Yes in Sheffield

The band Yes are still going, despite the loss of the only surviving founder member Chris Squire. They played in Sheffield three times in 1969, 24 February, 12 September 1969 and 21 December – part of the 200 gigs they performed that year. Amazingly, recordings exist of two of these gigs, one listed as the “Kingston Hotel”, but I suspect both are at the Penthouse. I doubt the photo is from there, but you never know. Tickets exist for Friday 24th April 1970 but Yes did not play at this show – guitarist Peter Banks had been fired after the previous Saturday show (18th April 1970) at Luton Technical College. This was the first show after the Luton gig and the band had no guitarist. The band would cancel 2 more shows in Deusseldorf and Yeovil before Steve Howe joined the band for their gig in Torquay on 8th July 1970. (thanks Mark Watterson)

Have a listen to the tracks on youtube, they display an astonishing maturity and musical technique, oh to have been there…/