Top Rank / Roxy / O2

This brutalist gem (one of Sheffield finest C20 architectural complexes) was opened as The Top Rank and hosted live music for many years, as well as doubling up for other entertainment. The large block next door was The Fiesta night club (now a cinema) and underneath was a seedy ‘foreign film’ cinema and walkways with shops, etc.

Both Top Rank and Fiesta were entertainment chains with venues around the country, so could book bands for several venues. Bowie and many others played here. The Sheffield Top Rank was taken over and became The Roxy later, then became more of a down-market night-club called Barry Noble’s Roxy. It then closed altogether and was empty for ages, before being used as a religious hall. Happily sense has prevailed in recent years, and it is now part of the O2 Academy chain.

Please share any memorabilia about this venue and add any missing gigs.

Top Rank SheffieldThe Roxy came into it’s own in the later seventies and early eighties, hosting many of the premier punk and new wave acts which didn’t really fit in at The City Hall. As a live venue it was pretty much the best modern hall in the city. A wide deep stage, a large square floor area, and a balcony round three sides which gave an excellent view. We remember seeing Killing Joke, Police, Cramps and many more bands there.

photo by Mark Wrigley

Looking round the forums out there, it’s clear the place is well remembered. Bands seen include The Buzzcocks, Joy Division, Magazine (supported by Simple Minds on their first tour), Clash, Siouxsie and the Banshees (supported by Altered Images!), The Jam, Hinkleys Heroes (with Joe Cocker guesting), Horslips (Irish prog rockers), The Damned (“me and my mate thought it would be a good idea to get backstage, we sneaked through a door to the right of the stage to be met be the sight of Dave Vanian stood in a coffin. Needless to say we decided this was a bit wierd and beat a hasty retreat!”), etc.

“The first time I went I made a bit a prat of myself by trying to buy some tickets in advance at the Top Rank Bingo place round the corner!”

The Stranglers

The Buzzcocks

Be Stiff tour



The Stranglers

The Buzzcocks


The Clash



Stiff Little Fingers

The Cure

The Undertones

The Angelic Upstarts

The Skids

The Damned

The Jam
Missing tickets, decent quality please, always appreciated!)

