Chicken Legs Weaver

1995 - 2013
Andy Weaver RIP (vocals guitar) / Norton Lees (double bass) / Mitch Genner (drums) / E. J. Tankersby (drums) / Mik Glaisher (drums) / Jane Howden RIP (bass)

Early record company interest in their Urban Swamp Blues was quickly seen off by the recruitment of Tom Hogg his guitar giving the band a harder fuller sound. After two years Tom decided to move on and it was then that Andy and Norton discoverd the dark sleazy minimalist sound that has become the Chicken Legs trademark. Unfortunately Mitch didn't see it that way and left the band at the end of 1998. It took a long time to find the right drummer but find one they did - the mysterious E. J. Tankersby - his three-year stint yielded two fine CD singles and increased the bands following. In the summer of 2002 the sticks were passed onto former Comsat Angel Mik Glaisher making the sound sleazier still. Almost immediately the band moved up a gear buying new suits and travelling over to Ithaca upstate New York to record with Johnny Dowd. The resulting self-financed album 'Nowhere' received some excellent reviews but was largely ignored by the music industry.? Andy moved to Brighton and continued to work as a solo artist. His final album Sometime Man is still available. Andy died of cancer on the 23rd July 2013 and Jane Howden has also died.