I’m So Hollow

1978 - 1981
Jane Wilson (vocals keyboards) / Rod Leigh (vocals guitar) / Gary Marsden (bass) / Yosef Sawicki (drums)

I'm So Hollow played their first gig opening for Clock DVA in Sheffield's Penthouse Club. Their highest profile gig was at the Leeds Futurama festival in 1980. They perform "Touch" in Eve Wood's documentary film Made in Sheffield (2001). The band appeared on several compilations - "I Don't Know" on The First Fifteen Minutes (1980 Neutron EP) - "Touch" on Bouquet of Steel (1980 Aardvark LP) "I Don't Know" on Hicks from the Sticks (1980 Rockburgh LP) and recorded a John Peel session in 1980. They released their first and only single "Dreams to Fill the Vacuum" in 1980 and feeling they had achieved their ambitions with the recording of the album Emotion/Sound/Motion split up shortly before its release in 1981.