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Sheffield Royal Hospital CentenarAdd support act26/09/1932
Yehudi MenuhinAdd support act08/12/1932
Eva Turner & HubermanAdd support act30/01/1933
Sir Henry Coward with Sheffield MAdd support act23/03/1933
Oswald Mosley's British Union of Add support act28/06/1934
MessiahSheffield Dramatic Choral Society01/04/1935
MessiahSheffield Dramatic Choral Society02/04/1935
MessiahSheffield Dramatic Choral Society03/04/1935
MessiahSheffield Dramatic Choral Society04/04/1935
MessiahSheffield Dramatic Choral Society05/04/1935
MessiahSheffield Dramatic Choral Society06/04/1935
Richard Tauber and Simon Barer "FAdd support act21/10/1935
Sheffield Subscription Concert noAdd support act20/11/1936
King SaulSheffield Dramatic Choral Society02/02/1937
King SaulSheffield Dramatic Choral Society03/02/1937
King SaulSheffield Dramatic Choral Society04/02/1937
King SaulSheffield Dramatic Choral Society05/02/1937
King SaulSheffield Dramatic Choral Society06/02/1937
Starlets of SteelopolisAdd support act12/11/1938
Starlets of SteelopolisAdd support act14/11/1938
Starlets of SteelopolisAdd support act15/11/1938
Starlets of SteelopolisAdd support act16/11/1938
LuftwaffeAdd support act12/12/1939
LuftwaffeAdd support act15/12/1939
Sir Bernard ParesRussia Now!12/03/1942
ITMAAdd support act29/05/1943
Wings for Victory ExhibitionOpened by Wing Commander Guy Gibson VC29/05/1943
Halle OrchestraAdd support act13/08/1943
Halle OrchestraAdd support act24/07/1944
Liverpool Philharmonic OrchestraAdd support act05/02/1945
Sheffield Philharmonic - First evAdd support act22/04/1945
Joe Loss OrchestraAdd support act08/05/1945
Hal Baker & his BandV.E. Day Dance08/05/1945
Big V ShowJack Payne and his orchestra12/05/1945
All Star RAF Swing Flight Pearl Carr / Sammy Rex / Herman Rix / Jack Moir / Ronald Chesney / Michael Howard / Alex Munro19/05/1945
Pageant of VictoryL du Garde Peach23/05/1945
Pageant of VictoryL du Garde Peach24/05/1945
Pageant of VictoryL du Garde Peach25/05/1945
Pageant of VictoryL du Garde Peach26/05/1945
Pageant of VictoryL du Garde Peach27/05/1945
Pageant of VictoryL du Garde Peach28/05/1945
Sheffield Conservative and UnioniAdd support act29/05/1945
North Britain Dance Band ChampionAdd support act30/09/1945
Harry FieldingAdd support act31/10/1945
Harold FieldingAdd support act31/10/1945
Halle OrchestraAdd support act12/04/1946
Richard TauberAdd support act04/05/1946
Sheffield Philharmonic Symphony OConcert ina aid of the Portland Training College for the Disabled08/12/1946
International Subscription CelebrAdd support act07/01/1947
Polands Opera StarsAdd support act24/10/1947
Birmingham Symphony OrchestraAdd support act17/09/1948
Concert by Halle Orchestra conducAdd support act23/10/1948
Yorkshire Philatelic ConventionAdd support act23/10/1948
Halla Orchestra (Barbirolli)Add support act29/10/1948
Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra Add support act06/11/1948
L Du Garde Peach - Pageant of ProAdd support act29/11/1948
Novelty Concert by Halle OrchestrAdd support act10/12/1948
Liverpool Philharmonic Alfredo CaAdd support act19/03/1949
Halle OrchestraAdd support act03/12/1949
Boyd Neel OrchestraAdd support act10/10/1950
Josh WhiteAdd support act23/02/1951
Winston Churchill receiving the FAdd support act16/04/1951
Humphrey LytteltonAdd support act10/11/1951
Humphrey LyttletonAdd support act29/03/1952
A public meetingMoral Rer-armament30/03/1952
Gracie FieldsAdd support act19/11/1952
Varieties on ParadeLilian Fenn / Gwen Wilkin / Larry Day / Iris Wilkin Fenn26/12/1952
Maurice ChevalierAdd support act20/01/1953
Sarah VaughanAdd support act14/02/1953
Halle OrchestraAdd support act18/04/1953
Send Her Victorious Salute of YouAdd support act20/04/1953
Jack Parnelland his Music Makers09/01/1954
Ken Macintoshhis saxophone and his orchestra16/01/1954
Teddy Fosterand his orchestra20/01/1954
Vic Lewis and his OrchestraAdd support act23/01/1954
Sid Phillipsand his band30/01/1954
Ted Heathand his music05/02/1954
Nat King Cole / Johnny Dankworth Add support act05/04/1954
Johnnie RayAdd support act19/04/1954
Yma SumacAdd support act30/04/1954
Mantovani & His New Orchestra Add support act07/05/1954
Guy Mitchell with Ronnie Scott & Add support act12/05/1954
Gracie FieldsAdd support act19/05/1954
Eric Delaneyand his band23/04/1955
Humphrey LytteltonAdd support act25/02/1956
Lonnie DonneganAdd support act15/03/1956
Slim WhitmanAdd support act10/04/1956
Danny KayeAdd support act11/05/1956
Special Helana PresentationAdd support act19/05/1956
Louis ArmstrongAdd support act21/05/1956
Jerry Lee LewisThe Treniers / The Hedley Ward Trio11/06/1956
LiberaceAdd support act11/10/1956
Lionel Hampton and His OrchestraAdd support act05/11/1956
Lionel Hampton and His OrchestraAdd support act15/11/1956
Jazz UnlimitedAdd support act23/11/1956
Johnny RayAdd support act27/11/1956
Humphrey LytteltonAdd support act15/12/1956
Halle OrchestraAdd support act22/12/1956
Pat BooneAdd support act29/12/1956
Eddie CondonAdd support act26/01/1957
Guy MitchellAdd support act13/02/1957
Jazz ConcertAdd support act23/02/1957
PlattersKay Cavendish / Vic Lewis & his Orchestra14/03/1957
Geroge Lewis with Ken Colyer's BaAdd support act13/04/1957
Slim WhitmanChas McDevitt Skiffle Group / Terry Lightfoot & His Jazzmen04/05/1957
Frankie Lymon & the TeenagersAdd support act17/05/1957
Frankie LaineAdd support act28/05/1957
Freddie Bell & BellboysAdd support act05/06/1957
Russ HamiltonAdd support act21/09/1957
Sister Rosetta TharpeChris Barber's Jazz Band30/11/1957
Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Chris BAdd support act30/11/1957
Terry DeneAdd support act28/12/1957
6-5 Special Stage ShowAdam Faith / Pete Murray / John Barry15/01/1958
Chris Barbers Jazz BandAdd support act22/02/1958
Buddy Holly CricketsGary Miller / The Montanas / Des O'Connor04/03/1958
Paul AnkaAdd support act05/03/1958
Johnny RayAdd support act14/04/1958
Jerry Lee LewisThe Treniers11/06/1958
Tommy SteeleAdd support act25/06/1958
Kalin TwinsEddie Calvert / Cliff Richard & The Drifters / Tony Marsh / The Londonairs / The Most Brothers15/10/1958
Dutch Swing CollegeAcker Bilk's Paramount Jazz Band08/11/1958
George Lewis New Orleans Jazz BanAdd support act27/01/1959
Marty WildeRuss Conway / Cuddly Dudley / Johnson Sisters / Colin & Christine Campbell24/03/1959
Louis ArmstrongAdd support act26/03/1959
Ken Colyer's JazzmenAcker Bilk / terry Lightfoot11/04/1959
Cliff Richard & DriftersThe Five Dallas Boys / Des O'Connor / Ray Alan & Steve Jean & Peter Barbour / Tommy Wallis & Beryl Kay & Kimberley22/04/1959
Toni DalliMarini Marino Quartet10/05/1959
The WeaversAdd support act26/07/1959
Frankie VaughanLorne Lesley / Fram Weir Orchestra29/08/1959
Newport Jazz FestivalDave Brubeck Quartet / Dizziy Gillespie Quintet / Buck Clayton All-Stars / Vic Ash Quintet01/10/1959
Cliff RichardAdd support act10/10/1959
Kid Ory & His Creole JazzbandTerry Lightfoot & His New Orleans Jazz Band21/10/1959
Craig DouglasThe Mudlarks / Bert Weedon / Bill Forbes / Lord Rockingham's 2nd XI21/11/1959
PlattersCuddly Dudley / Carl Barriteau & His Band13/01/1960
Adam FaithEmile Ford / John Barry Seven / The Avons / Mike Preston / The Checkmates06/02/1960
Everly BrothersThe Crickets (backing the Everly Brothers) / Five Dallas Boys / Cherry Wainer & Don Storer / Lance Fortune / Danny Hunter / Flee-Rekkers / Freddy Lloyd Five16/04/1960
Conway TwittyFreddy Cannon / Johnny Preston / Wee Willie Harris / Chris Wayne & The Echoes27/05/1960
Jimmy JonesMark Wynter / Michael Cox & The Hunters / Brook Brothers / Dean Rogers & The Marauders / Janet Richmond / Kenny Lynch / Johnny Wiltshire & The Trebletones19/10/1960
Carmen McRaeAdd support act26/10/1960
Walter Goehr (Died at the City HaAdd support act04/12/1960
Alfredo Campoli - Halle OrchestraAdd support act17/02/1961
BBC Concert Orchestra Vilem TauskAdd support act18/02/1961
Ella FitzgeraldAdd support act16/03/1961
Tito GobbiMarguerite Macintyre21/03/1961
Allisons and Mike PrestonRonnie Carroll11/04/1961
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGheeTerry Lightfoot / Bob Wallis23/09/1961
Modern Jazz QuartetAdd support act27/09/1961
Halle Orchestra Herman LindarsAdd support act17/11/1961
Billy FuryEden Kane / Karl Denver Trio / Allisons23/11/1961
Dave Brubeck QuartetAdd support act28/11/1961
Helen ShapiroThe Brook Brothers / The Four Jays / /Red Price Band / The Dale Sisters / Colin Day19/01/1962
Cliff RichardThe Shadows / Dallas Boys / Patti Brooks / The Trebletones / The Two Tones15/02/1962
Ella FitzgeraldRoy Eldridge Quintet02/03/1962
Brenda Lee / Gene VincentRory Blackwell & His Blackjacks / Nero & The Gladiators / Sounds Incorporated09/03/1962
Count BasieAdd support act02/04/1962
Brenda Lee / Gene VincentSounds Incorporated09/04/1962
Jerry Lee LewisJohnny Kidd & The Pirates / The Viscounts / Mark Eden / Vince Eager / The Bachelors / The Echoes09/05/1962
Adam FaithChubby Checker / Brook Brothers / Kestrels / Susan Singer / Chas McDevitt & Shirley Douglas / Gary Edwards Combo / Red Price & His Orchestra19/05/1962
Acker BilkAdd support act28/06/1962
Del ShannonFreddy Cannon / Buzz Clifford / Joe Brown / Suzy Cope / The Allisons / Peppi & The New York Twisters / Wallace & Duval / John Barry Seven03/10/1962
Everly BrothersKetty Lester / Frank Ifield / Dean Rogers / The Vernons Girls / The Terry Young Five / Chet Atkins / Norman Collier (compere)17/10/1962
