Rony Robinson steps down

It’s easy to overlook the importance of local media in an active regional music scene. Martin Lilleker at the Star/Telegraph and Jane Kitson (Radio Sheffield) are both sadly lost to us, but were pillars of support for local bands.

Another “old timer” is Rony Robinson, stepping down from his job as Radio Sheffield daytime presenter after an uninterrupted run since 1984. During that time he’s given exposure to a wide range of local artists and musicians. He attended King Edward VII School and won a scholarship to Keble College, Oxford, where he studied history. He published his first novel in 1971 and has many more to his name.

Twice resident playwright at The Crucible Theatre, he has had over a hundred plays produced all over the country. He also writes children’s poetry and plays and writes songs for the autoharp. In 1999 he received an honorary doctorate from Sheffield Hallam University. Most important of all, he’s a Bladesman! His parting words – “I’m closing my fader. I didn’t expect to get away with it for 40 years.”

SMA’s Nick featured many times on his show over the years and says “Rony is a charming and much-respected local hero – his shows were always engaging and light years away from some of the anodyne, self-congratulatory tosh that often crops up on local radio.”

We wish him well in his retirement.