Stereo trends

Dave Heron has emailed us about two more record shops not on our A-Z archive list. They were run under the name Stereo Trends, and he remembers buying albums from them in the 1970s. They had two shops, one in Hillsborough and a second in Firth Park. I have added them to our Sheffield shops listing page.

The problem for us is that in the Seventies, we both lived in Nether Edge where there were no record shops, so would normally just go straight into town for our vinyl fix.  I only got to know Hillsborough in any detail when we moved there to live in the early 1980s, and to be honest have only got to know Firth Park a bit this last decade as a result of numerous trips to the Northern General (there’s a great little cafe at the top of the park which we found a nice place to unwind).

So if anyone can shed any light on Stereo Sounds, has a shop bag, photo or any other memorabilia do get in touch.  Simon (below. Hillsborough corner in the 1970s)