1982 - 1988
Walter Wray (vocals) / Jon Quarmby (keyboards) / Dave Bloom (drums) / Alan Russell (guitar) / Andy Hobson (bass) / also Dominic Williams on guitar / Andy Henley (bass)

Described by the NME as a cross between Blurt and Genesis these post-industrial Oxfam clothes-horses are attempting to mate two very strange bed-fellows - contorted neuro-jazz and grandiose wallpaper epics loaded with fussy tempo changes Junk formed at Sheffield University initially as a 6-piece but changing line-up several times. Released albums Cuckooland (Native Records NTVLP 11 1986) Drop City Souvenirs (Native Records JUNKLP1 1988) and singles The World Doesn't Turn Messiahs Of The Pop Raunch & Junk Town Slam. Some of the band moved on to form King Swamp.