Little RichardSam Cooke / Jet Harris & The Jetblacks / Breakaways / Sounds Incorporated23/10/1962
American Negro Blues Festival (!)Lightning Hopkins / Howlin' Wolf / Sunnyland Slim / Hubert Sumlin / Willie Dixon01/11/1962
Bobby VeeThe Crickets / Ronnie Carroll / Russ Sainty & The Nu-Notes / Frank Kelly & The Hunters / Johnny de Little03/11/1962
B Bumble & StingersTornados / Joe Brown & His Bruvvers / Johnny Kidd & The Pirates / Vince Eager / Chris Wayne & The Echoes / Bobby Shafto13/11/1962
Dave Brubeck QuartetRonnie Scott Quartet21/11/1962
Cliff RichardThe Shadows / Jackie Trent / The Breakaways / Alan Randall / The Trebletones01/12/1962
Duke EllingtonAdd support act15/01/1963
Kenny Ball's JazzmenAdd support act21/02/1963
Helen ShapiroBeatles / Danny Williams / Kenny Lynch02/03/1963
Rolling StonesVance Arnold & The Avengers13/03/1963
The BeatlesAdd support act16/03/1963
Tommy RoeAdd support act16/03/1963
Chris MontezTommy Roe16/03/1963
Brenda LeeMike Berry & The Outlaws / Sounds Incorporated / The Batchelors18/03/1963
Shirley BasseyMatt Monro30/03/1963
Gene VincentThe Jokers07/05/1963
Jerry Lee LewisGene Vincent / Heinz Burt / The Outlaws / Mickie Most / The Saints07/05/1963
Roy Orbison and The BeatlesGerry and The Pacemakers / Louise Cordet / The Terry Young Five25/05/1963
Sarah Vaughan and Count BasieAdd support act11/09/1963
Dave Berry and the CruisersKaren Young and the Cadillacs / The Debonairs / Vance Arnold and the Avengers16/09/1963
The SearchersAdd support act21/09/1963
Roy OrbisonFreddie and the Dreamers / Brian Poole and the Tremeloes / The Searchers21/09/1963
Gerry & the PacemakersAdd support act19/10/1963
Del ShannonAdd support act19/10/1963
Erroll GarnerAdd support act30/10/1963
The BeatlesPeter Jay & The Jaywalkers / Brook Brothers / Kestrels / Frank Berry / Vernons Girls02/11/1963
Rolling StonesThe Big Three / Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders13/11/1963
The SearchersAdd support act16/11/1963
Duane EddyThe Flintstones20/11/1963
Gene VincentThe Outlaws20/11/1963
Billy J Kramer and the DakotasFourmost / Tommy Quickly / Johnny Kidd & The Pirates / Caravelles30/11/1963
Freddie & The DreamersDusty Springfield / Dave Berry18/02/1964
Billy J Kramer and the DakotasGene Pitney / Cilla Black / Swinging Blue Jeans / Escorts03/03/1964
Bobby VeeThe Searchers07/03/1964
Ella FitzgeraldAdd support act26/03/1964
Dave Clark FiveKinks / Hollies / Mojos / Mark Wynter / Trebletones04/04/1964
Cliff RichardAdd support act14/04/1964
Adam FaithAdd support act27/04/1964
American Folk Blues Gospel CaravaAdd support act06/05/1964
Freddie & The DreamersAdd support act07/05/1964
Roy OrbisonTony Sheridan / Ezz Reco and The Launchers / Dave Berry / Federals / The Three Quarters08/05/1964
Chuck BerryThe Swinging Blue Jeans / The Animals / King Size Taylor And The Dominoes / Carl Perkins / The Other Two14/05/1964
Carl PerkinsThe Nashville Teens14/05/1964
The AnimalsAdd support act14/05/1964
Rolling StonesOverlanders / Peter & Gordon / Duke D'Mond29/05/1964
Ray CharlesAdd support act16/07/1964
Billy J Kramer and the DakotasYardbirds / Ronettes / Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers / Tim O'Connor/ Bill Black Combo03/10/1964
Bill Haley and CometsThe Comets07/10/1964
Freddie & The DreamersThe Hollies09/10/1964
The SearchersDionne Warwick17/10/1964
Carl PerkinsThe Quotations05/11/1964
The AnimalsCartl Perkins / Nashville Teens / Tommy Tucker / Elkie Brooks05/11/1964
The BeatlesThe Rustiks / Michael Haslam / Sounds Incorporated / Mary Wells / The Remo Four / Tommy Quickly09/11/1964
Gerry & the PacemakersGene Pitney / Marianne Faithful / Kinks14/11/1964
Dusty SpringfieldBrian Polle & the Tremelos28/11/1964
Brenda Lee ShowAdd support act01/12/1964
Cilla BlackPJ Proby / Tom Jones & The Squires / Tommy Roe / The Fourmost / Mike Cotton Sound / Tommy Quickly / The Remo Four / Sounds Incorporated 19/02/1965
Del ShannonWayne Fontana & The Mindbenders / Herman's Hermits / Just Four Men / Jerry Stevens / Dodie West / The Soul Savages / The Dollies / Zephyrs 27/02/1965
The AnimalsPretty Things / Screaming Lord Sutch / Manfred Mann "Big Beat Nite Out"08/03/1965
Manfred MannThe Animals / The Pretty Things / Screaming Lord Sutch / Sean Buckley & The Breadcrumbs / Dodie West08/03/1965
Rolling StonesThe Hollies / Dave Berry / The Checkmates / Goldie and the Gingerbreads11/03/1965
The Tamla Motown ShowThe Supremes / Martha And The Vandellas / Stevie Wonder / Smokie Robinson And The Miracles / Earl Van Dyke Six / Tony Marsh / Georgie Fame And The Blue Flames08/04/1965
Bob DylanAdd support act30/04/1965
Peter, Paul and MaryAdd support act29/09/1965
Joan BaezCND Benefit12/10/1965
Hermans HermitsWayne Fontana / Fortunes / Billy Fury / Little Frankie / Gamblers / Country Gents/ Ray Cameron19/11/1965
P J Proby The Searchers / The Action19/03/1966
The Small FacesHollies / Paul Jones / Nashville Teens05/11/1966
The HolliesThe Small Faces05/11/1966
Four TopsMerseys / Madeline Bell / Remo 4 / Johnny Watson Band02/02/1967
The DriftersThe Pitiful Souls / The Trends / The Alan Bown Set - "Hand off the Mojo" concert23/06/1967
The WhoThe Herd / Marmalade / The Tremeloes28/10/1967
Jimi HendrixPink Floyd / Amen Corner / The Move / The Nice17/11/1967
Julie FelixThe Kinfolk / Pete Smith / Jacqueline and Bridie10/12/1967
The DublinersAdd support act29/03/1968
Bee GeesDave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich06/04/1968
HoneybusAdd support act17/05/1968
Esther & Abi OfarimAdd support act04/06/1968
Tyrannosaurus RexThe Liverpool Scene17/06/1968
Esther and Abi OfarimAdd support act04/07/1968
Incredible String BandAdd support act09/10/1968
Crazy World of Arthur BrownThe Conways / The Jigsaw (Bitter Suite)12/10/1968
John MayallAdd support act09/11/1968
Beach BoysBarry Ryan / Bruce Chanel / Vanity Fayre / Eclection / Sharon Tandy & Fleur de Lys / The Majority04/12/1968
Deep PurpleAdd support act07/02/1969
Gene PitneyThe Marmalade / Joe Cocker And The Grease Band / The Iveys01/03/1969
Stevie WonderMartha and the Vandellas14/03/1969
Fleetwood MacAdd support act18/03/1969
Pink FloydAdd support act24/05/1969
Jethro TullSavoy Brown / Terry Reid15/10/1969
John Mayallno support07/11/1969
Delaney & Bonnie & FriendsAdd support act04/12/1969
Led ZeppelinAdd support act16/01/1970
NiceAdd support act29/01/1970
Booker T And MGsAdd support act25/02/1970
Pink FloydAdd support act09/03/1970
Fairport ConventionAdd support act13/03/1970
Gene PitneyClodagh Rodgers / Badfinger / Satisfaction / Johnny Hackett04/04/1970
Tony Williams LifetimeAdd support act11/04/1970
TasteIdle Race24/04/1970
John MayallDuster Bennett12/05/1970
Ten Years AfterAdd support act20/05/1970
Soft MachineAdd support act09/06/1970
Mungo JerryAdd support act18/07/1970
Mungo JerryAdd support act15/08/1970
Four TopsEdwin Starr23/08/1970
Manfred Mann Chapter IIIEast of Eden05/09/1970
Four TopsAdd support act19/09/1970
Jethro TullProcol Harum / Tir Na Nog23/09/1970
Canned HeatGroundhogs24/09/1970
Barclay James HarvestAdd support act28/09/1970
T RexAdd support act15/10/1970
Fairport ConventionRoger Ruskin Spear / Alan Taylor16/10/1970
ELPAdd support act27/10/1970
Familyno support24/11/1970
Pink FloydAdd support act22/12/1970
T RexAdd support act02/01/1971
Black SabbathFreedom / Curved Air14/01/1971
Stevie WonderMartha Reeves and The Vandellas23/01/1971
LindisfarneVan Der Graaf Generator27/01/1971
Van Der Graaf GeneratorLindisfarne / Genesis27/01/1971
Mott the HoopleWishbone Ash / Red Dirt29/01/1971
Deep PurpleAshton Gardner & Dyke06/02/1971
Jackson HeightsEvery Which Way / Audience25/02/1971
FreeAmazing Blondel26/02/1971
QuintessenceAdd support act06/03/1971
Incredible String BandKeith Christmas20/03/1971
ELPno support24/03/1971
Curved AirNick Pickett / Gary Moore Band10/04/1971
New SeekersAdd support act13/04/1971
Shirley BasseyAdd support act20/04/1971
CaravanBarclay James Harvest / Gringo24/04/1971
ByrdsRita Coolidge09/05/1971
T RexAdd support act17/05/1971
King CrimsonRoger Ruskin Spear29/05/1971
Edgar BroughtonPink Fairies11/06/1971
Rory GallagherJellybread12/06/1971
ByzantiumAdd support act12/06/1971
Curved AirChicken Shack / Marc Ellington16/06/1971
LindisfarneBell + Arc / Halfbreed17/06/1971
The GroundhogsAdd support act21/06/1971
Wishbone AshMogul Thrash / Stackridge22/06/1971
The WhoKeith Christmas03/07/1971
AudienceRennaissance / Gordon Giltrap31/07/1971
RenaissanceGordon Giltrap31/07/1971
If / Million19/08/1971
SteamhammerIf / Andy Fernbach19/08/1971
Sutherland BrothersAdd support act09/09/1971
Cat StevensMimi Farina & Tom Jans09/09/1971
Ten Years AfterSupertramp / Keith Christmas28/09/1971
John MayallEggs Over Easy30/09/1971
Eggs Over EasyAdd support act30/09/1971
Deep PurpleBullet05/10/1971
Mott the HooplePeace07/10/1971
Incredible String BandAdd support act09/10/1971
YesJonathan Swift13/10/1971
Terry ReidKeith Christmas15/10/1971
Canned HeatTerry Reid15/10/1971
Steeleye SpanAndy Roberts18/10/1971
King CrimsonKeith Christmas19/10/1971
T RexDJ Bob Harris23/10/1971
Buffy St. MarieLoudon Wainright 29/10/1971
Fairport ConventionAdd support act16/11/1971
Mungo JerryMarch Hare / Paul Brett's Saga / Bitter Suite22/11/1971
Alan BownAdd support act27/11/1971
The GroundhogsEgg / Quicksand29/11/1971
Soft MachineLoudon Wainwright III29/11/1971
ELPMike Chapman09/12/1971
Elton JohnEngland Dan & John Ford Coley17/12/1971
