1998 - 2006
Alan Smyth (guitar) / Geoff Barradale (vocals) / Joe Newman (keyboards) / Stuart Doughty (drums) / Tom Hogg(guitar)

Seafruit signed with Global Warming Records within a year of their existence. By February 1999 Seafruit had completed their debut album but it wasn't released until more than a year later. Seafruit's first single Looking for Sparks was released in the U.K. in March 1999. The guitar-heavy track marked a stylistic departure for Barradale who had a fling with chart success as the frontman for the '80s synth-pop outfit Vitamin Z. Seafruit performed at U.K. music festivals and opened for Drugstore and Headswim while releasing singles such as Hello World that hinted at the album's melodic guitar rock. When Seafruit's self-titled first album was released in October 2000 minimal promotion killed any opportunity of commercial success. Smyth moved on to great success as a producer with his 2 Fly Studio based in Sheffield working with Pulp and Richard Hawley to Arctic Monkeys and Reverend and the Makers as well as many others.