat mate Tony Perrin, to create a band of anonymous names to conceal that members of Artery were involved. Hence made-up credits on the 1983 debut EP “Kiss” except for singer Dave Loukes, vocalist and front-man for Quite Unnerving who Simon produced a demo for (listen/download from the Sheffield Tape Archive). After the EP drew interest and live shows beckoned, Hinkler recruited bassist Simon Gillman (also from Quite Unnerving), drummer Magnus Doyle (ex-The Blimp, later Pulp) and guitarist Mark Jackson. The band began heading in a different direction although Hinkler remained involved just a while longer - in producing the 1984 “Gideon Turtle” EP then together with Perrin, organising a 3 date tour of Holland. Hinkler recalls the band now “just did their own thing, which I really enjoyed, but it felt weird to see that there was a whole different set of people being The Midnight Choir". In 1985 the “Halleluya?” mini-album followed, another studio session at the end of the year yielded two songs for the next planned album. But then singer Dave Loukes was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident. After new singer Ziggy Senkans joined, new drummer Matt Silcox replaced Doyle who was now playing with Pulp, and Duncan “Dippa” Wheat joined as second guitarist and keyboard player. This line-up recorded the full length album “Wormbellygrin” in 1986. Following this guitarist Jackson left the band and was initially replaced by Steve Jones, then by Nick Taylor. “Trussed By Buddha” LP came out in 1987, then a John Peel session during which the band were told off by producer Dale Griffin for eating oranges in the sound-booth Citrus based Rock n Roll mayhem! Finally Studio recordings from 1987 and 1988 were to comprise the until now unreleased “Berserker Joe” album. Following the break-up of the band in 1989, various band members have played in Melaena, Fishwives, Ludd Gang, Meat for a Dark Day, Weakling and Dog Canute (which features Senkans and Taylor, still active 2019). R.I.P David Loukes and Duncan Wheat.
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Mirror Crack'dMirror Crack'd (1980 - 1985)
Rick Baines (vocals) / Pete Hiley (guitar) / Steve O'Brien (drums) / Phil Staniland (bass) / later members included Neil Sutton (keys)

The Mirror Cracked were one of the big hopes of the 80's Sheffield music scene and members went onto to play in The Human League, Boy On A Dolphin, Big Wide World, The Astrids, Floy Joy, The Ward Bros and The Heroes. They had one single out, 'Friends / Scramble for Style' (Multi Culture Media Records) in 1982, produced by Kevin Bacon of the Comsat Angels. They reformed in 2015 to play one reunion gig per year.
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MolokoMoloko (1993 - 2006)
Róisín Murphy (vocals) / Mark Brydon (everything else!)

Murphy had no prior professional experience as a singer when Moloko was formed. Brydon, had previously worked on music as a producer with musicians such as Boy George and Cabaret Voltaire on releases from the 1990s. In 1994, the two met at a party in Sheffield, where Murphy approached Brydon with the chat-up line, Do you like my tight sweater? See how it fits my body! The query became their debut album's title, recorded while Murphy and Brydon had begun dating. The name Moloko comes from the narcotic-filled milk drink, Moloko Plus, in the Anthony Burgess novel A Clockwork Orange,based on the Russian for milk, (moloko). The group signed to Echo Records and released their single Where Is the What If the What Is in the Why? The group's debut album Do You Like My Tight Sweater? was released in 1995.The group toured with Pulp following the release.
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NegativesNegatives (1979 - 1980)
Peter Eason (vocals) / Fraser Snapper Charles (guitar & piano) / Brad Martini (bass) / Steve Wilmot (drums)

The Negatives were a mod band (quite rare for sheffield) and were popular locally. They released one single on the local aardvark label - Money talk / Electric waltz. They also contributed to the classic compilation album Bouquet Of Steel.
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Panza DivisionPanza Division (1980 - 1982)
Glenn Marples (guitar) / Andy Freeston (drums) / Rick Corcoran (guitar/vocals) / Alan Edwards (bass) / later Eugene Maloney (keys)