Frank Zappacancelled due to accident21/12/1971
East of EdenTroggs / Gravy Train29/12/1971
FreeAdd support act01/01/1972
Procol HarumAdd support act25/01/1972
FreeSutherland Brothers03/02/1972
NazarethAdd support act03/02/1972
Wishbone AshGlencoe10/02/1972
Pink FloydAdd support act12/02/1972
Roy HarperAdd support act16/02/1972
Black SabbathWild Turkey21/02/1972
Jethro TullTir Na Nog11/03/1972
Heads, Hand and FeetPatto / Claire Hamill17/03/1972
Rory GallagherByzantium23/03/1972
ByzantiumAdd support act23/03/1972
Mott the HoopleHackensack / Max Wall17/04/1972
Festival of Light Campaign The real Mary Whitehouse Experience24/04/1972
Gentle GiantAdd support act25/04/1972
Jimi Hendrix Plays Berkley filmGentle Giant25/04/1972
ELOColin Blunstone10/05/1972
SladeStatus Quo12/05/1972
Arthur Brown & Kingdom ComeAdd support act25/05/1972
David BowieAdd support act05/06/1972
David BowieJSD Band07/06/1972
Uriah HeepAdd support act13/06/1972
Edgar BroughtonAdd support act29/07/1972
ELOFusion Orchestra12/09/1972
StrayPretty Things25/09/1972
Deep PurpleGlencoe28/09/1972
Stone the CrowsTennant & Morrison30/09/1972
LindisfarneGenesis / Rab Noakes03/10/1972
Jackson HeightsMagna Carta14/10/1972
Steeleye SpanAmazing Blondel23/10/1972
Humble PieFrampton's Camel07/11/1972
SladeSuzi Quattro / Thin Lizzy09/11/1972
ELPJimmy Stevens25/11/1972
Rory GallagherAndy Andrews26/11/1972
Cat StevensAdd support act27/11/1972
Wishbone AshCurtiss Maldoon01/12/1972
King CrimsonKeith Christmas04/12/1972
HawkwindHelp Yourself05/12/1972
Blackfoot SueMedicine Head07/12/1972
CamelAdd support act14/12/1972
The GroundhogsGentle Giant / Stray15/12/1972
FacesVigrass & Osborne22/12/1972
GeordieAdd support act28/12/1972
Led Zeppelinno support02/01/1973
Uriah HeepMike Maran17/01/1973
HawkwindAdd support act20/01/1973
FocusHarvey Andrews22/01/1973
WizzardAdd support act23/01/1973
FamilyLinda Lewis01/02/1973
Al StewartBrinkley Schwarz08/02/1973
Rory GallagherGreenslade14/02/1973
GenesisString Driven Thing17/02/1973
Deep PurpleNazareth20/02/1973
Average White BandAdd support act24/02/1973
Elton JohnAdd support act09/03/1973
Kiki DeeLongdancer09/03/1973
Status QuoByzantium14/03/1973
ByzantiumAdd support act14/03/1973
King CrimsonClaire Hamill17/03/1973
GeordieAdd support act21/03/1973
The StrawbsAdd support act23/03/1973
Byzantium (unsure)Add support act23/03/1973
Roxy MusicSharks28/03/1973
Curved AirThe Wag's Band02/04/1973
Ten Years AfterSupertramp06/04/1973
Captain BeefheartBeckett12/04/1973
Average White BandAdd support act26/04/1973
Bert JanschAdd support act28/04/1973
FocusHarvey Andrews07/05/1973
Fleetwood MacAdd support act17/05/1973
EsperantoSha Na Na04/06/1973
David BowieBowie played 2 sets06/06/1973
Captain Beefheart & The Magic BanHenry Cow07/06/1973
SladeSensational Alex Harvey Band12/06/1973
Wishbone AshAverage White Band14/06/1973
Gary GlitterHellraisers29/06/1973
Paul McCartney and WingsBrinsley Schwarz04/07/1973
WingsAdd support act04/07/1973
Brinsley SchwarzAdd support act04/07/1973
ManDeke Leonard\'s Iceberg / John St Field30/07/1973
Henry CowGong (headliner Henry Cow pulled out)08/08/1973
FamilyPhillip Goodhand-Tait27/09/1973
Lou ReedPersuasions29/09/1973
Status QuoSavoy Brown03/10/1973
FaustGong (Henry Cow cancelled)08/10/1973
ManAdd support act15/10/1973
Deke Leonard's IcebergAdd support act15/10/1973
Wishbone AshHome16/10/1973
Roxy MusicLeo Sayer22/10/1973
GenesisAdd support act25/10/1973
NazarethHeavy Metal Kids27/10/1973
Incredible String BandAdd support act01/11/1973
Rory GallagherStrider26/11/1973
YesAdd support act27/11/1973
The GroundhogsJonesy30/11/1973
Rory GallagherStrider03/12/1973
Sensational Alex Harvey BandAdd support act12/12/1973
Elton JohnKiki Dee14/12/1973
BBAAdd support act22/01/1974
Beck, Bogart and AppiceUpp22/01/1974
T RexAdd support act24/01/1974
Electric Light Orchestra 20/02/1974
Mott The HoopleJudi Pulver25/03/1974
Incredible String BandAdd support act27/03/1974
Ten Years AfterStrife18/04/1974
The StrawbsAdd support act25/04/1974
GongHatfield & the North26/04/1974
Mick RonsonAdd support act29/04/1974
Heavy Metal KidsAdd support act01/05/1974
Deep PurpleElf06/05/1974
Sensational Alex Harvey BandAdd support act10/05/1974
GryphonAdd support act13/05/1974
TrafficAdd support act14/05/1974
NazarethHeavy Metal Kids16/05/1974
BudgieAdd support act17/05/1974
Kiki DeeAdd support act25/05/1974
Black SabbathBlack Oak Arkansas30/05/1974
Lou ReedDucks Deluxe01/06/1974
Henry CowCaptain Beefheart And The Magic Band07/06/1974
Brinsley Schwarz Dave Edmunds27/06/1974
Barclay James HarvestAdd support act28/06/1974
Charles AznavourAdd support act20/08/1974
GreensladeAdd support act14/09/1974
Leonard CohenAdd support act17/09/1974
Procol HarumAdd support act26/09/1974
Roxy MusicAdd support act03/10/1974
Wishbone AshAdd support act05/10/1974
Sensational Alex Harvey BandStrider09/10/1974
Uriah HeepFrampton's Camel23/10/1974
Tangerine DreamAdd support act29/10/1974
LindisfarneAdd support act31/10/1974
CamelAdd support act02/11/1974
Humble PieMcGuinness Flint07/11/1974
Rory GallagherAdd support act03/12/1974
Gentle GiantAdd support act05/12/1974
ClancyAdd support act10/12/1974
ArgentAdd support act10/12/1974
John Entwhistle's OxMr Big17/12/1974
Wishbone AshAdd support act20/01/1975
Supertramp Gallagher & Lyle / Chris De Burgh23/01/1975
Mahavishnu Orchestrano support30/01/1975
Dr FeelgoodChilli Willie & The Red Hot Peppers / Kokomo05/02/1975
Baker Gurvitz ArmyTea06/02/1975
Al StewartBrinsley Schwarz13/02/1975
ArrowsAdd support act04/03/1975
Suzi QuatroAdd support act04/03/1975
Ralph McTellAdd support act11/03/1975
Andy Fraser BandMike Heron's Reputation19/03/1975
Ian Hunter and Mick RonsonJet20/03/1975
JetAdd support act20/03/1975
Cockney RebelSailor03/04/1975
Creation RebelAdd support act03/04/1975
Glitter BandAdd support act15/04/1975
GongGlobal Village Trucking Company19/04/1975
The DriftersAdd support act22/04/1975
PilotAdd support act03/05/1975
Bay City RollersAdd support act05/05/1975
GreensladeRab Noakes09/05/1975
Sensational Alex Harvey BandSlack Alice13/05/1975
Dr FeelgoodAlberto Y Lost Trios Paranois (gig released on Stupidity album)23/05/1975
10ccAdd support act03/06/1975
Creation RebelAdd support act15/06/1975
ArrowsAdd support act17/09/1975
Tangerine DreamAdd support act09/10/1975
Baker Gurvitz ArmyAdd support act15/10/1975
Black SabbathBandy Legs16/10/1975
Leo SayerAdd support act17/10/1975
Dr FeelgoodAdd support act23/10/1975
SparksAdd support act30/10/1975
Lynyrd SkynyrdSutherland Brothers & Quiver31/10/1975
Uriah HeepWoody Woodmansey's U-Boat01/12/1975
SupertrampJoan Armatrading04/12/1975
CamelAdd support act16/12/1975
Gentle GiantAdd support act17/12/1975
Rory GallagherJackie Lynton's Grande19/12/1975
ELOAdd support act20/12/1975
SladeAdd support act20/01/1976
10ccAdd support act02/02/1976
Be-Bop DeluxeThe Doctors Of Madness05/02/1976
Creation RebelAdd support act24/02/1976
Cockney RebelAdd support act24/02/1976
Steve HarleyAdd support act24/02/1976
ManAdd support act22/03/1976
Steeleye SpanAdd support act23/03/1976
CamelHazzard & Barnes05/04/1976
Leo SayerAdd support act22/04/1976
PFMAdd support act24/04/1976
Rick WakemanAdd support act29/04/1976
Blaster BatesAdd support act30/04/1976
Gentle GiantSolution13/05/1976
Leonard CohenAdd support act14/05/1976
Elton JohnMurray Head18/05/1976
Nils LofgrenAdd support act20/05/1976
Don McLeanAdd support act24/05/1976
Sensational Alex Harvey BandPat Travers Band26/05/1976
Sensational Alex Harvey BandAdd support act27/05/1976
Dr HookUnicorn12/06/1976
Bay City RollersBilbo Baggins14/09/1976
Dr FeelgoodGeorge Hatcher Band16/09/1976
Marvin GayeAdd support act29/09/1976
Manfred Mann's EarthbandRacing Cars30/09/1976
Barclay James HarvestAdd support act07/10/1976
Sutherland Brothers & QuiverMoon12/10/1976
Steve HillageJohn Stevens' Away14/10/1976
Canned HeatAdd support act15/10/1976
Hot ChocolateAdd support act15/10/1976
Wishbone AshSupercharge23/10/1976
Four TopsAdd support act27/10/1976
Thin LizzyClover04/11/1976
Kiki DeeBlue23/11/1976
Mike HardingAdd support act30/11/1976
SupertrampAdd support act04/12/1976
Hall and Oates Add support act18/01/1977
Be-Bop DeluxeSteve Gibbons20/01/1977
Rory GallagherJack O'Donnell08/02/1977
StreetwalkersAdd support act14/02/1977
Rory GallagherAdd support act17/02/1977
Ted NugentSteve Gibbons Band24/02/1977
Bryan FerryAdd support act28/02/1977
Roxy MusicIllusion28/02/1977
Graham ParkerSouthside Johnny And The Asbury Jukes02/03/1977
Procul HarumHeron07/03/1977
Uriah HeepWoody Woodmansey's U-Boat08/03/1977
Roy OrbisonArdrossan15/03/1977
The Small FacesCock Sparrer13/04/1977
Lynyrd SkynyrdClover02/05/1977
The ShadowsAdd support act16/05/1977
Nils LofgrenTom Petty & The Heartbreakers20/05/1977
CrawlerBoxer / Moon09/07/1977
Harry ChapinAdd support act08/09/1977
Peter GabrielNona Hendryx17/09/1977
Sutherland BrothersAdd support act19/09/1977
Barclay James HarvestAdd support act28/09/1977
Dr FeelgoodMink de Ville03/10/1977
CamelAndy Desmond04/10/1977
Lone StarAdd support act11/10/1977
The Boomtown RatsAdd support act17/10/1977
Wishbone AshThe Motors18/10/1977
Boney MAdd support act22/10/1977
Leo SayerAdd support act25/10/1977
Steve HillageGlenn Phillips26/10/1977
Demis RoussosAdd support act21/11/1977
Thin LizzyRadiators From Space23/11/1977
Mike HardingHedgehog Pie07/12/1977
Judas PriestEnglish Assassin23/01/1978
Be-Bop DeluxeJohn Cooper Clarke13/02/1978
