Popular Music

Few who have a fascination for the history of popular music and culture remember the National Centre for Popular Music with anything other than disbelief that the people behind it could screw up such a golden opportunity for what could have been a landmark attraction. But screw it up big time they did.  However it […]

Andrews Tickets

Some notes sent in to accompany Andrew Vaughan’s signed ticket contributions. (More tickets here). How many of us know we went to a gig but had no memories of it? Date Band Comment 21/02/1976 Sutherland Bros and Quiver Soft rock duo with backing band Quiver. The SBs wrote most of the material. This was the […]

Disco tonight!

While the world jived to post Punk and New Wave, the Sheffield Polytechnic crowd were getting down to the sounds of Flyte, and a happening disco fronted by DJ Tony Prince!  Prince was actually an important character having been at Radio Luxembourg after the demise of the pirate radio stations, and he used to do […]

Looking Back [5] The Fall

But not personally as this is a ticket from our archives, and I didn’t go to the show (I found it in a scrapbook I got hold of some years later). From 1981, 39 years ago tonight! The Fall were supported by The Past Seven Days (them again) and Disease. Amazingly it was a free […]

Looking back [4] • Viv Stanshall, Leadmill

Although Viv Stanshall remains one of my favourite artists, this was the only time I got to see him on stage. The Bonzos had just finished touring before I got into going to concerts, and his career after that was erratic to say the least and he didn’t really tour that much.  But in 1991 […]

Fresher’s Week!

From our archives; not an actual concert ticket but we think this was a book of vouchers given out by the Polytechnic to new students, which could be redeemed against admission to gigs, and other events. Maybe even 10% off Never Mind The Bollocks at Virgin Records!  Sheffield Polytechnic? Yep, it was retitled Sheffield Hallam […]

Looking Back [3] • Comsat Angels, Top Rank

Top Rank Sheffield – Comsat Angels / Clock DVA / Past Seven Days / Mark My Words. June 30 1981 Put back from the previous month, this was a great evening for local bands, and The Comsat Angels were riding a wave of critical acclaim and just weeks away from releasing their stunning second album […]

More tickets

Stefan Boberek has sent a great batch of tickets, all now on the site