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Kate RusbyAdd support act08/02/2000
YesAdd support act10/02/2000
The SearchersGerry And The Pacemakers / Peter Sarstedt / The Swinging Blue Jeans17/02/2000
Counting Crows Matthew Sweet20/02/2000
Gary MooreAdd support act25/03/2000
Moody BluesAdd support act26/04/2000
Paul CarrackAdd support act27/05/2000
Peter Green Splinter GroupFrank White Band09/06/2000
Richard ThompsonAdd support act12/06/2000
Alice CooperLukan12/07/2000
Lou Reed Add support act04/09/2000
Steve EarleAdd support act28/09/2000
Roy & Nick HarperAdd support act27/10/2000
JamesAdd support act06/11/2000
The LevellersAdd support act08/11/2000
Status QuoTwo Timers02/12/2000
Paul RodgersAsia17/02/2001
Gary NumanAdd support act22/02/2001
GomezAdd support act16/04/2001
Gary MooreAdd support act22/04/2001
RunrigAdd support act29/05/2001
Blaster Bates (Memorial Hall)Add support act30/05/2001
Kate Rusby (Memorial Hall)Add support act23/09/2001
Walter Trout BandAdd support act07/10/2001
Hall and OatesAdd support act05/11/2001
Bill BaileyAdd support act07/11/2001
YesAdd support act09/11/2001
YesAdd support act11/12/2001
Deep PurpleAdd support act12/02/2002
GomezGelbison / Richard Hawley 16/04/2002
David CassidyAdd support act21/04/2002
Pet Shop BoysAdd support act11/07/2002
Elvis Costello & The ImpostersAdd support act06/09/2002
Richard ashcroftAdd support act07/11/2002
Sophie Ellis-BextorAdd support act25/01/2003
Chris ReaAdd support act04/02/2003
Steve EarleAdd support act06/04/2003
Chris HillmanAdd support act11/05/2003
ErasureAdd support act20/05/2003
Bill NelsonAdd support act26/09/2003
CamelAdd support act29/10/2003
The Flaming LipsClinic29/10/2003
Status QuoWho's That Girl02/11/2003
The Beautiful SouthAdd support act08/11/2003
Belle and SebastianAdd support act02/12/2003
Human LeagueCulture Club / Heaven 1709/12/2003
Jethro TullAdd support act17/02/2004
Fairport ConventionAdd support act27/04/2004
Glen TilbrookAdd support act18/02/2005
TexasAdd support act13/10/2005
In FlamesAdd support act04/11/2005
MotorheadIn Flames / Girlschool04/11/2005
Jamie CullumBeady Belle05/11/2005
BlondieAdd support act09/12/2005
ThunderToby Jepson / Roadstar22/01/2006
Thin LizzyAdd support act22/03/2006
Chris ReaAdd support act07/04/2006
Bonnie RaittAdd support act21/04/2006
Billy BraggAdd support act24/04/2006
MorrisseyAdd support act03/05/2006
Fairport ConventionAdd support act10/05/2006
Alice CooperVoodoo Six / Robbers on High Street29/05/2006
Whitesnake The Answer29/06/2006
Kate RusbyAdd support act07/10/2006
Jane McDonaldAdd support act21/10/2006
Anderson & WakemanAdd support act01/11/2006
Ray DaviesAdd support act02/11/2006
MotorheadAdd support act08/11/2006
Kelly Joe Phelps (Memorial Hall)Add support act28/11/2006
Richard HawleyAdd support act12/12/2006
Jools HollandLulu / Laura Michelle Kelly17/12/2006
Ritchie HavensAdd support act20/01/2007
Saxon ReturnsAdd support act26/01/2007
Brian FerryAdd support act11/03/2007
James TaylorAdd support act21/04/2007
The WaterboysAdd support act28/04/2007
The Best of OMDAdd support act17/06/2007
Andy WilliamsAdd support act23/06/2007
Richard HawleyAdd support act12/09/2007
ThunderLauren Harris03/12/2007
Van MorrisonAdd support act25/01/2008
EelsAdd support act22/03/2008
BjorkAdd support act04/05/2008
Jethro TullAdd support act10/05/2008
Steve EarleAllison Moorer10/06/2008
Stephen StillsAdd support act18/10/2008
The Last Shadow PuppetsAdd support act23/10/2008
The Solid Silver 60’s ShowAdd support act24/03/2009
Jackson Browne Add support act27/03/2009
David ByrneAdd support act04/04/2009
BjorkAdd support act21/04/2009
Gary MooreAdd support act23/04/2009
ThunderAdd support act04/07/2009
MorrisseyAdd support act30/10/2009
Johnnie WalkerAdd support act04/11/2009
Alice CooperMan Raze28/11/2009

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