Straight in at number 5, Grange Grammar School for Girls

From Other Lands – The Choir and Orchestra of Grange Grammar School for Girls
Highway Records HWE 201 EP

Steve Ward came across this EP in a charity shop and shared it with SMA. I’d never heard of it, even though I attended the nearby Abbeydale Boys Grammar school for a year before we went “co-ed” and became Grange Grammar School. Looking at the chosen songs and the icon on the sleeves, this seems to be a religious offering of some kind, but it’s interesting to know who funded it and where it was made. Interestingly (or not!) I remember Cliff Richard visited Abbeydale Grange in the early 70s to sing about his faith, much to the disgust of us prog & hard rock fans!

From the sleeve notes: Recorded at the School Prize July 1966, in the City Hall Sheffield. Director of Music: Jacqueline A. Williams

1 Kum Bal Va
2 Waltzing Matilda
1 Morning in Tyrol
2 Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory

Grange Grammar School has about 560 pupils ranging in age from 11 to 18. Music iii all its forms is strongly encouraged in the school and most of the girls take an active part and an enthusiastic delight in music making. The whole school performs on the annual Prize Day. The orchestra was formed seven years ago when instrumental teaching was started in the school and it now comprises about 80 players. At first instrumental playing in the school was voluntary, but now all girls have to play at least one musical instrument, and many of them play several. The musical life of Grange is lively and varied, and this is reflected in the pieces on this record.

According to Discogs, Highway Records released another EP in the same year, the Sheffield Youth Squash Choir ‎– Somebody’s Knockin’ (AW 301), featuring

Conductor – Jacqueline Williams, Mezzo-soprano Vocals – Patricia Wild, Organ – John Jackson, Piano – Ronald Sherwood, Soprano Vocals – Margaret Higgins