Defective Turtles

Some more posters from Marek’s collection…

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  1. I played a gig with the DTs in 1980, a few days after the ?May 23rd? Leadmill opening weekend, I think. The DT’s had wanted to borrow an amp or two, then my drum-kit and then, on the afternoon of the gig, me! 4 bars of everything and ten I followed. I remember being told ‘this one has stops – I’ll [email protected] Then he started playing and nodded throughout! Sorry, I do not know who ‘he’ was. Indeed I am not sure we were ever even introduced! Prof

  2. Hi Prof. I was the lead singer with Def Turtles back then. I have vague memories of that gig. Might have been at The Saddle? Were you with Earth Tales at the time? Not sure if I thanked you for stepping in on drums for us. So 38 years later Thank You!

  3. Hi Robert,

    I am so glad someone else remembers it! Mad Myke (E.T. Bassist) would have been there, I think, but he died in 2010.

    Yes, it was the Saddle (I remember being particularly grumpy because my drum stool had got left at the Leadmill and I had to do the gig perched on the edge of the bench seat!), yes I was in Earth Tales, and I still am! You can catch us at the Harlequin on 21st Sept 2018 and twice a year thereafter! I also play (for only 23 years) with Rockett 88 and (for a mere 10 years or so) with Band with no name.

    Do introduce yourself if you come to see us.

    Best wishes,


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