Looking back [1] • YES 1978

Yes, Sheffield City Hall. April 20. 1998 Seeing Yes in 1998 was a little strange. Generally I don’t bother going to see bands again who I saw in their prime back in the Seventies (or bands who suddenly discover that they were always huge friends after all and so decide to reform!). And having seen […]

Black Sabbath missing gig from 1972?

My brother and I went to buy tickets for Pink Floyd, but at 8.30am the queue stretched from Wilson Peck’s almost up to the City Hall, so instead, we joined the much shorter queue for Sabbath, who were due to play the City Hall on 08/02/72. However, it was then cancelled due to Ozzy Osbourne’s […]

Chuck Berry Sheffield 1964

This unusual and very rare Japanese picture sleeve from the Sixties might not have an obvious Sheffield connection. Most rock fans will be able to tell that it features Chuck Berry on the cover, but we bet very few would know it was taken at Sheffield City Hall! The date was May 14th 1964 and […]

City Hall flyers

In a never-ending quest for perfection, plus time spent at home(!) we have coded the City Hall search to show bands plus any tickets or flyers in the archive – will add to other venues soon 😉