Venue : Top Rank (247 entries)
Geno WashingtonRam Jam Band22/10/1968Top RankSheffield
The PoliceThe Cramps / The Bobby Henry Band15/06/1970Top RankSheffield
Alexis Korner / Pink Faries / NoirPure Wings / The National Head Band25/09/1970Top RankSheffield
David Bowie06/09/1972Top RankSheffield
Mott the HoopleHome21/09/1972Top RankSheffield
Thin LizzyFusion Orchestra27/06/1973Top RankSheffield
Strife19/09/1976Top RankSheffield
Krakatoa26/09/1976Top RankSheffield
Babe Ruth05/10/1976Top RankSheffield
CasinoMerlin24/10/1976Top RankSheffield
StretchShanghai31/10/1976Top RankSheffield
The Doctors of Madness07/11/1976Top RankSheffield
Horslips14/11/1976Top RankSheffield
TrapezeA.F.T21/11/1976Top RankSheffield
Steve Gibbons Band05/12/1976Top RankSheffield
Stray12/12/1976Top RankSheffield
Van Der Graaf Generator06/01/1977Top RankSheffield
The ClashThe Slits / Innocents11/01/1977Top RankSheffield
George Hatcher Band10/02/1977Top RankSheffield
Medicine Head17/02/1977Top RankSheffield
Doctors of Madness Pat Travers/ Tyler Gang03/03/1977Top RankSheffield
Horslips06/03/1977Top RankSheffield
Deaf SchoolDarts23/03/1977Top RankSheffield
Burlesque27/03/1977Top RankSheffield
Ultravox03/04/1977Top RankSheffield
Frankie Miller Band05/04/1977Top RankSheffield
The Frankie Miller BandRadiator05/04/1977Top RankSheffield
Stray10/04/1977Top RankSheffield
O'Band24/04/1977Top RankSheffield
Scorpions01/05/1977Top RankSheffield
Judas PriestMagnum08/05/1977Top RankSheffield
Jenny Haan's Lion22/05/1977Top RankSheffield
StranglersDrones12/06/1977Top RankSheffield
The Jam 10/07/1977Top RankSheffield
Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers24/07/1977Top RankSheffield
Racing Cars31/07/1977Top RankSheffield
Doctors of Madness 07/08/1977Top RankSheffield
The Boomtown RatsBernie Torme12/08/1977Top RankSheffield
The Heavy Metal Kids21/08/1977Top RankSheffield
Woody Woodmanseys U Boat04/09/1977Top RankSheffield
Alvin StardustMuscles18/09/1977Top RankSheffield
MotorheadMotors09/10/1977Top RankSheffield
Siouxsie & the Banshees11/10/1977Top RankSheffield
The Steve Gibbons Band17/10/1977Top RankSheffield
The StranglersDrones / 2.319/10/1977Top RankSheffield
Dave Edmunds23/10/1977Top RankSheffield
Kursaal FlyersCortinas23/10/1977Top RankSheffield
Burlesque24/10/1977Top RankSheffield
The ClashRichard Hell01/11/1977Top RankSheffield
Van Der Graaf Generator06/11/1977Top RankSheffield
Pat Travers06/11/1977Top RankSheffield
The Jam10/11/1977Top RankSheffield
The DamnedDead Boys / Subway Sect23/11/1977Top RankSheffield
The JamNew Hearts27/11/1977Top RankSheffield
The British LionsHurricanes04/12/1977Top RankSheffield
Ian DuryMoon06/12/1977Top RankSheffield
The Pirates18/12/1977Top RankSheffield
The Doctors of Madness 26/12/1977Top RankSheffield
Adam & the Ants07/01/1978Top RankSheffield
No Dice15/01/1978Top RankSheffield
Osibisa18/01/1978Top RankSheffield
Cado Bell22/01/1978Top RankSheffield
Deaf School29/01/1978Top RankSheffield
Dillinger31/01/1978Top RankSheffield
Strife05/02/1978Top RankSheffield
Krazy Kat19/02/1978Top RankSheffield
Rich Kids26/02/1978Top RankSheffield
The VibratorsPush12/03/1978Top RankSheffield
The BuzzcocksSlits14/03/1978Top RankSheffield
The Adverts19/03/1978Top RankSheffield
Deaf School26/03/1978Top RankSheffield
Elvis Costello 05/04/1978Top RankSheffield
Wilko Johnson23/04/1978Top RankSheffield
The DamnedDoctors of Madness30/04/1978Top RankSheffield
Slaughter & the DogsEater/Blitzkrieg Bop07/05/1978Top RankSheffield
Styx14/05/1978Top RankSheffield
Sham 6917/05/1978Top RankSheffield
AC/DC21/05/1978Top RankSheffield
Xtc02/06/1978Top RankSheffield
Tony McPhee & Teraplane04/06/1978Top RankSheffield
The Clash30/06/1978Top RankSheffield
Magazine09/07/1978Top RankSheffield
XtcThe Yatchs / Dazzlers12/09/1978Top RankSheffield
The Stranglers20/09/1978Top RankSheffield
