Thompson Twins

1977 - 1993
Tom Bailey (guitar bass keyboards vocals / Joe Leeway (percussion keyboards vocals / Alannah Currie (percussion vocals) early members Pete Dodd (vocals and guitar) and John Roog (guitar)

The Thompson Twins were formed in Sheffield by three friends - Bailey Dodd and Roog. The name came from the twin detecives in Hergé's comic book series Adventures of Tintin. In 1979 they moved to London and drummer Chris Bell joined the band. Early 1980 Tom Bailey took over lead vocals from Pete Dodd. In April 1980 they released their first single 'Squares and Triangles' (on their own label Dirty Discs) and managed to sell 1500 copies of the single. Around this time Tom met Alannah Currie who was playing manic wailing sax in an all girl dread punk group called The Unfuckables. She soon became a full member of the Thompson Twins. In the summer of 1980 Thompson Twins roadie Joe Leeway began to play bongos on stage and soon after was a full member of the band. In early 1981 Alannah gave up the sax and switched to percussion and Joe switched to playing congas. In January 1984 they released their second album as a threesome 'Into The Gap' which produced the hits 'Hold Me Now' 'Doctor! Doctor!' 'You Take Me Up' and 'Sister Of Mercy'. By the end of 1984 'Into The Gap' sold over 5000000 copies worldwide. Tom collapses from nervous exhaustion producing the follow-up LP and the album and tour is post-poned and Nile Rodgers is brought in to help finish the job. September 1985 finally sees the release of 'Here's To Future Days'. It contains the hits 'Don't Mess With Doctor Dream' 'Lay Your Hands On Me' and 'King For A Day'.