Gilbert O’SullivanAdd support act20/02/1978
Gallagher & LyleAdd support act21/02/1978
RushTyla Gang22/02/1978
SqueezeAdd support act08/03/1978
Eddie & The Hot RodsSqueeze / Radio Stars08/03/1978
Manfred Mann's EarthbandAdd support act11/04/1978
Rory GallagherJoe O'Donnell's Vision Band12/04/1978
Ellie BrooksAdd support act02/05/1978
Black SabbathVan Halen16/05/1978
DartsAdd support act18/05/1978
Blue Oyster CultJapan05/06/1978
Dire StraitsGerry Rafferty09/06/1978
Ian DuryAdd support act06/07/1978
CamelMichael Chapman20/09/1978
Barclay James HarvestWounded John Scott Cree29/09/1978
Brand XAdd support act30/09/1978
Blaster BatesAdd support act02/10/1978
Dr FeelgoodMink DeVille03/10/1978
The Tom Robinson BandStiff Little Fingers04/10/1978
SqueezeAdd support act10/10/1978
Dr FeelgoodSqueeze10/10/1978
Mike HardingAdd support act11/10/1978
Wishbone AshAdd support act21/10/1978
HawkwindAdd support act24/10/1978
Judas PriestAdd support act02/11/1978
Leo SayerAdd support act05/11/1978
Gene PitneyAdd support act29/11/1978
DevoThe Members30/11/1978
Jasper CarrotAdd support act20/12/1978
Elvis Costello & The AttractionsJohn Cooper Clarke18/01/1979
NazarethBlazer Blazer23/01/1979
UFOSteve Hillage24/01/1979
The EnidWounded John Scott Cree13/02/1979
Steve HillageTelephone24/02/1979
Average White BandInner Circle26/02/1979
KrokusAdd support act28/02/1979
Graham Parker & the RumourAdd support act02/03/1979
Van MorrisonIvor Cutler10/03/1979
Bill Nelson's Red NoiseFingerprintz13/03/1979
Journey Pat Travers Band24/03/1979
Bad CompanyAdd support act30/03/1979
MotorheadGirlschool 04/04/1979
Thin LizzyThe Vipers18/04/1979
John MilesAdd support act24/04/1979
ScorpionsAdd support act12/05/1979
Judas PriestIron Maiden25/05/1979
Harry ChapinAdd support act30/05/1979
Status QuoNo Support05/06/1979
Status QuoNo Support06/06/1979
DevoAdd support act06/06/1979
Dire StraitsAdd support act11/06/1979
Manfred Mann's EarthbandDarling21/06/1979
Steve HackettAdd support act22/06/1979
Ian DuryMatumby / Whirlwind19/07/1979
Ian Dury & the BlockheadsWhirlwind / Matumby19/07/1979
Boney MAdd support act03/09/1979
Nils LofgrenAdd support act07/09/1979
Loudon Wainwright IIIAdd support act23/09/1979
ChicAdd support act30/09/1979
Sheffield Philharmonic ConcertAdd support act06/10/1979
Gary NumanOrchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark08/10/1979
CamelAdd support act09/10/1979
Ian GillanAdd support act13/10/1979
Leo SayerAdd support act18/10/1979
DartsAdd support act22/10/1979
WhitesnakeAdd support act23/10/1979
Steve HillageTrevor Rabin31/10/1979
Hot ChocolateAdd support act08/11/1979
HawkwindAdd support act20/11/1979
Mike HardingAdd support act22/11/1979
Alex HarveyStraight B14/01/1980
Wishbone AshSupercharge19/01/1980
Wishbone AshSupercharge20/01/1980
Uriah HeepGirlschool03/02/1980
Spyro GyraAdd support act07/02/1980
Robin TrowerSamson10/02/1980
TouristsThe Solos18/02/1980
Peter GabrielRandom Hold25/02/1980
Judas PriestIron Maiden11/03/1980
Sad CaféAdd support act20/03/1980
Pat TraversGirl24/03/1980
Rose RoyceAdd support act25/03/1980
Def LeppardMagnum / Heritage10/04/1980
Gerry RaffertyRichard & Linda Thompson12/04/1980
Sammy HagarRiot (rescheduled from Feb 19)15/04/1980
Genesis Add support act17/04/1980
B.A RobertsonAdd support act22/04/1980
SaxonGeddes Axe / Lautrec28/04/1980
Judie TzukeAdd support act29/04/1980
SkyAdd support act07/05/1980
Thin LizzyThe Lookalikes12/05/1980
ScorpionsAdd support act16/05/1980
Mike OldfieldAdd support act24/05/1980
David EssexAdd support act01/06/1980
Devono support06/06/1980
Iron MaidenPraying Mantis08/06/1980
Joan ArmatradingPaul Goodman10/06/1980
Steve HackettAdd support act17/06/1980
Three DegreesAdd support act18/06/1980
Clock DVAVice Versa25/06/1980
DooleysHoughton Weavers29/06/1980
WhitesnakeGary Moore's G-Force01/07/1980
ShowaddywaddyAdd support act10/09/1980
Michael Schenker GroupAdd support act22/09/1980
Rick WakemanSponooch24/09/1980
Rory GallagherAdd support act25/09/1980
Secret AffairThe Step02/10/1980
GillanQuartz / White Spirit06/10/1980
Ozzy OsbourneBudgie07/10/1980
Joe JacksonThe Rasses11/10/1980
The PretendersThe Moondogs17/10/1980
ScorpionsAdd support act21/10/1980
ShadowsAdd support act22/10/1980
Cheap TrickCancelled23/10/1980
UFOAdd support act25/10/1980
AC/DCAdd support act27/10/1980
The BuzzcocksThe Thing29/10/1980
UB40African Star / Mrs Beech30/10/1980
Elkie BrooksRichard Digance03/11/1980
Barbara DicksonAdd support act06/11/1980
PulpAdd support act14/11/1980
Orchestral Manoeuvres In DarkFatal Charm17/11/1980
Sad CaféMonroe20/11/1980
SpinnersAdd support act26/11/1980
Jon Anderson & the New Life BandClaire Hamill03/12/1980
Dire StraitsAdd support act04/12/1980
Dire StraitsAdd support act05/12/1980
The Boomtown RatsAtrix16/01/1981
April WineDiamond Head / Chevy17/01/1981
The WhoQ-Tips with Paul Young26/01/1981
UB40Add support act29/01/1981
Gary MooreAdd support act09/02/1981
CamelAdd support act20/02/1981
David EssexAdd support act24/02/1981
Iron MaidenTrust10/03/1981
Elvis CostelloDave & The Mistakes16/03/1981
Mike HardingAdd support act30/03/1981
Steeleye SpanAdd support act02/04/1981
Cleo Laine & Johnny DankworthAdd support act03/04/1981
Nana MouskouriAdd support act09/04/1981
Leo SayerThe Mechanics23/04/1981
Echo & BunnymenBlue Orchids28/04/1981
Tommy SteeleAdd support act01/05/1981
ToyahWasted Youth18/05/1981
Kraftwerkno support21/05/1981
Wishbone AshThe Nicky Moore Band30/05/1981
Moody BluesAdd support act02/06/1981
TubesThe Spangs18/06/1981
SkyAdd support act22/06/1981
Teardrop ExplodesDelmontes24/06/1981
Diamond HeadSilverwing04/07/1981
Def LeppardLionheart / More20/07/1981
Michael Schenker GroupAdd support act03/09/1981
DesperadoesTaj Mahal / Vivian Stanshall09/09/1981
David EssexTop Secret14/09/1981
Joe EnglishGarth Hewitt15/09/1981
Johnny MathisAdd support act18/09/1981
Hazel O'ConnorAdd support act22/09/1981
UltravoxEddie Maelov & Sunshine Patter23/09/1981
Sad CaféAdd support act24/09/1981
NazarethVic Vergat29/09/1981
Steve HackettAdd support act06/10/1981
HawkwindMama's Boys07/10/1981
SpinnersAdd support act10/10/1981
MadnessBelle Stars13/10/1981
Johnny CashAdd support act19/10/1981
Sheena EastonMal Cochrane21/10/1981
Tangerine DreamAdd support act22/10/1981
Dr HookSundance24/10/1981
Mary O'HaraAdd support act28/10/1981
NolansAdd support act29/10/1981
GillanBudgie / Nightwing04/11/1981
Judas PriestAccept19/11/1981
Rick WakemanAdd support act21/11/1981
James LastAdd support act22/11/1981
Shakin StevensThe Stargazers23/11/1981
Orchestral Manoeuvres In DarkRandom Hold30/11/1981
Thin LizzySweet Savage09/12/1981
Duran DuranTalk Talk10/12/1981
Michael Schenker GroupAdd support act14/12/1981
Bucks FizzKate Robbins14/12/1981
Blaster Bates (Memorial Hall)Add support act16/12/1981
ShowaddywaddyAdd support act14/01/1982
UFOAdd support act15/01/1982
Sammy HagerAdd support act26/01/1982
Sammy HagarGrand Prix26/01/1982
Teardrop ExplodesRavishing Beauties03/02/1982
KrokusAdd support act11/02/1982
ScorpionsAdd support act16/02/1982
10ccAdd support act20/02/1982
Iron MaidenThe Rods17/03/1982
SkyAdd support act14/04/1982
Thin LizzyLone Wolf26/04/1982
Judie TzukeAdd support act29/04/1982
The Boomtown RatsMatt Fretton04/05/1982
Elkie BrooksJohn Martyn07/05/1982
Rose RoyceAdd support act14/05/1982
JetsCoast To Coast19/05/1982
CamelJon Benns27/05/1982
Rip Rig and PanicAdd support act28/05/1982
ToyahPositive Noise19/06/1982
Barbara DicksonRab Noakes21/06/1982
David EssexThe Real Thing02/09/1982
Tygers Of Pan TangAdd support act04/09/1982
Mike OldfieldAdd support act06/09/1982
Hot ChocolateThe Real Thing08/09/1982
Elvis CostelloThe Bluebells14/09/1982
Shirley BasseyAdd support act06/10/1982
John MartynDurutti Column08/10/1982
Shakin StevensJets11/10/1982
Kim WildeAdd support act16/10/1982
HawkwindBaron Rojo25/10/1982
Depeche ModeMatt Fretton28/10/1982
JapanSandii & the Sunsets30/10/1982
JapanAdd support act31/10/1982
Diamond HeadTwisted Sister02/11/1982
Tangerine DreamAdd support act04/11/1982
Dr HookSundance05/11/1982
NolansAdd support act08/11/1982
Gillan / SpiderAdd support act09/11/1982
Elton JohnAdd support act10/11/1982
Elton JohnAdd support act11/11/1982
UltravoxAdd support act25/11/1982
John Williams & FriendsNeil Innes27/11/1982
Dire StraitsAdd support act01/12/1982
Dire StraitsAdd support act02/12/1982
ShowaddywaddyAdd support act02/12/1982
Gillan / SpiderAdd support act10/12/1982
LindisfarneJane Cassady13/12/1982
Michael Schenker GroupVandenberg15/12/1982
SpinnersAdd support act17/12/1982
SkyAdd support act08/02/1983
The StranglersAdd support act13/02/1983
Thin LizzyMama's Boys14/02/1983
Thin LizzyMama's Boys15/02/1983
Def LeppardRock Goddess24/02/1983
10ccAdd support act04/03/1983
U2The Nightcaps17/03/1983
James LastAdd support act09/04/1983
A Flock Of SeagullsThe Fixx11/04/1983
MarillionPeter Hamill13/04/1983
Tears For FearsVerba Verba15/04/1983
Orchestral Manoeuvres In DarkCocteau Twins17/04/1983
Orchestral Manoeuvres In DarkCocteau Twins18/04/1983
Johnny MathisAdd support act21/04/1983
Spandau BalletAdd support act25/04/1983
Leo SayerAdd support act27/04/1983
Steve HackettAdd support act05/05/1983
Alvin StardustAdd support act13/05/1983
Iron MaidenGrand Prix16/05/1983
The DublinersTony Capstick10/07/1983
David EssexAdd support act05/08/1983
Gary NumanTik & Tok25/08/1983
Big CountryOne The Juggler15/09/1983
Depeche ModeMatt Fretton16/09/1983
