Going through some old local newspapers recently SMA found a few classified adverts which give us a small glimpse of Sheffield’s second hand music scene back in 1911, one of which is show above. Pianos not surprisingly dominate the adverts, both new and reconditioned, but there are some names we know from later selling 78s. […]

Violet May

Thanks to John Firminger, who has shared an article he wrote about Violet May’s legendary record shop.

Service for Everything

This nice display advert dates from 1954 and shows the famous local music shop Wilson Pecks more or less reaching the zenith of their business. By this time they occupied a huge shop opposite the town hall with departments across several floors.  Many local musicians got their first gear here, and their record and concert […]

Straight in at number 5, Grange Grammar School for Girls

From Other Lands – The Choir and Orchestra of Grange Grammar School for Girls Highway Records HWE 201 EP Steve Ward came across this EP in a charity shop and shared it with SMA. I’d never heard of it, even though I attended the nearby Abbeydale Boys Grammar school for a year before we went […]

Add Wilson to Peck

Our A-Z of local record shops covers Wilson & Pecks, a music and record and ticket shop many Sheffielders will remember with much fondness.  But sifting through a pile of old newspapers Simon borrowed off a neighbour these amazing adverts showed up, which confirm the history of the business. In an issue of the local […]

We’ll miss them when they’re gone

A series of limited edition artists prints recalling some of Sheffield’s long gone but well remembered record shops is now available. Names like Cann’s, Wilson Peck’s, Fon, Warp and Bradley’s (see below) are featured. You can see the full rage and read more about the artist’s thinking behind these images on the Easy On The […]