Floy Joy

1983 - 1986
Elana Harris (vocals) / Michael Somerset Ward (horns) / Shaun Ward (bass)

The band formed in 1983. Michael Ward having spent a brief spell with Clock DVA. By 1984, Harris was replaced by Carroll Thompson. The group released three singles, with two of the three being minor hits in the UK. The album was released that year "Into the Hot", produced by Don Was at The Sound Suite in Detroit. After the album, Thompson and Shaun Ward subsequently left the band, leaving Michael Ward to draft singer Desi Campbell and bassist/drum programmer/co-writer Robert E. Clarke and put together a new all-male Floy Joy. An album came out in 1986 "Weak in the Presence of Beauty", also produced by Don Was. The albums title track was covered by Alison Moyet, selling 4 million worldwide. The group split shortly after due to the usual "musical differences". Sean Ward went on to massive success with Simply Red. Michael Ward worked with Sheffield’s I Monster and became a successful writer and producer which continues to this day. His second solo album as Mzylkypop is due for release in 2019.