Record shops on the site

Our thanks to Steve Ward who sent us a few more Sheffield record shop sleeves. Do get in touch before you send us covers, because Simon has (literally) hundreds and we are working to add his collection to the site. Needless to say once we’ve done that if you find any more he doesn’t have, then he’ll bite your arm off!

Some of you may have seen the display Simon put up on The Moor a couple of years ago, we will let him fill you in: “While the council were jerking off trying to decide what to do with The Moor (!) many of the shops were left empty so they allowed people to suggest displays to brighten them up. I did a display of local record shop sleeves. There was no funding for this (or rather there was, but none of it filtered down to me!), but it was great fun to do, and to listen to comments from folk as they stopped to look at the window. To me this sort of local history should be given more opportunity in the city as it directly relates to people’s own lives.” Here’s a photo of the display while he was still working on it.


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