Black Sabbath missing gig from 1972? — 1 Comment

  1. I can certainly recall us queuing, and if I had my time over again would have joined the Floyd line! (I didn’t get to see them for another two years and then had to go to Manchester). So in effect thanks to Ossie we missed Sabbath and Floyd. I always assume we got a refund, as I never saw Sabbath which surely we would have if they had played a rescheduled date. Perhaps he was “poorly” for that as well? Those Wilson Peck queues were the stuff of local legend, read of one guy who recalls them playing silly games in Barkers Pool all night while they waited for Dylan tickets. You could of course send a postal order in and hope, but to be 100% certain the hard core always lined up from the shop doorway. The Zepp queue went twice round the City Hall and was snapped for The Star (a local newspaper for youngsters who’ve never heard of it). Simon

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