Magazine hit town

Sheffield was generally well placed as a city to host bands big and small, with venues to suit most needs. I think this is worth noting as it did mean that upcoming musicians could get to see a lot of visiting artists. Magazine’s first album Real Life on Virgin Records saw the group embark on a full British tour which came to Sheffield’s Top Rank on July 9th. This A4 promotional flyer had an advert for the post-Punk album on one side plus all the dates for the 1978 UK tour on the reverse.  The Top Rank was a busy venue in the pre and post-Punk era as it was bigger than the small clubs like The Limit, but could accommodate groups who were not yet big enough for the City Hall.  The group also played up the road at Doncaster’s locally famous Outlook Club, a real Punk hotspot.  We don’t know if Magazine had played Sheffield prior to this as a one nighter, so let us know if you saw them hit town before this tour.  The “Northern Powerhouse” leg of the tour also included The Russell Club in Manchester (a popular venue but in a dodgy part of town!) and Liverpool’s famous Erics Club.  It was then off down south…

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