Magazine are (were) back!

Secondhand Daylight was Magazine’s second studio album issued in March 1979 and Howard Devoto’s band once again included Sheffield on the accompanying British tour (we posted the 1978 tour flyer a bit back). This A4 flyer was printed by Virgin Records to publicise the album, single and on the reverse side the band’s April dates – amazingly with support from Simple Minds.  These flyers were stacked up on record shop counters, I know we used to grab piles of them for using as notepaper!

Magazine’s brittle music was unlikely to ever break through into the mainstream pop scene, so once more they chose The Top Rank, third night in.  Look at the ticket prices as well, £1.95 (or £1.65 if you booked ahead).  You couldn’t pay the tram fare into town for that today.  Me, I loved this album, though it was reviewed with some suspicion by the music press who thought it veered towards rock too much!

Yet the band were deemed popular enough in some towns to play bigger halls, choosing the massive Empire in Liverpool this time round for example, though whether they sold it out seems unlikely.  It might just be there was nothing else available to suit the date. Young children should note that you had to post off for tickets or go to the box office, none of your fancy pants interweb in those days.  Frustratingly I cannot yet find my ticket, but I think this was the tour I saw them on.  It is nice to see all these old venue names again too, I went to seven of those on the list here at one time or another.