1985 - current
Harris (Guitar) Mark (Vox) Dave Hobson (Bass) Rik Brown (Keys) Al (Snake) Bark - Drums Sarah Callaghan - Backing Vox

Starting life in the mid 1980’s as a reflection of the move rock music was making from NWOBHM to a more ‘glam’ / ‘pop’ style of more accessible music They played a mixture of original material and pop rock covers from the charts at the time. After some local success playing around the north of England and through various lineup changes they called it a day in 1992. Since this time all band have had various other projects many with some success. In 2017 Mark and Harris decided that some of the old original material was worthy of a reboot and gathered a group of top musos from local bands to help reform Schaeffer. After a couple of ‘try-out’ gigs in the summer/autumn of 2017 they decided to give a more serious go and have been rehearsing over the winter ready for their first proper outing in March 2018. Current lineup Harris Nixon - Guitar Needy Markham - Vox Frosty Andrews - Guitar Jakko Richards - Drums and Houghy Callum.