Respected local rock group who recorded 2 tracks 'The Day The Delta 4 Played Mars' and 'Blitz' for release on Midlands compilation album 'Scene Of The Crime'. Members of the 'New Wave Of British Heavy Metal' club. In May 1981 keyboard player Eugene Maloney joined the band and recorded the single 'We'll Rock The World/Standing On The Outside'. In May 1982 Steve 'bubbles' Mitchell replaced Andy Freeston on drums and they went into the studio to record 'FM Fantasy' with producer Pete 'Wheels of steel' Hinton but without Eugene who moved on to electronic music projects. It was after this recording session that Andy Fisher replaced Alan Edwards on bass guitar. They then changed their name to 'The Lonely Hearts'.
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Past Seven DaysPast Seven Days (1980 - 1982)
Trevor Dooley (keys, saxophone) / Max Wall (bass) / John Hanlon (guitar) / Colin Gaynor (drums)

Dark & musically sparse outfit who released just the one 45 - Raindance / So Many Others on 4AD in 1981. Dooley moved on to They Must Be Russians. Max is back in action with the reunited Red Zoo.
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Person To PersonPerson To Person (1983 - 1984)
David Palmer (drums) / Lloyd Richards (guitars) / Jeremy Meek (bass guitar) / Dave Clayton (keys) / Pete Eason (Vocals)

Person To Person was a band formed by ABC drummer David Palmer. The singles were "High Time", Reputation" & "Love On The Rebound" and they releaseda an album "Stronger Than Reason" in 1985.
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PushPush (1977 - 1979)
Ray Ashcroft (vocals) / Jeremy Meek (bass) / Dave Carr (guitar) / Tag (drums)

Hotly tipped local band who released “The Cambridge Stomp / Front Room Revolution” on the Sticky Label. Ashcroft later found TV fame in The Bill. Carr joined the Daily Planet and more recetly with local legends Roger.
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Reverend and The MakersReverend and The Makers (2005 - to date)
Jon McClure (vocals) / Ed Cosens (bass) / Dave Sanderson (guitar - replaced by Tom Jarvis) / Joe Moskow (keys) / Richy Westley (drums - formerly of Hoggboy) and Laura Manuel (vocals) occasionally Simon Stafford on trombone.

The band's debut album The State of Things (2007) helped them gain success in Britain, as well as spawning UK Top 10 single Heavyweight Champion of the World. The band released their second album, A French Kiss in the Chaos (2009), which led to the band being invited to support Oasis on their final tour, playing venues such as Wembley Stadium. The band's third studio album, @Reverend Makers (after the band's Twitter handle), was released in 2012, and the band's fourth studio album, ThirtyTwo, was released in 2014.
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SchaefferSchaeffer (1985 - to date)
Harris (Guitar) Mark (Vox) Dave Hobson (Bass) Rik Brown (Keys) Al (Snake) Bark - Drums, Sarah Callaghan - Backing Vox

Starting life in the mid 1980’s as a reflection of the move rock music was making from NWOBHM to a more ‘glam’ / ‘pop’ style of more accessible music They played a mixture of original material and pop rock covers from the charts at the time. After some local success playing around the north of England and through various lineup changes they called it a day in 1992. Since this time all band have had various other projects, many with some success. In 2017 Mark and Harris decided that some of the old original material was worthy of a reboot and gathered a group of top musos from local bands to help reform Schaeffer. After a couple of ‘try-out’ gigs in the summer/autumn of 2017, they decided to give a more serious go and have been rehearsing over the winter, ready for their first proper outing in March 2018. Current lineup Harris Nixon - Guitar, Needy Markham - Vox, Frosty Andrews - Guitar, Jakko Richards - Drums, and Houghy Callum.
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SeafruitSeafruit (1998 - 2006)
Alan Smyth (guitar) / Geoff Barradale (vocals) / Joe Newman (keys) / Stuart Doughty (drums) / Tom Hogg(guitar)

Seafruit signed with Global Warming Records, within a year of their existence. By February 1999, Seafruit had completed their debut album, but it wasn't released until more than a year later. Seafruit's first single, Looking for Sparks, was released in the U.K. in March 1999. The guitar-heavy track marked a stylistic departure for Barradale, who had a fling with chart success as the frontman for the '80s synth-pop outfit Vitamin Z. Seafruit performed at U.K. music festivals and opened for Drugstore and Headswim while releasing singles such as Hello World that hinted at the album's melodic guitar rock. When Seafruit's self-titled first album was released in October 2000, minimal promotion killed any opportunity of commercial success. Smyth moved on to great success as a producer with his 2 Fly Studio based in Sheffield, working with Pulp and Richard Hawley to Arctic Monkeys and Reverend and the Makers, as well as many others.
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SiiiiiSiiiii (1983 - to date)
Paul Devine (vocals) / Mark (guitar) / Angie Holmes (bass) / Wayne Furniss (drums)

