Looking Back [5] The Fall — 1 Comment

  1. Tickets for this gig by The Fall and the other free gigs subsidised by SYCC during September 1981, could be obtained from a temporary ticket booth (Portakabin). From memory this was situated on Pond Street in front of the Polytechnic. I sat in there on at least one occasion supplying tickets (maximum of 4?) to anyone who presented a UB40 unemployment benefit form. I’d been hanging around at promoter and Sheffield scenester Marcus Featherby’s flat in summer 1981, making the odd gig poster for him, and it was through that connection that I found myself in the ticket hut. I believe the Council had taken the initiative to provide what were some pretty cool free gigs in the hope the city would be spared any unrest or rioting similar to that in Toxteth and Brixton earlier in the year.

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