Confident Tricksters

1985 - date
Richard Farthing - Guitar/Keyboards/Vocals Steve Crowe - Bass and Drums Simon Holbrooke-Taylor 1985-92 Tim Woad 1992-94, 2011-13 Nick Hillier 1994-2011 Chris Daffern 2013 to the current day.

The Confident Tricksters are a rather unusual hybrid - a Doncaster/Sheffield band.  They played their first gig at The Glassmaker (now The Glasshouse), Doncaster on 8th October 1983 and as of Nov 2022 are still together and playing gigs.

The Confident Tricksters played a lot around Sheffield in the 80s, particularly at The Leadmill, where the picture was taken in 1989 around the time of their Shipwrecked Again album.  Occasionally, the Band have been augmented by other musicians, but they have generally kept to being a 3 piece.

The Confident Tricksters 4 Albums/CDs:-

The Confident Tricksters  1987
Shipwrecked Again 1990
The 'Apple' Album 1994
We've Never Heard Of You Either 1998