Paul answered an ad in Melody Maker to join Mark and Angie of Sheffield bands Fatales and Surface Mutants with Wayne (ex Pulp). Siiiii quickly became known in the UK goth scene, gigging with influential bands such as Skeletal Family, The March Violets, Inca Babies, and The Chameleons. Siiiii recorded several tracks and gained favorable reviews for their performances, however, they were unable to attract a label and disbanded in 1986. Mark Holmes went on to perform and record with The Anti-Group. Paul then worked solo as "Niceville" and subsequently formed avant-garde noise-punk band Deep Valley Orgasm. In 2005, the band regrouped to compile an archival release of initial demos. Siiiii played the last ever Drop Dead Festival in New York, then followed up with a number of European shows. In 2014, Siiiii released Modern, a studio album of new material and in 2017 were featured on the Cherry Red compilation "Silhouettes & Statues".
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The HungerThe Hunger (1983 - 1989)
Vaughan Downes (guitars) / Robert “Bob” Edey (lead vocals, saxophone) / Tony Pollack (drums) / Paul Byrne (Bass) / Nigel Allcock (Keyboards) / Sarah Peach (vocals).

The Hunger was formed by Vaughan Downes and Nigel Allcock who met when they were members of another Sheffield band called Soul Syndicate. Bob Edey was previously with Defective Turtles. Sarah Peach also provided vocals to local group Lay of the Land.

Thompson TwinsThompson Twins (1977 - 1993)
Tom Bailey (guitar bass keys vocals / Joe Leeway (percussion keyboards vocals / Alannah Currie (percussion vocals) early members Pete Dodd (vocals and guitar) and John Roog (guitar)

The Thompson Twins were formed in Sheffield by three friends - Bailey, Dodd and Roog. The name came from the twin detecives in Hergé's comic book series Adventures of Tintin. In 1979 they moved to London and drummer Chris Bell joined the band. Early 1980 Tom Bailey took over lead vocals from Pete Dodd. In April 1980 they released their first single, 'Squares and Triangles' (on their own label, Dirty Discs) and managed to sell 1,500 copies of the single. Around this time Tom met Alannah Currie who was playing manic wailing sax in an all girl dread punk group called The Unfuckables. She soon became a full member of the Thompson Twins. In the summer of 1980 Thompson Twins roadie Joe Leeway began to play bongos on stage and soon after was a full member of the band. In early 1981 Alannah gave up the sax and switched to percussion and Joe switched to playing congas. In January 1984 they released their second album as a threesome, 'Into The Gap', which produced the hits 'Hold Me Now', 'Doctor! Doctor!', 'You Take Me Up' and 'Sister Of Mercy'. By the end of 1984 'Into The Gap' sold over 5,000,000 copies worldwide. Tom collapses from nervous exhaustion producing the follow-up LP and the album and tour is post-poned and Nile Rodgers is brought in to help finish the job. September 1985 finally sees the release of 'Here's To Future Days'. It contains the hits 'Don't Mess With Doctor Dream', 'Lay Your Hands On Me' and 'King For A Day'.
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Toy ShopToy Shop (1982 - 1984)
Paul Klein (vocal guitar keys) / Philip Walsh (keyboards)

Initially a minimal/synthpop-based solo project for Leeds vocalist, keyboardist & guitarist Paul Klein. He released the single 'The Maze/Live Wires Kill' in 1981 before moving to Sheffield and teaming up with Oldham born keyboardist Philip Walsh in 1982. Their first gig together was in the Star/Webster's inaugural Battle Of The Bands competition in May of that year - they went on to win the competition and courted attention from major record labels for a while afterwards. The guys played a handful of gigs including supports to Dead Or Alive, Flock Of Seagulls, Nico and Dr Feelgood. Eventually signing to Towerbell Records they recorded 4 songs but only 2 were ever released - this was the single 'Attack Decade/Never Trust A Stranger' which came out in 1984. After Towerbell's decision not to take up options on their contract Paul & Phil drifted apart and Paul once again recorded solo. He released a single 'Give Me Lip-Lock I Love You' in 1986 before moving on to other projects.
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TreebeardTreebeard (1998 - to date)
Chris McMahon (bass, guitar, vocals) with Ceri Ashton (fiddle, flute, whistle, vocals), Rob Lowdon (guitar, bass, vocals), Paul Pearson (guitar, percussion, vocals) & James Howe (drums, vocals)