StranglersHuman League20/09/1978Top RankSheffield
The BuzzcocksSubway Sect15/10/1978Top RankSheffield
Radio Stars25/10/1978Top RankSheffield
Siouxsie & The BansheesSpizz Oil / Cabaret Voltaire31/10/1978Top RankSheffield
Be Stiff tourWreckless Eric / Lene Lovich / Jona Lewie / Mickey Jupp / Rachel Sweet05/11/1978Top RankSheffield
Sham 6906/11/1978Top RankSheffield
BudgieStrife12/11/1978Top RankSheffield
The ClashInnocents / The Slits19/11/1978Top RankSheffield
The Damned26/11/1978Top RankSheffield
Split Enz 30/11/1978Top RankSheffield
Alberto Y Los Trios Paranoias The Police03/12/1978Top RankSheffield
Generation XBernie Torme Band20/02/1979Top RankSheffield
Culture 19/03/1979Top RankSheffield
Eddie & the Hot RodsThe Members23/03/1979Top RankSheffield
MagazineSimple Minds18/04/1979Top RankSheffield
Iggy Pop22/04/1979Top RankSheffield
The UndertonesThe Kilometers02/05/1979Top RankSheffield
Dennis Brown08/05/1979Top RankSheffield
Private SectorFrantic Elevators / Screwdriver20/05/1979Top RankSheffield
Steel Pulse30/05/1979Top RankSheffield
Stiff Little FingersStar Jets03/06/1979Top RankSheffield
The UndertonesThe Chords04/06/1979Top RankSheffield
The Damned 11/06/1979Top RankSheffield
The PoliceThe Cramps / Bobby Henry Band15/06/1979Top RankSheffield
Dave Edmunds27/06/1979Top RankSheffield
MagazineZones09/07/1979Top RankSheffield
Adverts10/08/1979Top RankSheffield
AdvertsNegatives/ Diks /Artery / 19/08/1979Top RankSheffield
XtcThe Yatchs12/09/1979Top RankSheffield
Penetration 30/09/1979Top RankSheffield
The Stranglers14/10/1979Top RankSheffield
The BuzzcocksJoy Division21/10/1979Top RankSheffield
Slade22/10/1979Top RankSheffield
The SkidsFingerprintz 24/10/1979Top RankSheffield
The SpecialsMadness / The Selecter04/11/1979Top RankSheffield
The DamnedDead Boys / Victim23/11/1979Top RankSheffield
Human LeagueVictim26/11/1979Top RankSheffield
The ClashMikey Dread27/01/1980Top RankSheffield
99929/01/1980Top RankSheffield
Alaska30/01/1980Top RankSheffield
RamonesThe Boys03/02/1980Top RankSheffield
The PretendersUB4010/02/1980Top RankSheffield
The RutsThe Vibrators / The Gas17/02/1980Top RankSheffield
Def LeppardDedringer / Witchfynde20/02/1980Top RankSheffield
The SelecterHolly & The Italians26/02/1980Top RankSheffield
SqueezeWreckless Eric10/03/1980Top RankSheffield
Stiff Little FingersAnother Pretty Face17/03/1980Top RankSheffield
Secret Affair13/04/1980Top RankSheffield
Sham 6914/04/1980Top RankSheffield
The CureThe Passions06/05/1980Top RankSheffield
Human LeagueThe Scars20/05/1980Top RankSheffield
The Beat27/05/1980Top RankSheffield
The UndertonesThe Moondogs28/05/1980Top RankSheffield
ToyahThe Rent Boys03/06/1980Top RankSheffield
Adam & the AntsMartian Dance / Manufactured Romance04/06/1980Top RankSheffield
The Angelic UpstartsThe Irritators30/06/1980Top RankSheffield
The DamnedRuts DC / The irritators23/07/1980Top RankSheffield
SamsonWhite Spirit / Raven08/08/1980Top RankSheffield
The SpecialsThe Swinging Cats24/09/1980Top RankSheffield
The Skids07/10/1980Top RankSheffield
Alvin LeeStraight 8 / Chevy08/10/1980Top RankSheffield
Cockney RejectsThe Exploited20/10/1980Top RankSheffield
Siouxsie & The BansheesAltered Images21/10/1980Top RankSheffield
The JamThe Piranhas26/10/1980Top RankSheffield
The Blues BandThe Hitmen29/10/1980Top RankSheffield
UK SubsThe Citizens09/11/1980Top RankSheffield
Adam & the AntsGod's Toys16/11/1980Top RankSheffield
The DamnedThe Straps22/11/1980Top RankSheffield
GirlschoolAngelwitch / Tank26/11/1980Top RankSheffield
Split EnzFingerprintz02/12/1980Top RankSheffield
Ian DuryBasement 5 / Blurt15/12/1980Top RankSheffield
The Blues Band01/02/1981Top RankSheffield
Duran Duran08/03/1981Top RankSheffield
Stray CatsBarracudas15/03/1981Top RankSheffield
Girlschool14/04/1981Top RankSheffield
