RIP Ian Squires aka “Tiny”

SMA are sorry hear of the death of Tiny, as we knew him. He stepped in to sing backing vocals with Dig Vis Drill on a promo video and they played 5 dates in 88/89, performing to backing tapes. Sad that we also lost Glenroy (aka Squid) many years ago.

HELEN says:

Wow ! What fantastic footage , so nice to see Glenroy , he has been gone so long , God bless him RIP ..
Tiny – The wonderful , beautiful soul that is Tiny ( Ian Squires ) So very sad on hearing that TINY has passed away as are so many people , meeting Tiny , You wouldn’t forget him he brought with him such a brightness a lust for Life and infectious energy , people use the phrase one in a million , well Tiny was more than that ! I am blessed that had Tiny in and out of my life for 40 years and when ever I think of him a light shines within , thank you Tiny RIP my loved friend . I will now go and Play lust for life as loud as my speakers allow and think of you always .