Formed by members of Sheffield progressive rock band Haze; Chris & Paul McMahon & Paul Chisnell, the band started out playing acoustic covers of Haze songs, but quickly morphed into a popular pub & festival band playing lively folk-tinged covers. They released 2 CDs Heavy Wood in 2002 and Reel Ale in 2010, containing a mix of original, traditional and contemporary covers. Current band line up features only original member Chris. Their 3rd CD New Leaves (2017) features almost exclusively self-penned Celtic folk-rock songs & tunes.
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Treebound StoryTreebound Story (1986 - 1989)
Paul Infanti (vocals / guitar) / Richard Hawley (guitar) / Paul Currie (bass) / Rob Gregory (drums)

Famous for including Richard Hawley, who would climb to honorary heights with Longpigs, Pulp and as a solo artist, Treebound Story were part of the indie-pop fraternity during the latter half of the 80s. The jangly Sheffield combo recorded one John Peel session and four singles/EPs (all locally under a cartel) - from 'I Remember' and 'My Lifes Example' (on Fon Records) to 'Swimming In The Heart Of Jane' and 'Take It' (for Native Records) - maybe the definitive clue to Hawley's true inspirations was in the last EP instalment, which concluded with a rendition of 'Trains And Boats And Planes'.
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Typhoon SaturdayTyphoon Saturday (1982 - 1984)
Elaine McLeod (vocals) / Nick Robinson (guitar) / Nigel Fitzpatrick (drums - later Tich Critchlow) / Les Heath (bass)

Formed in 1981 from the ashes of Worksop band Veiled Threat, singer Elaine McLeod, Bassist Derek Taylor and drummer Nigel Fitzpatrick recruited Nick Robinson on guitar to form Active Gliders, soon renamed Red Zoo when Derek was replaced by Les Heath (former Veiled Threat guitarist). Upon signing to Polydor Records, the band renamed to Typhoon Saturday. Three singles were released, the third of which featured Tich Critchlow on drums and a sax solo from Raphael Ravenscroft (of "Baker Street" fame) but the band split. Tich formed Living in a Box with a friend of Les's. Nick went on to play with the Dig Vis Drill, the Comsat Angels and Neil Ardley and is now an internationally famous origamist! Red Zoo have recently reformed with former Past Seven Days bassist Max Wall on bass.
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Veiled ThreatVeiled Threat (1979 - 1981)
Elaine McLeod (vocals) / Les Heath (guitar) / Derek Taylor (bass) / Nigel Fitzpatrick (drums / Pete Ridley (keys)

Although from Worksop, Veiled Threat were adopted into the Sheffield music scene and had a track 'Torch' on the classic Bouquet of Steel compilation. They split into two halves, Les & Pete forming Bikini Atoll (who released two singles) and the others formnig Active Gliders, who later became Red Zoo then Typhoon Saturday.
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Vice VersaVice Versa (1977 - 1980)
Stephen Singleton / Mark White / David Sydenham

Singleton & White would go on to later found the successful 1980s band ABC. The band was active from 1977 to 1980 with the aforementioned line-up, and reformed in 2015 without Sydenham. Vice Versa are considered as one of the "Big Four" late-1970s minimalistic electronic/synth-based bands from Sheffield.
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Vitamin ZVitamin Z (1982 - 1987)
Geoff Barradale (vocals) / Nick Lockwood (bass)

A pop/rock group, their biggest hit Burning Flame charted in the UK and US, but their one other hit in the UK, Every Time That I See You, did not chart in the US. The band's debut album Rites of Passage, was released in 1985. Its most prominent single, Burning Flame, hit #73 on the Billboard Hot 100, and the band toured England with Tears for Fears. Vitamin Z also made news when their video for the song Circus Ring (We Scream About) was filmed in Istanbul, making them the first Western Europeans to be allowed to film in Turkey since Midnight Express prompted government officials there to close the border to foreign film units. Barradale now serves as manager for the Arctic Monkeys.
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