The Confident Tricksters

Thinking about the news that The Leadmill may have to close, I thought that I’d email you to tell you about my band The Confident Tricksters (Doncaster/Sheffield band).  They say it’s an unusual hybrid!

I have many fond memories of The Confident Tricksters playing at the Leadmill particularly in the 80s.  We played quite a few Dolebusters gigs around 1986 with bands like The Bland.  I remember Henry Normal introducing us to the crowd.  The Confident Tricksters mostly played supports between 1987 and 1992 or so although we did headline once around the time of our album Shipwrecked Again.

We also played the night of the Hillsborough disaster because I remember a guy from a fanzine called Tongue In Cheek was going to review us but having gone to the football in the afternoon was too upset to attend the gig.  Believe it or not The Confident Tricksters are still going and will be celebrating our 40th anniversary next year (1st gig was Oct 1983).  We are still gigging! I hope you enjoyed some of my memories.

Richard Farthing (The Confident Tricksters)