ShakatakAdd support act21/09/1983
Gary NumanTik and Tok25/09/1983
Culture ClubAdd support act27/09/1983
Judie TzukeAdd support act29/09/1983
Snap 14T-Dive / Haze / March The Third / Bamboo / Cairo (Limit Pop Contest - Final)18/10/1983
WhamDJ Gary Crowley19/10/1983
Paul YoungPassion Puppets20/10/1983
Michael Schenker GroupWildlife26/10/1983
Shakin StevensSecond Thoughts01/11/1983
The EurythmicsVirgin Dance02/11/1983
Johnny CashAdd support act07/11/1983
Ozzy OsbourneHeavy Pettin16/11/1983
Hot ChocolateAdd support act17/11/1983
Y&TRock Goddess30/11/1983
Robert PlantAdd support act01/12/1983
Neil InnesRoy Bailey / Tony Capstick / Leon Rouselson / Circle of Poets (CND Benefit)03/12/1983
Culture ClubStill Life08/12/1983
A Feast of Brass VoicesAdd support act11/12/1983
ToyahJonathan Perkins15/12/1983
The AnimalsAdd support act16/12/1983
ScorpionsMama's Boys25/01/1984
SaxonBattleaxe / Verity08/02/1984
Gary MooreSamson09/02/1984
Blue Oyster CultAldo Nova10/02/1984
The FascinatorsAdd support act20/02/1984
Tina TurnerAdd support act22/02/1984
BambooRough Copy / Flying Alphonso Brothers23/02/1984
A Certain RatioQuando Quango23/02/1984
Billy BraggRoy Bailey, High Five, Claudette Bonney, SMAC 19, 14 Exciting Dancers & Erik the Anarchist24/02/1984
MarillionAdd support act06/03/1984
The Thompson TwinsAdd support act08/03/1984
Cannon & BallRocky Sharpe & The Replays14/03/1984
The SmithsTelephone Boxes19/03/1984
Howard JonesEndgames26/03/1984
Dr HookAdd support act27/03/1984
ArteryDormannu / Sedition03/05/1984
Big Audio DynamiteAdd support act10/07/1984
Iron MaidenWaysted17/09/1984
Elkie BrooksAdd support act24/09/1984
Elkie BrooksAdd support act25/09/1984
OMDAdd support act26/09/1984
Orchestral Manoeuvres In DarkReverb Bros26/09/1984
Frank WhiteAdd support act04/10/1984
Style CoucilTracie11/10/1984
Frank WhiteAdd support act11/10/1984
Depeche ModePortion Control19/10/1984
Roberta FlackRamsey Lewis22/10/1984
Nancy WilsonBrook Benton / Teddy Wilson23/10/1984
Peggy LeeEdwin Hawkins Singers / Buddy Greco & the New York Jazz Orchestra / Jimmy Witherspoon24/10/1984
Stan GetzGerry Mulligan / Astrud Gilberto25/10/1984
MotorheadPersian Risk30/10/1984
SadeAdd support act06/11/1984
Johnny CashAdd support act07/11/1984
Alison MoyetPerson To Person10/11/1984
Miners Benefit EveningParadise Steel Band / Tony Capstick / Roy Bailey11/11/1984
David EssexManteau15/11/1984
MeatloafAdd support act16/11/1984
Leo SayerAdd support act17/11/1984
Tom Robinson & Crew(lunchtime)24/11/1984
LindisfarneAdd support act02/12/1984
Gary NumanHohokam & Larry Loeber05/12/1984
Human LeagueAlvin Stardust / Dave Berry / Howcher / Snatch11/12/1984
Kool & The GangAdd support act13/12/1984
The SpinnersAdd support act21/12/1984
Jazz DefectorsAdd support act11/01/1985
Meatloaf Add support act30/01/1985
The StranglersAdd support act13/02/1985
The CommodoresAdd support act14/02/1985
Phil CollinsAdd support act16/02/1985
ShalamarAdd support act21/02/1985
Joan ArmatradingCook Da Books25/02/1985
Uli Roth Electric SunRobin George / Dangerous Music04/03/1985
Uli Jon Roth Electric SunAdd support act04/03/1985
Clint Eastwood And General SaintRedskins / Orchestre Jazira08/03/1985
The RedskinsClint Eastwood & General Saint / Orchestra Jazira / The Three Johns08/03/1985
Howard JonesJimmy Jimmy12/03/1985
Uncalled 4 Blues BandAdd support act13/03/1985
Frankie Goes To HollywoodAdd support act14/03/1985
The Boomtown RatsFaith Brothers21/03/1985
The SmithsJames22/03/1985
Paul YoungAdd support act27/03/1985
Shakin StevensJimmy Jimmy30/03/1985
The Three DegreeAdd support act03/04/1985
Tears for FearsThe Adventures08/04/1985
SkyAdd support act22/04/1985
Howard KeelAdd support act25/04/1985
The AlarmFaith Brothers02/05/1985
Uriah HeepPallas18/05/1985
The DriftersAdd support act20/05/1985
MagnumAdd support act22/05/1985
Gary GlitterAdd support act30/05/1985
Dr HookAdd support act02/06/1985
Barbara DicksonAdd support act03/06/1985
The DamnedThe Fuzztones / Dr & the Medics05/06/1985
Style CouncilVaughan Toulouse / Dizzy Heights11/06/1985
Orchestral Manoeuvres In DarkAlternative Radio14/06/1985
The MerseybeatsThe Cadillacs12/07/1985
WindowThe Cadillacs19/07/1985
Gary MooreAdd support act24/08/1985
Foster and AllenAdd support act04/09/1985
Lloyd Cole & the CommotionsThe Jazzateers07/09/1985
SaxonPretty Maids10/09/1985
Bucks FizzAdd support act16/09/1985
Gary MooreFM24/09/1985
Gary NumanGrey Parade25/09/1985
Spear of DestinyRoy White Band / Living In Texas06/10/1985
Siouxsie & The BansheesThe Scientists07/10/1985
Judie TzukeBaby Go Boom10/10/1985
Billy ConnollyAdd support act12/10/1985
David CassidyAdd support act16/10/1985
Level 4252nd Street26/10/1985
Billy BraggJoolz / Ephemera / Roy Bailey & Leon Rosselson16/11/1985
Elaine PaigeAdd support act20/11/1985
KingDrum Theatre25/11/1985
Elton JohnAdd support act26/11/1985
Elton JohnAdd support act27/11/1985
LindisfarneAdd support act09/12/1985
The AlarmThe Escape Club10/12/1985
Lloyd Cole & the CommotionsThe Big Dish11/12/1985
MagnumIQ / Alliance12/12/1985
MarillionBeltane Fire28/01/1986
ClannadAdd support act29/01/1986
Feargal SharkeyFruits Of Passion06/02/1986
Orchestral Manoeuvres In DarkFlaming Mussolinis10/02/1986
Motley CrueCheap Trick13/02/1986
Philip FrawerTristran Palmer / Prince Alla / Devon Russell14/02/1986
Ozzy OsbourneRatt17/02/1986
Motley CrüeCheap Trick19/02/1986
Tangerine DreamAdd support act10/03/1986
Big CountryPrime Movers02/04/1986
Public Image LtdAdd support act08/05/1986
Black SabbathAdd support act21/05/1986
John DenverAdd support act24/05/1986
New OrderBilly Bragg / London Gospel Choir14/06/1986
Cabaret VoltaireAdd support act14/06/1986
Billy BraggAdd support act14/06/1986
MagnumAdd support act02/10/1986
SaxonAdd support act12/10/1986
Iron MaidenAdd support act15/10/1986
Iron MaidenPaul Samson's Empire16/10/1986
The DamnedAdd support act23/10/1986
The StranglersAdd support act30/10/1986
Bon JoviFM10/11/1986
HawkwindBaby Sitters23/11/1986
The Psychedelic FursAdd support act12/12/1986
Status QuoWaysted16/12/1986
The HolliesAdd support act23/01/1987
The Psychedelic FursAdd support act25/02/1987
MeatloafAdd support act26/02/1987
MagnumAdd support act02/03/1987
The MissionAll About Eve18/03/1987
CultAdd support act19/03/1987
The CultAdd support act19/03/1987
Gary MooreShy29/03/1987
Simply RedTerence Trent Darby06/04/1987
Barclay James HarvestAdd support act22/04/1987
Quentin CrispAdd support act27/05/1987
Suzanne VegaThomas Lang28/05/1987
Iggy PopAdd support act14/06/1987
Def LeppardAdd support act17/08/1987
Def LeppardTesla31/08/1987
Def LeppardTesla17/09/1987
Gary NumanWest Won22/09/1987
Everly BrothersAdd support act12/10/1987
Rory GallagherAdd support act14/10/1987
The ShadowsAdd support act25/10/1987
Bad NewsHead27/10/1987
INXSSinead O'Connor11/12/1987
Motley CruePretty Maids14/01/1988
Depeche ModeHard Corps20/01/1988
The MissionRed Lorry Yellow Lorry12/03/1988
MagnumAdd support act13/03/1988
MeatloafAdd support act17/03/1988
Ted NugentKrokus23/03/1988
MagnumKingdom Come03/04/1988
Alice CooperChrome Molly04/04/1988
Robert PlantIt Bites06/04/1988
HawkwindTubilah Dog18/04/1988
Judas PriestCinderella / Bonfire22/06/1988
Gary NumanPaper Toys03/10/1988
Robert CrayAdd support act27/10/1988
Dave AllenAdd support act17/11/1988
Iron MaidenKiller Dwarfs04/12/1988
Eric ClaptonPhil Collins16/01/1989
Judas PriestAdd support act23/01/1989
Big CountryDiesel Park West27/01/1989
Four TopsAdd support act12/02/1989
The Four TopsAdd support act12/02/1989
The WaterboysThe Saw Doctors18/02/1989
Gary MooreAdd support act06/03/1989
Brother BeyondSevem09/03/1989
Blue Oyster CultMiss Daisy10/03/1989
Foster and AllenAdd support act14/03/1989
Then JerichoBig Bam Boo15/03/1989
Shakin StevensAdd support act30/03/1989
The MonkeesAdd support act06/04/1989
Duran DuranThrashing Doves19/04/1989
Tom JonesAdd support act26/04/1989
Brian Poole & The ElectricsThe Dreamers / The Tremeloes / The Troggs / Rockin Berries / Tony Christie / Frank White / Dave Berry & The Cruisers (Hillsborough Appeal Benefit)27/04/1989
ClannadAndy Pawlak01/05/1989
The WolfetonesAdd support act10/05/1989
W.A.S.P.Zed Yago12/05/1989
WASPZed Yargo12/05/1989
Skint VideoJo Brand13/05/1989
Deacon BlueAdd support act15/05/1989
Everly BrothersMark Germino16/05/1989
BananaramaAdd support act20/05/1989
BananaramaPerfect Day23/05/1989
Gary MooreDare25/05/1989
The ShadowsAdd support act26/05/1989
Mark MiwurdzThe Chuffinelles27/05/1989
Creation RebelAdd support act08/06/1989
Steve Harley & Cockney RebelAdd support act08/06/1989
Gerry MarsdenPeter Sarstedt10/06/1989
AnthraxKing's X18/06/1989
The DriftersAdd support act25/06/1989
Black SabbathAxxis02/09/1989
Sleeping Dogs WakeDetail Fiend / Cable Regime18/09/1989
Ice AgeBedlam Choir19/09/1989
The ShuotThe Bland / The Corpse Grinders22/09/1989
Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound MachAdd support act23/09/1989
Howard KeelAdd support act25/09/1989
Roger WhittakerAdd support act26/09/1989
The Claytown TroupeAdd support act27/09/1989
Cleo Laine & John DankworthAdd support act28/09/1989
Edwin StarrJunior Walker / Jimmy Ruffin (Magic of Motown(02/10/1989
Dr HookAdd support act03/10/1989
Van MorrisonAdd support act06/10/1989
Gary NumanTreebound Story14/10/1989
ByrdsDave Berry / Frank White Band16/10/1989
The ByrdsDave Berry & the Cruisers / Frank White16/10/1989
Daniel O'DonnellMary Duff18/10/1989
Transvision VampAnd Why Not?20/10/1989
