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Boyd Neel OrchestraAdd support act10/10/1950
Josh WhiteAdd support act23/02/1951
Winston Churchill receiving the FAdd support act16/04/1951
Humphrey LytteltonAdd support act10/11/1951
Humphrey LyttletonAdd support act29/03/1952
A public meetingMoral Rer-armament30/03/1952
Gracie FieldsAdd support act19/11/1952
Varieties on ParadeLilian Fenn / Gwen Wilkin / Larry Day / Iris Wilkin Fenn26/12/1952
Maurice ChevalierAdd support act20/01/1953
Sarah VaughanAdd support act14/02/1953
Halle OrchestraAdd support act18/04/1953
Send Her Victorious Salute of YouAdd support act20/04/1953
Jack Parnelland his Music Makers09/01/1954
Ken Macintoshhis saxophone and his orchestra16/01/1954
Teddy Fosterand his orchestra20/01/1954
Vic Lewis and his OrchestraAdd support act23/01/1954
Sid Phillipsand his band30/01/1954
Ted Heathand his music05/02/1954
Nat King Cole / Johnny Dankworth Add support act05/04/1954
Johnnie RayAdd support act19/04/1954
Yma SumacAdd support act30/04/1954
Mantovani & His New Orchestra Add support act07/05/1954
Guy Mitchell with Ronnie Scott & Add support act12/05/1954
Gracie FieldsAdd support act19/05/1954
Eric Delaneyand his band23/04/1955
Humphrey LytteltonAdd support act25/02/1956
Lonnie DonneganAdd support act15/03/1956
Slim WhitmanAdd support act10/04/1956
Danny KayeAdd support act11/05/1956
Special Helana PresentationAdd support act19/05/1956
Louis ArmstrongAdd support act21/05/1956
Jerry Lee LewisThe Treniers / The Hedley Ward Trio11/06/1956
LiberaceAdd support act11/10/1956
Lionel Hampton and His OrchestraAdd support act05/11/1956
Lionel Hampton and His OrchestraAdd support act15/11/1956
Jazz UnlimitedAdd support act23/11/1956
Johnny RayAdd support act27/11/1956
Humphrey LytteltonAdd support act15/12/1956
Halle OrchestraAdd support act22/12/1956
Pat BooneAdd support act29/12/1956
Eddie CondonAdd support act26/01/1957
Guy MitchellAdd support act13/02/1957
Jazz ConcertAdd support act23/02/1957
PlattersKay Cavendish / Vic Lewis & his Orchestra14/03/1957
Geroge Lewis with Ken Colyer's BaAdd support act13/04/1957
Slim WhitmanChas McDevitt Skiffle Group / Terry Lightfoot & His Jazzmen04/05/1957
Frankie Lymon & the TeenagersAdd support act17/05/1957
Frankie LaineAdd support act28/05/1957
Freddie Bell & BellboysAdd support act05/06/1957
Russ HamiltonAdd support act21/09/1957
Sister Rosetta TharpeChris Barber's Jazz Band30/11/1957
Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Chris BAdd support act30/11/1957
Terry DeneAdd support act28/12/1957
6-5 Special Stage ShowAdam Faith / Pete Murray / John Barry15/01/1958
Chris Barbers Jazz BandAdd support act22/02/1958
Buddy Holly CricketsGary Miller / The Montanas / Des O'Connor04/03/1958
Paul AnkaAdd support act05/03/1958
Johnny RayAdd support act14/04/1958
Jerry Lee LewisThe Treniers11/06/1958
Tommy SteeleAdd support act25/06/1958
Kalin TwinsEddie Calvert / Cliff Richard & The Drifters / Tony Marsh / The Londonairs / The Most Brothers15/10/1958
Dutch Swing CollegeAcker Bilk's Paramount Jazz Band08/11/1958
George Lewis New Orleans Jazz BanAdd support act27/01/1959
Marty WildeRuss Conway / Cuddly Dudley / Johnson Sisters / Colin & Christine Campbell24/03/1959
Louis ArmstrongAdd support act26/03/1959
Ken Colyer's JazzmenAcker Bilk / terry Lightfoot11/04/1959
Cliff Richard & DriftersThe Five Dallas Boys / Des O'Connor / Ray Alan & Steve Jean & Peter Barbour / Tommy Wallis & Beryl Kay & Kimberley22/04/1959
Toni DalliMarini Marino Quartet10/05/1959
The WeaversAdd support act26/07/1959
Frankie VaughanLorne Lesley / Fram Weir Orchestra29/08/1959
Newport Jazz FestivalDave Brubeck Quartet / Dizziy Gillespie Quintet / Buck Clayton All-Stars / Vic Ash Quintet01/10/1959
Cliff RichardAdd support act10/10/1959
Kid Ory & His Creole JazzbandTerry Lightfoot & His New Orleans Jazz Band21/10/1959
Craig DouglasThe Mudlarks / Bert Weedon / Bill Forbes / Lord Rockingham's 2nd XI21/11/1959

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