Freddie & The Dreamers

Not a band many would rate compared to other Sixties acts, Freddie & the Dreamers relied on a certain amount of daft dance routines to give them a USP which inevitably leaves them open to a certain amount of ridicule today (their set on Blue Peter is regularly aired and spoofed). Freddie & the Dreamers had only formed the previous year but were already enjoying their third top five hit as this tour began, one of the many pop package tours of the 1960s, with Dusty Springfield, Brian Poole & the Tremeloes, The Searchers, local lad Dave Berry & the Cruisers and Susan Singer.

So really all five of the supports enjoy more acclaim today! [Susan Singer later performed as Susan Holliday, but never had any huge success despite over a dozen singles]. They were doing two shows nightly as was normal on these tours, with support acts only able to perform two or three numbers. There was probably a compare as well. This ticket is for the 8.40pm second show and cost 10/6d which is a lot for the time, we often paid less than that in the early 1970s for rock shows.

If you were there do let us know!