The Apex Jazz Band

A lot of Sheffield people will remember the fun and games which accompanied the annual University Rag Week. Sadly the event became mired in controversy in the 1990s and the Rag parade is now a distant memory. Never mind what the woke generation would make of the dubious taste of the Rag magazine’s contents at times. But there is no doubt that it helped students and residents get along with one another, and this great cutting Simon just found shows one of the musical events of the 1954 Rag week.

The question is who were The Apex Jazz Band and where are they now? They were taking part in a concert at the City Hall for Rag week, along with two other outfits, Mick Mulligans Band, and the Mick Gill Band. One assumes they were all students at the University in 1954 so probably only here for a couple of years but drop us a note if they ring a bell with you. SR.

[Simon has to declare an interest as he designed and printed the colour leaflets for rag week for a couple of years in the 1980s]