1977 - 1980
John Lake (vocals) / Robin Markin (keyboards) / Andy Quick (sax) / Simon Anderson (guitar) / Nic Dawson (drums) / later Mark Anderson / Robin Allen (bass) / Mick Cartwright

Lake formed the Extras when Robin Markin came on board in April '77. By August they had studio time payed by Phonogram and by Christmas they were not only playing in the Broadfield in Sheffield (their regular venue by now) but all over he North of England. Many people who were around in the music scene used to go and see them and they were considered to be the next big thing to come out of Sheffield. By January '78 they were looking for a manager and record deal and moved down to London. They got a management deal headlined at venues such as the Marquee and had interest from Phonogram Records but the management deal turned sour and they eventually returned to Sheffield. Lake drowned at the age of 48 in a swimming accident in Malaysia. Anderson also died tragically early having played on two albums by the Comsat Angels.