Shirley BasseyAdd support act22/10/1989
Martha Reeves & The VandellasMary Wells23/10/1989
Climie FisherAdd support act05/11/1989
All About EveThe La's06/11/1989
Skid RowVain07/11/1989
MazeAdd support act08/11/1989
Barbara DicksonAdd support act11/11/1989
Tammy WynetteCarole Gordon & Bob Newman13/11/1989
LuluGerry & The Pacemakers15/11/1989
Hue & CryAdd support act23/11/1989
Joe CockerEnergy Orchard26/11/1989
Spandau BalletAdd support act03/12/1989
Status QuoEvenrude06/12/1989
Natalie ColeGerld Alston07/12/1989
MarillionAdd support act11/12/1989
LindisfarneAdd support act17/12/1989
Gary GlitterAdd support act20/12/1989
Tanita TikaramAdd support act13/02/1990
The StranglersAdd support act10/03/1990
Everything But The GirlBrian Kennedy12/03/1990
The MissionAdd support act16/03/1990
The HolliesAdd support act29/03/1990
It BitesAdd support act30/03/1990
Notting HillbilliesAdd support act22/04/1990
Robert PlantAlannah Myles01/06/1990
Aztec CameraRoddy Frame27/07/1990
Gary MooreWilko Johnson15/08/1990
Black SabbathAdd support act20/09/1990
Jeff HealeyAdd support act04/10/1990
Iron MaidenWolfsbane09/10/1990
Prefab SproutAdd support act15/10/1990
Hall and OatesAdd support act20/10/1990
The PoguesAdd support act21/10/1990
Cocteau TwinsFrazier Chorus28/10/1990
MotorheadAdd support act25/11/1990
Robert CrayJoe Ely18/01/1991
MotorheadAdd support act15/02/1991
Tanita TikaramAdd support act15/03/1991
Jimmy SomervilleAdd support act18/03/1991
Gary NumanMr Gilberts Circus20/03/1991
Judas PriestAnnihilator26/03/1991
PanteraAdd support act26/03/1991
Duane EddyThe Everly Brothers Band28/04/1991
Mr Big The Throbs / Heartland02/05/1991
Robert PalmerAdd support act29/05/1991
KraftwerkAdd support act16/07/1991
MagnumAdd support act17/09/1991
Van MorrisonAdd support act29/09/1991
Black CrowesAdd support act13/10/1991
Extreme Add support act18/10/1991
Big CountryAdd support act21/10/1991
Kylie MinogueAdd support act06/11/1991
Johnny CashAdd support act18/11/1991
FarmAdd support act04/12/1991
EuropeAdd support act12/03/1992
Jethro TullAdd support act20/03/1992
Gary NumanGlasshouse25/03/1992
Joe CockerAdd support act22/04/1992
The Comsat AngelsAdd support act11/07/1992
PulpLongpigs / Various Vegetables / Warhols13/07/1992
SaxonBedlam Choir21/09/1992
ThunderAdd support act06/10/1992
E.L.O. Part IIAdd support act07/10/1992
Petula ClarkAdd support act07/11/1992
Cabaret VoltaireAdd support act18/11/1992
Black CrowesThee Hypnotics22/11/1992
Status QuoFirehouse04/12/1992
MorrisseyAdd support act11/12/1992
Del AmitriAdd support act16/12/1992
Battlefield BandAdd support act28/03/1993
Suzanne VegaAdd support act04/04/1993
Brian MayAdd support act09/06/1993
SqueezeAdd support act01/10/1993
The LevellersThe Fish Brothers05/10/1993
Jethro TullAdd support act13/10/1993
Christy MooreAdd support act23/10/1993
Dina CarrollEternal17/11/1993
SkinLittle Angels30/11/1993
Chuck BerryAdd support act14/02/1994
Van MorrisonAdd support act05/03/1994
The Wonder StuffGigolo Aunts14/03/1994
Dave Lee RothAdd support act16/05/1994
WhitesnakeAdd support act25/07/1994
Elvis Costello & The AttractionsAdd support act28/11/1994
Black CrowesDillon Fence01/02/1995
Richard ThompsonAdd support act02/02/1995
Bryan Ferry / ScarletAdd support act04/02/1995
Brian FerryAdd support act04/02/1995
MorrisseyAdd support act07/02/1995
QueensrycheAdd support act11/02/1995
Peter NooneFreddie And The Dreamers / Wayne Fontana And The Mindbenders / The Troggs29/03/1995
Van MorrisonAdd support act22/04/1995
ThunderSkin 02/05/1995
Joan ArmatradingAdd support act05/09/1995
Jethro TullAdd support act22/09/1995
Big CountryAdd support act10/10/1995
Alison MoyetAdd support act21/10/1995
Pulp / MintyAdd support act22/10/1995
PulpAdd support act22/10/1995
Skid RowAdd support act30/10/1995
Mary BlackAdd support act04/11/1995
Ozzy OsbourneAdd support act14/11/1995
The Beautiful SouthLightning Seeds23/11/1995
Joe SatrianiAdd support act11/12/1995
Curtis StigersBig Wide World13/12/1995
Tori AmosAdd support act24/02/1996
Deep PurplePan Ram06/03/1996
Mike and the MechanicsAdd support act11/03/1996
Willie NelsonAdd support act26/04/1996
Notting HillbilliesAdd support act30/09/1996
Manic Street PreachersCatatonia14/10/1996
Lightning SeedsThe Wannadies / Edward Ball27/11/1996
Vanessa MaeAdd support act24/01/1997
Black CrowesAdd support act25/02/1997
Nanci GriffithAdd support act10/04/1997
ThunderAdd support act24/04/1997
CastAdd support act01/05/1997
Counting CrowsCake09/05/1997
David Coverdale & WhitesnakeAdd support act11/10/1997
HawkwindAdd support act02/11/1997
Del AmitriAdd support act06/11/1997
Lightning SeedsDubstar29/11/1997
Jools HollandAdd support act19/12/1997
UFODirty Deeds19/02/1998
YesAdd support act20/04/1998
Paul CarrackAdd support act15/05/1998
Ga Ga (Queen Tribute Band)Add support act24/05/1998
Tori AmosThe Devlins30/05/1998
ThunderAdd support act11/06/1998
Paul WellerAdd support act25/06/1998
Neil FinnAdd support act26/09/1998
Iron MaidenDirty Deeds25/10/1998
Brian MaySix Stone Six02/11/1998
BlondieAdd support act13/11/1998
SqueezeAdd support act02/12/1998
Bjorn AgainAdd support act05/12/1998
Peter NooneBilly J Kramer / Freddie & The Dreamers / Brian Poole & The Tremeloes25/02/1999
Echo And The Bunnymen Add support act20/04/1999
ELO Part IIAdd support act07/05/1999
Mike And The MechanicsAdd support act18/05/1999
ThunderAdd support act26/05/1999
Van MorrisonAdd support act14/10/1999
Jethro TullAdd support act24/11/1999
Lightning SeedsFixed Stars08/12/1999
Bootleg BeatlesAdd support act10/12/1999
The ManfredsChris Farlowe/Alan Price & Colin Blunstone (On ticket)14/12/1999
Kate RusbyAdd support act08/02/2000
YesAdd support act10/02/2000
The SearchersGerry And The Pacemakers / Peter Sarstedt / The Swinging Blue Jeans17/02/2000
Counting Crows Matthew Sweet20/02/2000
Gary MooreAdd support act25/03/2000
Moody BluesAdd support act26/04/2000
Paul CarrackAdd support act27/05/2000
Peter Green Splinter GroupFrank White Band09/06/2000
Richard ThompsonAdd support act12/06/2000
Alice CooperLukan12/07/2000
Lou Reed Add support act04/09/2000
Steve EarleAdd support act28/09/2000
Roy & Nick HarperAdd support act27/10/2000
JamesAdd support act06/11/2000
The LevellersAdd support act08/11/2000
Status QuoTwo Timers02/12/2000
Paul RodgersAsia17/02/2001
Gary NumanAdd support act22/02/2001
GomezAdd support act16/04/2001
Gary MooreAdd support act22/04/2001
RunrigAdd support act29/05/2001
Blaster Bates (Memorial Hall)Add support act30/05/2001
Kate Rusby (Memorial Hall)Add support act23/09/2001
Walter Trout BandAdd support act07/10/2001
Hall and OatesAdd support act05/11/2001
Bill BaileyAdd support act07/11/2001
YesAdd support act09/11/2001
YesAdd support act11/12/2001
Deep PurpleAdd support act12/02/2002
GomezGelbison / Richard Hawley 16/04/2002
David CassidyAdd support act21/04/2002
Pet Shop BoysAdd support act11/07/2002
Elvis Costello & The ImpostersAdd support act06/09/2002
Richard ashcroftAdd support act07/11/2002
Sophie Ellis-BextorAdd support act25/01/2003
Chris ReaAdd support act04/02/2003
Steve EarleAdd support act06/04/2003
Chris HillmanAdd support act11/05/2003
ErasureAdd support act20/05/2003
Bill NelsonAdd support act26/09/2003
CamelAdd support act29/10/2003
The Flaming LipsClinic29/10/2003
Status QuoWho's That Girl02/11/2003
The Beautiful SouthAdd support act08/11/2003
Belle and SebastianAdd support act02/12/2003
Human LeagueCulture Club / Heaven 1709/12/2003
Jethro TullAdd support act17/02/2004
Fairport ConventionAdd support act27/04/2004
Glen TilbrookAdd support act18/02/2005
TexasAdd support act13/10/2005
In FlamesAdd support act04/11/2005
MotorheadIn Flames / Girlschool04/11/2005
Jamie CullumBeady Belle05/11/2005
BlondieAdd support act09/12/2005
ThunderToby Jepson / Roadstar22/01/2006
Thin LizzyAdd support act22/03/2006
Chris ReaAdd support act07/04/2006
Bonnie RaittAdd support act21/04/2006
Billy BraggAdd support act24/04/2006
MorrisseyAdd support act03/05/2006
Fairport ConventionAdd support act10/05/2006
Alice CooperVoodoo Six / Robbers on High Street29/05/2006
Whitesnake The Answer29/06/2006
Kate RusbyAdd support act07/10/2006
Jane McDonaldAdd support act21/10/2006
Anderson & WakemanAdd support act01/11/2006
Ray DaviesAdd support act02/11/2006
MotorheadAdd support act08/11/2006
Kelly Joe Phelps (Memorial Hall)Add support act28/11/2006
Richard HawleyAdd support act12/12/2006
Jools HollandLulu / Laura Michelle Kelly17/12/2006
Ritchie HavensAdd support act20/01/2007
Saxon ReturnsAdd support act26/01/2007
Brian FerryAdd support act11/03/2007
James TaylorAdd support act21/04/2007
The WaterboysAdd support act28/04/2007
The Best of OMDAdd support act17/06/2007
Andy WilliamsAdd support act23/06/2007
Richard HawleyAdd support act12/09/2007
ThunderLauren Harris03/12/2007
Van MorrisonAdd support act25/01/2008
EelsAdd support act22/03/2008
BjorkAdd support act04/05/2008
Jethro TullAdd support act10/05/2008
Steve EarleAllison Moorer10/06/2008
Stephen StillsAdd support act18/10/2008
The Last Shadow PuppetsAdd support act23/10/2008
The Solid Silver 60’s ShowAdd support act24/03/2009
Jackson Browne Add support act27/03/2009
David ByrneAdd support act04/04/2009
BjorkAdd support act21/04/2009
Gary MooreAdd support act23/04/2009
ThunderAdd support act04/07/2009
MorrisseyAdd support act30/10/2009
Johnnie WalkerAdd support act04/11/2009
Alice CooperMan Raze28/11/2009
JLS Add support act07/02/2010
