Like loads of others my first exposure to The Sugarcubes was on the John Peel show one evening, when their first single on One Little Indian was released. I was straight down the record shop! I have most of those superbly packaged early singles still, and was happy to be able to buy tickets for their show at the Lower Refectory concert in May 1988 34 years ago today (it’s strange how the mind plays tricks, I thought it was The Leadmill, but the ticket shows otherwise!). Hearing Bjork live for the first time was an unforgettable experience. It was for me a short lived fascination as the group drifted with their second album and lost that unique edge when Bjork had to play second fiddle to other vocalists. It was not a surprise when they split after a last tour in 1992. Bjork’s solo career needs little mention here but musically it never connected, though clearly I am in a very small minority. But Birthday and those other early records will remain favourites. I did take a camera along with me, I must get some more of them scanned up. Here is one which I printed up at the time (in a proper old school darkroom and everything!).