Dig Vis Drill

1984 - 1986
Ogy McGrath (vocals) / John Nicholls (keys/drums) / Phil Mavrick (vocals) / Nick Robinson (guitar)

DVD scorched their way round the pubs and clubs of South Yorkshire upsetting a great many people and building up a loyal fanbase as they did so. A trip to Brighton was infamous for a fight between Phil and Pulp's guitarist Russell who had to be taken back to the hospital with a suspected broken arm! No lyrical topic was sacrosanct; riots miners strikes cancer religion Pol Pot Charles & Di all feel before Ogy's withering diatribes. They were signed to Native Records (alongside They Must be Russians and Henry Normal now co-writing with Steve Coogan) and recorded their frst 12 in the same studios that Jive Bunny used in the backend of Rotherham. Tours with Henry Pulp and many others followed as they followed their Outrage credo of anywhere in England 3 bands for £50.