Treebound Story

1986 - 1989
Paul Infanti (vocals / guitar) / Richard Hawley (guitar) / Paul Currie (bass) / Rob Gregory (drums)

Famous for including Richard Hawley, who would climb to honorary heights with Longpigs, Pulp and as a solo artist, Treebound Story were part of the indie-pop fraternity during the latter half of the 80s. The jangly Sheffield combo recorded one John Peel session and four singles/EPs (all locally under a cartel) - from 'I Remember' and 'My Lifes Example' (on Fon Records) to 'Swimming In The Heart Of Jane' and 'Take It' (for Native Records) - maybe the definitive clue to Hawley's true inspirations was in the last EP instalment, which concluded with a rendition of 'Trains And Boats And Planes'.