Newton Faulkner Add support act07/03/2010
Tommy Emmanuel Add support act13/03/2010
Peter AndreAdd support act15/03/2010
Turin BrakesAdd support act17/03/2010
Ronan KeatingAdd support act18/03/2010
The HolliesAdd support act20/03/2010
Chris ReaPaul Casey29/03/2010
Jethro TullAdd support act01/04/2010
Bad CompanyThe Joe Perry Project04/04/2010
Rufus WainwrightAdd support act17/04/2010
Lightning SeedsAdd support act25/04/2010
Glen CampbellDebby Campbell04/05/2010
Jamie CullumAdd support act18/05/2010
Francis RossiAdd support act19/05/2010
Ray DaviesAdd support act25/05/2010
Jackson BrowneAdd support act04/06/2010
Moody BluesAdd support act12/09/2010
Judie TzukeAdd support act30/09/2010
Jeff BeckAdd support act22/10/2010
Ralph McTellAdd support act02/11/2010
Steve HarleyAdd support act23/11/2010
Human LeagueAdd support act01/12/2010
Jools HollandAdd support act02/12/2010
Michael BoltonAdd support act03/12/2010
Paul CarrackAdd support act04/12/2010
LuluAnastacia / Heather Small08/12/2010
Katie MeluaAdd support act10/12/2010
Pixie LottAdd support act13/12/2010
RunrigAdd support act14/12/2010
Bootleg BeatlesAdd support act17/12/2010
Jools HollandAdd support act17/01/2011
Alexandra BurkeAdd support act01/02/2011
Teddy ThompsonAdd support act03/02/2011
Jimmy WebbNell Brydon09/02/2011
SaturdaysAdd support act11/02/2011
James BluntAdd support act19/02/2011
10CCAdd support act24/02/2011
Mary WilsonThe Chi-Lites02/03/2011
Lighthouse FamilyAdd support act07/03/2011
Russell WatsonAdd support act30/03/2011
WantedAdd support act10/04/2011
Paul RodgersDown n Outz16/04/2011
Brit FloydAdd support act21/04/2011
Katie MeluaAdd support act22/04/2011
Kerry Ellis And Brian MayAdd support act06/05/2011
Olly MursAdd support act18/05/2011
The Monkeesno support20/05/2011
Mike And The MechanicsAdd support act28/05/2011
Michael BallAdd support act02/06/2011
Nils LofgrenAdd support act09/06/2011
Cyndi LauperAdd support act24/06/2011
Sixties GoldAdd support act28/09/2011
David Crosby & Graham NashAdd support act11/10/2011
Alice CooperThe Treatment25/10/2011
Eddi ReaderAdd support act25/10/2011
Charlie LandsboroughAdd support act26/10/2011
Bill Wyman And Rhythm KingsAdd support act03/11/2011
Engelbert HumperdinckAdd support act05/11/2011
OysterbandJune Tabor06/11/2011
Will YoungAdd support act08/11/2011
YesAdd support act09/11/2011
RumerAdd support act12/11/2011
The Sensational 60’s ExperienceAdd support act03/12/2011
Jools HollandAdd support act04/12/2011
Bootleg BeatlesAdd support act16/12/2011
Paul CarrackAdd support act17/12/2011
Henry RollinsAdd support act16/01/2012
One DirectionBoyce Avenue / Matt Lonsdale20/01/2012
Katherine JenkinsAdd support act22/01/2012
Diamond HeadAdd support act29/01/2012
Thin LizzyClutch29/01/2012
Alfie BoeAdd support act01/02/2012
Rebecca FergusonAdd support act25/02/2012
Australian Pink FloydAdd support act01/03/2012
Joan BaezAdd support act05/03/2012
Peter NooneChris Montez / Brian Hyland / Brian Poole / Vanity Fare06/03/2012
McFlyAdd support act09/03/2012
Judie TzukeAdd support act11/03/2012
Chris ReaAdd support act26/03/2012
Rosanne CashAdd support act28/03/2012
Charlene SoraiaAdd support act10/04/2012
Everly Pregnant BrothersAdd support act14/04/2012
John Renbourn And Robin WilliamsoAdd support act17/04/2012
Ian AndersonAdd support act19/04/2012
Jethro Tull's Iain AndersonAdd support act19/04/2012
Ryan AdamsJason Isbell27/04/2012
Brit FloydAdd support act24/05/2012
ChieftainsAdd support act06/06/2012
Russell WatsonLaura Wright22/06/2012
Richard HawleyAdd support act23/09/2012
UltravoxAdd support act04/10/2012
Deacon BlueAdd support act16/10/2012
Ralph McTellAdd support act16/10/2012
10ccAdd support act24/10/2012
ProclaimersAdd support act26/10/2012
David EssexAdd support act30/10/2012
Alice CooperUgly Kid Joe / & Loaded / Duff McKagan's Loaded01/11/2012
Marty WildeMike Berry / Eden Kane / The Wildcats04/11/2012
ManfredsAdd support act08/11/2012
Beth OrtonAdd support act27/11/2012
Gary BarlowAdd support act28/11/2012
StepsAdd support act01/12/2012
Peter AndreAdd support act02/12/2012
Human LeagueAdd support act04/12/2012
Jools HollandAdd support act05/12/2012
Status QuoBonnie Tyler / Bad Influence07/12/2012
Katherine JenkinsAdd support act12/12/2012
Bootleg BeatlesAdd support act13/12/2012
OvertonesAdd support act16/12/2012
Ronan KeatingAdd support act29/01/2013
Little MixAdd support act02/02/2013
BellowheadAdd support act14/02/2013
NolansAdd support act19/02/2013
Sharon ShannonAdd support act21/02/2013
Justin CurrieAdd support act26/02/2013
The DarknessAdd support act01/03/2013
Richard ThompsonRobert Ellis02/03/2013
Australian Pink FloydAdd support act03/03/2013
Amy MacdonaldAdd support act09/03/2013
Joe BrownAdd support act15/03/2013
Robert CrayAdd support act16/03/2013
Ian Hunter And Rant BandAdd support act20/03/2013
Amy MacdonaldAdd support act30/03/2013
Graham GouldmanAdd support act17/04/2013
Michael BallAdd support act21/04/2013
Simple MindsAdd support act26/04/2013
Leona LewisAdd support act03/05/2013
Orchestral Manoeuvres In DarkJohn Foxx08/05/2013
Midge UreAdd support act23/05/2013
Seth LakemanAdd support act24/05/2013
Elvis Costello And ImpostersAdd support act08/06/2013
Elvis Costello & The ImpostersAdd support act08/06/2013
Moody BluesAdd support act14/06/2013
Joe SatrianiMatt Schofield Band15/06/2013
Thea GilmoreAdd support act07/07/2013
MavericksAdd support act23/07/2013
Caro EmeraldAdd support act06/09/2013
Alison MoyetAdd support act08/10/2013
Livewire AC/DC Limehouse Lizzy12/10/2013
M PeopleAdd support act18/10/2013
Steve HackettAdd support act30/10/2013
Jamie CullumAdd support act02/11/2013
Bryan FerryAdd support act07/11/2013
Jools HollandMelanie C24/11/2013
TexasAdd support act26/11/2013
Slade / SweetAdd support act27/11/2013
SladeAdd support act27/11/2013
Hugh CornwellAdd support act28/11/2013
Billy BraggAdd support act30/11/2013
Go WestThe Christians / Hue And Cry04/12/2013
Deacon BlueAdd support act05/12/2013
Bootleg BeatlesAdd support act12/12/2013
Union JAdd support act16/12/2013
Roy WoodAdd support act19/12/2013
James ArthurAdd support act13/01/2014
Paul CarrackAdd support act19/01/2014
Richard And AdamAdd support act21/02/2014
OvertonesAdd support act03/03/2014
CamelAdd support act09/03/2014
Russell WatsonAdd support act19/03/2014
OysterbandAdd support act21/03/2014
RunrigAdd support act26/03/2014
Lloyd ColeAdd support act27/03/2014
ShowaddywaddyAdd support act28/03/2014
ForeignerEurope / FM08/04/2014
Susan BoyleAdd support act09/04/2014
Eddi ReaderAdd support act17/04/2014
FishAdd support act02/05/2014
YesAdd support act07/05/2014
Rick WakemanAdd support act08/05/2014
Judie TzukeAdd support act11/06/2014
SouthAdd support act13/06/2014
Dream TheaterAdd support act05/07/2014
MidlakeAdd support act08/07/2014
SaturdaysAdd support act10/09/2014
Letz ZepAdd support act12/09/2014
VampsAdd support act23/09/2014
Ian Hunter And Rant BandAdd support act02/10/2014
Peter AndreAdd support act16/10/2014
Paloma FaithAdd support act28/10/2014
Marty WildeEden Kane / John Leyton / The Wildcats31/10/2014
Joanne Shaw TaylorAdd support act02/11/2014
John MayallKing King04/11/2014
BellowheadAdd support act08/11/2014
Show Of HandsMiranda Sykes / Rex Preston15/11/2014
Jools HollandMarc Almond / Ruby Turner / Mel C23/11/2014
ManfredsAdd support act03/12/2014
Paul Heaton And Jacqui AbbottAdd support act04/12/2014
Deacon BlueAdd support act08/12/2014
Human LeagueAdd support act10/12/2014
Chris ReaAdd support act11/12/2014
Brit FloydAdd support act14/12/2014
Bootleg BeatlesAdd support act16/12/2014
FishAdd support act20/12/2014
Tommy EmmanuelAdd support act18/01/2015
Seth LakemanAdd support act28/01/2015
Rumours Of Fleetwood MacAdd support act30/01/2015
CollabroAdd support act21/02/2015
Katherine JenkinsAdd support act23/02/2015
UnthanksAdd support act28/02/2015
HawkwindAdd support act03/03/2015
Australian Pink FloydAdd support act12/03/2015
King KingLaurence Jones13/03/2015
Dr HookAdd support act16/03/2015
Ruby TurnerAdd support act20/03/2015
BlueAdd support act05/04/2015
Robin TrowerJoanne Shaw Taylor09/04/2015
Mike And The MechanicsAdd support act11/04/2015
Simple MindsAdd support act12/04/2015
UB40Add support act20/04/2015
Status QuoAdd support act21/04/2015
Michael BallAdd support act27/04/2015
LuluAdd support act23/05/2015
Bryan FerryAdd support act27/05/2015
Beach BoysAdd support act28/05/2015
OvertonesAdd support act29/05/2015
Moody BluesAdd support act18/06/2015
OvertonesAdd support act01/07/2015
Richard ThompsonThe Rails10/09/2015
Darcy OakeAdd support act17/09/2015
SqueezeJohn Cooper Clarke02/10/2015
Go WestNik Kershaw3: T'Pau01/11/2015
Joe SatrianiDan Patlansky04/11/2015
Nils LofgrenGreg Variotta05/11/2015
ABCAdd support act06/11/2015
Jools HollandAdd support act22/11/2015
The WaterboysAdd support act23/11/2015
SweetMud 2 / The Rubettes25/11/2015
Thea GilmoreAdd support act25/11/2015
Black Stone CherryAdd support act28/11/2015
Caro EmeraldAdd support act30/11/2015
Bootleg BeatlesAdd support act16/12/2015
Paul CarrackAdd support act15/01/2016
Alexander ArmstrongAdd support act18/01/2016
Rumours Of Fleetwood MacAdd support act21/01/2016
Rebecca FergusonAdd support act10/02/2016
Howard JonesAdd support act14/02/2016
Leona LewisAdd support act22/02/2016
RunrigAdd support act25/02/2016
CollabroAdd support act11/03/2016
Jason DonovanAdd support act16/03/2016
