All Stars '63

This one is a bit of a mystery. Mike Finch asks if we know who was on the bill but the answer is no! There was an All Stars 63 tour in the UK in April / May promoted by Stigwood (better know today perhaps as The Bee Gees manager) which had John Leyton and Mike Sarne headline, and these sort of multi artist bills were very popular (a dozen or so names appeared with Leyton).

Anyway, do let us know if this one rings a bell and you recall going (just to cheer you up we would note this will be 50 years ago come next November!). The Gaumont was primarily a huge cinema, opposite the City Hall (see photo, below what was John Lewis RIP), but had a big stage and featured a lot of pop shows (The Rolling Stones played here just weeks before this date for example). Note the ticket price which was about half what you would have paid for the front stalls! Thanks to Mike for sending us the scan.