SpizzlesDepartment S15/04/1981Top RankSheffield
999The English22/04/1981Top RankSheffield
The UndertonesTV2111/05/1981Top RankSheffield
Comsat AngelsClock DVA/ Past 7 Days/Mark My Words12/05/1981Top RankSheffield
Owen GrayAddiction25/05/1981Top RankSheffield
The Comsat AngelsB-Movie / Past Seven Days / Mark Mywords30/06/1981Top RankSheffield
Suzi Quatro(12 noon)28/07/1981Top RankSheffield
Sugar MinottBlack Roots Players / Jackie Mitoo / Musical Youth / Roland Alphonso / Sandra Logan19/08/1981Top RankSheffield
Joe Jackson's Jumpin JiveHuang Chung26/08/1981Top RankSheffield
Misty In RootsMr Barley Wine / Bosco Steel Band / Jay Tubby Hi-Fi28/08/1981Top RankSheffield
Gregory IsaacsRoots Radics20/10/1981Top RankSheffield
Alvin Stardust28/10/1981Top RankSheffield
John Holt02/12/1981Top RankSheffield
Tim ChandlerRadigan / Karamoja05/02/1982Top RankSheffield
Ras Imruh AsherJah Mal Joseph / Yabby Youth / Karamojah24/03/1982Top RankSheffield
The JamRudi29/03/1982Top RankSheffield
The JamRudi30/03/1982Top RankSheffield
The JamRudi31/03/1982Top RankSheffield
Anti Knowhere LeagueChelsea / Chron Gen / The Defects17/05/1982Top RankSheffield
AlyxWolf J Flywheel / Beat Street / Y Distinction / Vortex / Expose (Star & Websters Rock & Pop Contest - Heat 1) 04/08/1982Top RankSheffield
Phoenix RisingDeeta / Chinawhite / Haze / Thunderchilde / Steve Lear (Star & Websters Rock & Pop Contest - Heat 2) 11/08/1982Top RankSheffield
Cabaret Voltaire 14/08/1982Top RankSheffield
The MixInsite / Kirlian Lens / The Stats / Graffiti / Interior Breed (Star & Websters Rock & Pop Contest - Heat 3) 18/08/1982Top RankSheffield
The Mirror Crack'dThe Injetors / Sister / Black Mariah / The Saraband / Party Day (Star & Websters Rock & Pop Contest - Heat 4) 25/08/1982Top RankSheffield
The PartyYah-Boo! / Adrenalin / Agent Orange / Spectre / Tsi-Tsa (Star & Websters Rock & Pop Contest - Heat 5) 01/09/1982Top RankSheffield
Panza DivisionNotre Dame / Pop-Ups / Phono Industria / Jayde / Renegade (Star & Websters Rock & Pop Contest - Heat 6) 08/09/1982Top RankSheffield
SplashToys For Girls / The Tremmers / Silent Running / Mercury / Rough Copy (Star & Websters Rock & Pop Contest - Heat 7) 15/09/1982Top RankSheffield
Mrs Beech & The HereticsBlue Ice / Warlock / Lifestyle / Paragon / Mon Amour (Star & Websters Rock & Pop Contest - Heat 8) 29/09/1982Top RankSheffield
Rocky Sharpe & the Replays01/10/1982Top RankSheffield
Ken ForgettableThe Daggers / Quiet Life / Geneva / The Ya Yas / Dee Dee & The Detitutes (Star & Websters Rock & Pop Contest - Heat 9) 06/10/1982Top RankSheffield
The Toy ShopThe Mirror Crack'd / Panza Division / Phoenix Rising / Yah-Boo! (Star & Websters Rock & Pop Contest - Semi Final) 12/10/1982Top RankSheffield
SplashMrs Beech & The Heretics / Y-Distinction / Ken Forgettable / The Mix (Star & Websters Rock & Pop Contest - Semi Final) 13/10/1982Top RankSheffield
The Toy ShopThe Mirror Crack'd / Mrs Beech & The Heretics / Yah-Boo! / Splash / The MIx (Star & Websters Rock & Pop Contest - Final) 20/10/1982Top RankSheffield
Y-DistinctionSplash / The Mirror Crack'd10/12/1982Top RankSheffield
Radiation11/12/1982Top RankSheffield
The Toy Shop15/01/1983Top RankSheffield
The Bluebells12/02/1983Top RankSheffield
Fun Boy Three21/03/1983Top RankSheffield
Killing Joke13/05/1983Top RankSheffield
Janet KayWinston Reedy29/05/1983Top RankSheffield
Laurel & Hardy18/06/1983Top RankSheffield
Bauhaus20/06/1983Top RankSheffield
Emmanuel ADBamboo / Function / Poppups / Aku Ake / Oakenshield (Star & Websters Rock & Pop Contest)22/06/1983Top RankSheffield
Urban ClearwayFiction / Deeta / 3D Fiction /Graffiti / Maison Rouge29/06/1983Top RankSheffield
TouchLands End / Paragon /Mechanical Wombats /Bay Of Pigs /Beat Street (Star & Websters Rock & Pop Contest - Heat 4)06/07/1983Top RankSheffield