Big CountryMidge Ure / Nick Heyward / Curiosity Killed The Cat17/03/2016
Eddi ReaderAdd support act27/03/2016
Last Shadow PuppetsAdd support act03/04/2016
The Last Shadow PuppetsAdd support act03/04/2016
Gregory PorterAdd support act09/04/2016
Rick AstleyAdd support act11/04/2016
Peter NooneThe Merseybeats / Dave Berry / Bryan Hyland14/04/2016
Moody BluesAdd support act20/04/2016
Bellowhead Add support act21/04/2016
The Orbison StoryBarry Steele & Friends23/04/2016
Michael Bolton Add support act24/04/2016
YesMoon Safari03/05/2016
King KingDan Dan Patlansky15/05/2016
Nigel KennedyAdd support act18/05/2016
Teddy ThompsonAdd support act22/05/2016
Beverley KnightAdd support act01/06/2016
Ronan KeatingAdd support act20/09/2016
Wilko JohnsonAaron Keylock07/10/2016
Roy WoodAdd support act13/10/2016
Heaven 17Add support act25/10/2016
Loudon Wainwright IIIAdd support act27/10/2016
ABC Add support act29/10/2016
David EsexAdd support act06/11/2016
David EssexAdd support act06/11/2016
Australian Pink FloydAdd support act07/11/2016
Rebecca FergusonAdd support act11/11/2016
Deacon BlueAdd support act12/11/2016
ManfredsP.P. Arnold / Zoot Money27/11/2016
Black Stone CherryAdd support act28/11/2016
Jools Holland Add support act01/12/2016
Michael Ball And Alfie BoeAdd support act03/12/2016
Richard HawleyAdd support act05/12/2016
OvertonesAdd support act09/12/2016
Michael Ball And Alfie BoeAdd support act12/12/2016
Bootleg BeatlesAdd support act16/12/2016
Tommy Emmanuel Add support act25/01/2017
Joanne Shaw TaylorBroken Witt Rebels26/01/2017
Rumours Of Fleetwood MacAdd support act27/01/2017
Thunder Add support act18/03/2017
Elvis Costello Larkin Poe20/03/2017
Mike And The MechanicsAdd support act22/03/2017
Jack Savoretti Add support act26/03/2017
Lloyd ColeAdd support act27/03/2017
Rick AstleyAdd support act28/03/2017
The Solid Silver 60's Add support act11/04/2017
Caro EmeraldAdd support act22/04/2017
Al StewartAdd support act26/04/2017
Daniel O'Donnell Mary Duff27/04/2017
Red Hot Chili PeppersAdd support act30/04/2017
Red Hot Chilli Pipers Add support act30/04/2017
Steve HackettAdd support act03/05/2017
Walter TroutAdd support act04/05/2017
Music And MemoriesAdd support act10/05/2017
Fairport ConventionAdd support act18/05/2017
Paul RodgersDown N Outz19/05/2017
Killer QueenAdd support act27/05/2017
BravadoAdd support act01/06/2017
AnastaciaAdd support act03/06/2017
Live On Mars Add support act04/06/2017
Simon And Garfunkel StoryAdd support act05/06/2017
QueeramaAdd support act08/06/2017
St EtienneAdd support act10/06/2017
KraftwerkAdd support act15/06/2017
KraftwekAdd support act15/06/2017
King Of Pop - NaviAdd support act24/06/2017
DarlingsideAdd support act29/06/2017
Justin Townes EarleAdd support act02/07/2017
The Elo ExperienceAdd support act15/07/2017
TramlinesAdd support act22/07/2017
MstuAdd support act28/07/2017
Regina SpektorAdd support act01/08/2017
Brian WilsonAdd support act02/08/2017
BravadoAdd support act01/09/2017
The World Famous Elvis Add support act02/09/2017
Peace TrainAdd support act03/09/2017
Fono ChoirAdd support act10/09/2017
Texas Add support act16/09/2017
Eliza And Martin CarthyAdd support act17/09/2017
GagaAdd support act22/09/2017
Barbara DicksonAdd support act24/09/2017
Magic Of MotownAdd support act05/10/2017
The Young Uns Add support act05/10/2017
Ultimate Eagles Add support act07/10/2017
The Australian Pink Floyd Prs PaiAdd support act10/10/2017
A Night Of Dirty DancingAdd support act14/10/2017
LeveretAdd support act15/10/2017
TrainAdd support act16/10/2017
John MayallBuddy Whittington Band24/10/2017
Richard ThompsonAdd support act25/10/2017
SqueezeAdd support act26/10/2017
Together In Concert Add support act29/10/2017
Open MicAdd support act29/10/2017
Midge Ure / Christians / Altered Add support act29/10/2017
Jools HollandAdd support act04/11/2017
Orchestral Manoeuvres In DarkAdd support act07/11/2017
Omd Prs PaidAdd support act07/11/2017
The Hot Club Of Cowtown Add support act08/11/2017
ABCKid Creole And The Coconuts10/11/2017
John BramwellAdd support act26/11/2017
Status QuoCats In Space27/11/2017
The Ukelele Orchestra Add support act28/11/2017
Ricky RossAdd support act28/11/2017
Big Girls Don’t CryAdd support act30/11/2017
CollabroAdd support act01/12/2017
The Sensational 60's ExperienceAdd support act02/12/2017
Chris ReaAdd support act04/12/2017
BananaramaAdd support act05/12/2017
Robert PlantSeth Lakeman06/12/2017
Kate RusbyAdd support act07/12/2017
Xmas Rat PackAdd support act09/12/2017
Cara Dillon Add support act10/12/2017
John Wilson Orchestra Add support act11/12/2017
Bootleg Beatles Add support act14/12/2017
The OvertonesAdd support act15/12/2017
Vera Lynn StoryAdd support act17/12/2017
LindisfarneAdd support act17/12/2017
Icons Of The 80's Add support act26/01/2018
Gatecrasher Add support act27/01/2018
Whitney Add support act28/01/2018
The Classic Rock ShowAdd support act07/02/2018
Purple RainAdd support act23/02/2018
Beth Neilsen ChapmanAdd support act07/03/2018
Signed Sealed Delivered Add support act08/03/2018
YesAdd support act14/03/2018
Dream Boys Add support act15/03/2018
Damien DempseyAdd support act15/03/2018
Paul CarrackAdd support act17/03/2018
Rumours Of Fleetwood MacAdd support act24/03/2018
Shane FilanAdd support act02/04/2018
EvanescenceAdd support act06/04/2018
Bad Manners Add support act07/04/2018
Bastille To Kill A King14/04/2018
Gregory PorterAdd support act15/04/2018
Kris DreverAdd support act15/04/2018
Eric BibbAdd support act22/04/2018
Doris Day Its MagicAdd support act25/04/2018
Roy Orbison/Barry SteeleAdd support act26/04/2018
The HolliesAdd support act28/04/2018
HallelujahAdd support act29/04/2018
Ray LamontagneAdd support act11/05/2018
The Shires Add support act20/05/2018
Killer QueenAdd support act01/06/2018
Gary BarlowAdd support act04/06/2018
Gary BarlowAdd support act05/06/2018
The Simon And Garfunkel StoryAdd support act14/06/2018
Neal MorseAdd support act18/06/2018
BravadoAdd support act30/06/2018
Elo ExperienceAdd support act14/07/2018
King Of Pop Feat Navi & Jennifer Add support act15/07/2018
TramlinesAdd support act21/07/2018
League Of GentlemanAdd support act21/08/2018
Pastmasters Ft Buddy Holly & LegeAdd support act05/09/2018
The World Famous Elvis ShowAdd support act22/09/2018
Adrian Paris Celebrates The VoiceAdd support act27/09/2018
Ultimate EaglesAdd support act28/09/2018
Lady MaiseryAdd support act06/10/2018
Cliff RichardAdd support act07/10/2018
Halfway To Paradise- Billy Fury SAdd support act11/10/2018
Open Mic AuditionsAdd support act14/10/2018
We Remember - Joe CockerAdd support act14/10/2018
David Gest's Soul Legends: The LeAdd support act15/10/2018
The ProclaimersAdd support act21/10/2018
The Robert Cray BandAdd support act22/10/2018
Maximum Ryhthm N' Blues With The Add support act26/10/2018
Michael BoltonAdd support act31/10/2018
Caro EmeraldAdd support act04/11/2018
WhitneyAdd support act06/11/2018
Jools HollandAdd support act25/11/2018
Paul Heaton And Jacqui AbbottAdd support act26/11/2018
Big Girls Don't CryAdd support act28/11/2018
Sally Baker With Dan Britton & ChAdd support act28/11/2018
Fast Love Add support act29/11/2018
Sensational 60's Add support act01/12/2018
Chicago Blues Brothers Add support act02/12/2018
The Overtones Add support act03/12/2018
Love ActuallyAdd support act04/12/2018
Magic Of MotownAdd support act06/12/2018
Christmas Memories Add support act06/12/2018
Kate RusbyAdd support act08/12/2018
Fono Christ Mas ConcertAdd support act09/12/2018
Deacon BlueBlue Rose Code11/12/2018
Bootleg Beatles Add support act12/12/2018
The Australian Pink FloydAdd support act14/12/2018
Roy Wood Add support act20/12/2018
Island In The StreamAdd support act17/01/2019
Kathy Mattea Add support act27/01/2019
Frankly Sinatra Add support act07/02/2019
Peter Andre Add support act17/02/2019
Sammy HagarAdd support act19/02/2019
Billy OceanAdd support act01/03/2019
Bowie Experience - Golden Years TAdd support act02/03/2019
Seth LakemanAdd support act06/03/2019
CollabroAdd support act09/03/2019
Jonny Cash RoadshowAdd support act13/03/2019
Paul CarrackAdd support act14/03/2019
Mike And The Mechanics Add support act16/03/2019
Rumours Of Fleetwood MacAdd support act19/03/2019
Tommy EmmanuelAdd support act21/03/2019
Sheridan SmithAdd support act25/03/2019
No Such Thing As FishAdd support act28/03/2019
Alfie BoeAdd support act30/03/2019
UB40Add support act03/04/2019
ABCAdd support act13/04/2019
Tom PaxtonAdd support act17/04/2019
Gretchen PetersAdd support act17/04/2019
What's Love Got To DoAdd support act18/04/2019
Solid Silver SixtiesAdd support act20/04/2019
Luther Vandross TributeAdd support act21/04/2019
Kingdom ChoirAdd support act30/04/2019
Patty GriffinAdd support act12/05/2019
FocusAdd support act05/09/2019
Orchestral Manoeuvres In DarkAdd support act03/11/2019
Steve HackettAdd support act05/11/2019
Adam AntAdd support act08/11/2019
Elvis Costello & The ImpostersAdd support act07/03/2020
Jamie CullumAdd support act13/03/2020
Jeff BeckSharon Corr29/05/2022
Paul RobesonAdd support act02/03/2038
Prague Philharmonic OrchestraAdd support act09/11/2038
Richard TauberRaya Garbousova06/12/2038
Lina PagliughiPrimo Montanari / Kilyenyi / John Amadio31/01/2039
RachmaninoffAdd support act21/02/2039
Yehudi ManuhinAdd support act17/03/2039
Elliot Kennedy & Friends 50th CelAdd support act29/03/2109

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