When Worksop’s finest Veiled Threat split, Elaine, Derek & Nigel formed Active Gliders (with Nick Robinson coming in on guitar) and Les Heath & Pete Ridley formed Bikini Atoll. Les eventually joined the others in Typhoon Saturday). They released three 45s.

Bass – Les Heath / Drums – Drummo / Guitar [Pralangs] – Russ / Keyboards – Pete Ridley / Vocals – Cairo

Ready! Go! Records ‎– EGO 1  1981
A Don’t Reduce My Heart (To Beating Meat) / B Lucy In Furs (Laissez Faire De Lucifer)

Ready! Go! Records ‎– EGO 3  1981
A The Wall / B Russian Doll

Ready! Go! Records ‎– EGO 3  1982
A Tribal Radio / B Splinter

Here’s a web site about the Workxop punk scene.

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