Magazine hit town

Sheffield was generally well placed as a city to host bands big and small, with venues to suit most needs. I think this is worth noting as it did mean that upcoming musicians could get to see a lot of visiting artists. Magazine’s first album Real Life on Virgin Records saw the group embark on […]

John Ryder RIP

Steve Ward writes to pass on news that former Sheffield chart-topper John Ryder has died. They released 1 album and 4 singles in the late 60s, one of which reached number 1 in Canada. John was also lead singer in the Whirlwinds, who featured Richard Hawley’s father Dave on guitar as well as Frank White.

RIP Ian Squires aka “Tiny”

SMA are sorry hear of the death of Tiny, as we knew him. He stepped in to sing backing vocals with Dig Vis Drill on a promo video and they played 5 dates in 88/89, performing to backing tapes. Sad that we also lost Glenroy (aka Squid) many years ago.

The Process

I used to hang out with these guys in the early 80s and thought a lot of them. They payed many gigs in the area, alongside Pulp, Hula and other local outfits, as well as appearing on the Oxford Road show alongside the Smiths. They were Allen Walton bass, Brian Bentley guitar, Gary Trigg drums […]

Playback time

A piece of progressive rock ephemera. Without this little slip of paper who on earth would ever know about this evening at Sheffield’s ABC cinema on June 7th 1978? Given away on the counter at local record shops, you could get in and listen to the album through in full, then I assume dash down […]

Bob Marley in Sheffield

Sharon Lee sent in this poster, showing that Bob Marley played at Genevieves! Can anyone confirm (or deny) this? The story is that the Wailers went home before the end of the tour, but that Bob played in Nash’s backing band to the end of the tour.

Veiled Threat live

Xpyda has digitised an old cassette he found of seminal 80s Worksop band Veiled Threat

Acrobats of Desire

Deborah Egan (vocals) / Mick Wilson (viola) / Virginia Duff (percussion and vocals) / Vicky Aspinall (violin) / Mary Jenner (violin). A post-punk band originally from Sheffield. The group were an electric string quartet fronted by a lead vocalist with an instrumental line-up which consisted of violin, viola, cello, and assorted percussion. The group was […]

Looking back [2] • The Police / Cramps 1979

The Police supported by The Cramps / Sheffield Top Rank Suite – June 15th 1979 The Top Rank Sheffield Suite has had several incarnations; nightclub, concert venue and even a gospel church for a time!  But starting around 1977 it began to have a great spell as a rock venue just as punk and new […]