Bikini Atoll

When Worksop’s finest Veiled Threat split, Elaine, Derek & Nigel formed Active Gliders (with Nick Robinson coming in on guitar) and Les Heath & Pete Ridley formed Bikini Atoll. Les eventually joined the others in Typhoon Saturday). They released three 45s.

Bass – Les Heath / Drums – Drummo / Guitar [Pralangs] – Russ / Keyboards – Pete Ridley / Vocals – Cairo

Ready! Go! Records ‎– EGO 1  1981
A Don’t Reduce My Heart (To Beating Meat) / B Lucy In Furs (Laissez Faire De Lucifer)

Ready! Go! Records ‎– EGO 3  1981
A The Wall / B Russian Doll

Ready! Go! Records ‎– EGO 3  1982
A Tribal Radio / B Splinter

Here’s a web site about the Workxop punk scene.

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  1. Wow. My first ever gig aged 16 was Killing Joke at Sheffield Polytechnic 1981 and Bikini Atoll were the support making them the first live band I ever saw. I have occasionally tried to find anything about them online but only ever find stuff about other more recent bands with the same name. I’m so pleased to have found this piece!

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