RIP Stratman — 4 Comments

  1. Yes a great loss and I was lucky enough to have worked with John for a number of years and we built some amazing bass guitars together I will miss him but not his jokes

  2. This is a genius who will be sorely missed for his taste and skill in the music world and his hatred of computers

  3. i have a tele made by John,and he mended amps for me that no one else could.a genuine gentleman,will be sorely missed by all who knew him,always left him with a big smile on my face.he will be telling Hendrix bad jokes…

    • Hiya dave, I’m the geezer that relieved you if the Telecaster built by John Morrell. Cheers! I absolutely treasure this guitar and play it regularly. Hope your getting along with the nicely with the Epiphone Dot that we traded. I can confirm that John Morrell was a beast at building guitars and although I never met the bloke I still feel privileged to be able to play a guitar hand built by the fella himself.

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