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Sir Bernard ParesRussia Now!12/03/1942
ITMAAdd support act29/05/1943
Wings for Victory ExhibitionOpened by Wing Commander Guy Gibson VC29/05/1943
Halle OrchestraAdd support act13/08/1943
Halle OrchestraAdd support act24/07/1944
Liverpool Philharmonic OrchestraAdd support act05/02/1945
Sheffield Philharmonic - First evAdd support act22/04/1945
Joe Loss OrchestraAdd support act08/05/1945
Hal Baker & his BandV.E. Day Dance08/05/1945
Big V ShowJack Payne and his orchestra12/05/1945
All Star RAF Swing Flight Pearl Carr / Sammy Rex / Herman Rix / Jack Moir / Ronald Chesney / Michael Howard / Alex Munro19/05/1945
Pageant of VictoryL du Garde Peach23/05/1945
Pageant of VictoryL du Garde Peach24/05/1945
Pageant of VictoryL du Garde Peach25/05/1945
Pageant of VictoryL du Garde Peach26/05/1945
Pageant of VictoryL du Garde Peach27/05/1945
Pageant of VictoryL du Garde Peach28/05/1945
Sheffield Conservative and UnioniAdd support act29/05/1945
North Britain Dance Band ChampionAdd support act30/09/1945
Harold FieldingAdd support act31/10/1945
Harry FieldingAdd support act31/10/1945
Halle OrchestraAdd support act12/04/1946
Richard TauberAdd support act04/05/1946
Sheffield Philharmonic Symphony OConcert ina aid of the Portland Training College for the Disabled08/12/1946
International Subscription CelebrAdd support act07/01/1947
Polands Opera StarsAdd support act24/10/1947
Birmingham Symphony OrchestraAdd support act17/09/1948
Yorkshire Philatelic ConventionAdd support act23/10/1948
Concert by Halle Orchestra conducAdd support act23/10/1948
Halla Orchestra (Barbirolli)Add support act29/10/1948
Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra Add support act06/11/1948
L Du Garde Peach - Pageant of ProAdd support act29/11/1948
Novelty Concert by Halle OrchestrAdd support act10/12/1948
Liverpool Philharmonic Alfredo CaAdd support act19/03/1949
Halle OrchestraAdd support act03/12/1949

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