RIP Ian Squires aka “Tiny”

SMA are sorry hear of the death of Tiny, as we knew him. He stepped in to sing backing vocals with Dig Vis Drill on a promo video and they played 5 dates in 88/89, performing to backing tapes. Sad that we also lost Glenroy (aka Squid) many years ago.

RIP Richard H Kirk

SMA are deeply saddened to hear the following news It is with great sadness that we confirm our great and dear friend, Richard H. Kirk has passed away. Richard was a towering creative genius who led a singular and driven path throughout his life and musical career. We will miss him so much. We ask that his family […]


We’ve now exceeded 10.000 gigs – please keep them coming!

Studio on Charles Steet?

I’m trying to find some information about “Sound Recording Studios”, formerly at unit 19, Trades Hall, Charles Street. I’ve found an old tape recorded by a local musician there in 1966. Does anyone have any memories?

George IV listings

Thanks to Sharon Lee, we’ve now got 304 gigs from the George iV (aka Blitz) but more entries for any original music Sheffield gigs always wanted…

9000 up!

Thanks to a list of improv gigs from Mick Beck and several others, we’ve now passed 9000 gig entries. Keep ’em coming please….

List of Sheffield bands?

Nearly 9000 gigs on the database! But. almost nobody has yet sent us anything for the list of Sheffield (originals) bands – please help add to the list, but send info in a format / order to match what’s already there please. Name the band in the photo 😉

Florian Schneider RIP

So sad to see the passing of Florian Schneider, a true giant of modern music. Kraftwerk played Sheffield four times… 09/10/1976 University 21/05/1981 City Hall 16/07/1991 City Hall 15/06/2017 City Hall

Record shops on the site

Our thanks to Steve Ward who sent us a few more Sheffield record shop sleeves. Do get in touch before you send us covers, because Simon has (literally) hundreds and we are working to add his collection to the site. Needless to say once we’ve done that if you find any more he doesn’t have, […]

7000 up!

Largely thanks to the efforts of Pat Hancock, we’ve now passed the 7000 gig mark, undoubtedly many more to come….