Sal Solo09/07/1983Top RankSheffield
Sharp CutsSnatch / Palis / The Gallery / Haze / Colour Set (Star & Websters Rock & Pop Contest - Heat 5)13/07/1983Top RankSheffield
Mick KarnMidge ure16/07/1983Top RankSheffield
Kirlian LensCounting Sheep / Phoenix Rising / Cloudburst / Scaramouche / Red (Star & Websters Rock & Pop Contest - Heat 6)20/07/1983Top RankSheffield
Blue Zoo23/07/1983Top RankSheffield
Snap 14Aerial View / Mercury / Vortex / DNA / Abnormal (Star & Websters Rock/Pop Contest - Heat 7)27/07/1983Top RankSheffield
Dr KoolThief / Final Hour / Tenants / Tu-Tu / The Party (Star & Websters Rock/Pop Contest - Heat 8)03/08/1983Top RankSheffield
Rough CopyWarhorse / March The Third / Dragonsong / The Stats /Madonna (Star & Websters Rock/Pop Contest - Heat 9)10/08/1983Top RankSheffield
Cabaret Voltaire 14/08/1983Top RankSheffield
T-DiveOctober / The Tremmers / Cairo / The Daggers / Rogue (Star & Websters Rock/Pop Contest - Heat 10)17/08/1983Top RankSheffield
King DicePenance / Thin White Line / Second Light / Night Shift / MW (Star & Websters Rock/Pop Contest - Heat 10)24/08/1983Top RankSheffield
The ZyclonesStreet Scene / Vicious Circles / The Fourth Dimension / Defective Turtles / Watusi (Star & Websters Rock/Pop Contest - Heat 11)31/08/1983Top RankSheffield
Sharp CutsJester / Pop-Ups / Fiction / Touch / Sharp Cuts / Kirian Lens (Star & Websters Rock/Pop Contest - Semi-Final)07/09/1983Top RankSheffield
Snap 14Dr Kool / Rough Copy / T-Dive / King Dice / The Zyclones (Star & Websters Rock/Pop Contest - Semi-Final)14/09/1983Top RankSheffield
Sharp CutsKirlian Lens /Touch / Snap 14 / King Dice / The Zyclones (Star & Websters Rock/Pop Contest - Final)21/09/1983Top RankSheffield
Edwin Starr01/10/1983Top RankSheffield
The Pirates(University Pyjama Jump)26/10/1983Top RankSheffield
David Grant (personal appearance)29/10/1983Top RankSheffield
Killing Joke13/12/1983Top RankSheffield
Vision10/03/1984Top RankSheffield
Gary GlitterFlying Alphonso Brothers23/03/1984Top RankSheffield
Jack RubyKaramojah / General Tree06/04/1984Top RankSheffield
YellowmanRankin Jacko / Zaro15/04/1984Top RankSheffield
They Must Be RussiansBeshara / Le Push16/04/1984Top RankSheffield
Sharon Redd(personal appearance)02/06/1984Top RankSheffield
Hanoi Rocks06/06/1984Top RankSheffield
Divine14/07/1984Top RankSheffield
Night ShiftThe Touch / Bijoux / Midnight / Barrabas / Deeta (Star Hofmeister Rock/Pop Contest - Heat 1)29/08/1984Top RankSheffield
Anthill MobScaramouche / Veldt / Ten Ten / Blush / Plod & The Noddymen (Star Hofmeister Rock/Pop Contest - Heat 2)05/09/1984Top RankSheffield
Maison RougeThe Gatekrashers / Passing Strangers / The Cast / Elan / Miami Dolphins (Star Hofmeister Rock/Pop Contest - Heat 3)12/09/1984Top RankSheffield
World Of TwistKatowicz / Actors / The Peter Cushings / Secret Noise / Fiction (Star Hofmeister Rock/Pop Contest - Heat 4)19/09/1984Top RankSheffield
Depth In MetresSoul Syndicate / Snatch / The Lonely Hearts / Geneva / Cloudburst (Star Hofmeister Rock/Pop Contest - Heat 5)26/09/1984Top RankSheffield
Gary GlitterThe Internationals01/10/1984Top RankSheffield
Aku AkeImaginary Friends / The Objective / Vortex / The Civilians / Cairo03/10/1984Top RankSheffield
AswadBush Telegraph / Claudette Boney09/10/1984Top RankSheffield
Maison RougeNight Shift / Anthill Mob / Depth in Metres / Cairo / World Of Twist (Star Hofmeister Rock/Pop Contest - Final)10/10/1984Top RankSheffield
Grandmaster Melle Mel & the Furious FiveThe Rock City Crew06/11/1984Top RankSheffield
Divine16/11/1984Top RankSheffield
Scala Timpani17/12/1984Top RankSheffield
Killing JokeEllery Bop18/02/1985Top RankSheffield
Fiat Lux18/03/1985Top RankSheffield
Wishbone Ash29/03/1988Top RankSheffield
Styx14/05/1988Top RankSheffield

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